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RPC-801 upon discovery.


Registered Phenomena Code: 801

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Organic Hazard, Transmutation Hazard, Extradimensional Hazard, Destabilization Hazard

Project Personnel Info


Assigned Facility: Site-075

Research Lead: Dr. Erwin Monty

Assigned MST(s): Belgrade-4 ("Three Musketeers") November-12 ("Dumpster Divers")

Director of Containment: Harry Jenkins


Containment Protocols: The steel container (10m x 10m x 10m) containing RPC-801 is positioned over a vat of water. In the event that RPC-801 comes into contact with the water, the temperature of the room will be lowered to −55 °C. The container must be inspected weekly for any signs of degradation. During this time RPC-801 will be removed and transported to a separate, airtight chamber. The temperature in this room must be kept below −55 °C at all times.

Only CSD personnel are permitted to speak to RPC-801. After contact, the CSD at hand must be restrained, typically via straitjacket, and isolated within a padded containment cell for 1 week. If no abnormal behavior is observed, the CSD is to be released and returned to their quarters.

Description: RPC-801 is an animated mass of human remains. The object weighs 1000 lb, and if spread evenly across a flat surface, could hypothetically cover an area of 80 meters. Most of the organs making up RPC-801 have been ground and crushed into a pink sludge. When unrestrained, RPC-801 is capable of lifting itself off the ground while assuming a spherical shape. While airborne, RPC-801 has been observed to reach speeds of up to 2 mph.

RPC-801 is capable of speech, albeit through unknown means. The entity speaks English, French, Latin, and Catalan. RPC-801 identifies as 3 individuals, listed in Addendum I. Each of these individuals claim to be female monarchs, specifically queens, who have ruled over a nonexistent country over 7 separate dynasties. This nation is commonly referred to as "Taured". This country has also been referred to as "Tauren", "Inviuma", "Taurland", and "Sanguiland".

Addendum I: RPC-801 identifies as 3 separate humans simultaneously, each of which are female and of varying ages. They are referred to as RPC-801-1 through RPC-801-3 (designated by order of discovery).

Designation: RPC-801-1

Description: Calls itself "Ineira". RPC-801-1 claims to have been the last queen to be appointed before the collapse of Taured. Most vocal of the instances. RPC-801-1 has a lisp, and speaks at a faster pace when compared to the other instances.

Discovery: Incident 801.1

Addendum II: Interview Log 801.1

Addendum III: Interview Log 801.2

Addendum IV: Incident 801.2

Addendum V: Site Director Thomas' Statement

Addendum VI: Interview Log 801.27

Addendum VII: Incident 801.3

Addendum VIII: Exploration Log 801.1




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