Blood Creepin'





Registered Phenomena Code: 800

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-sentient.png Sentient h-destabilization.png Destabilization h-teleportation.png Teleportation h-visual.png Visual

Containment Protocols: All RPC-800 objects are to be stored within the Indian National Defense Initiative for the Reclamation of Anomalies' (INDIRA) Structure 07.1 Testing with RPC-800-3-B is strictly forbidden. Entities relating to GoI-800's belief system are expected to be active within the Indian subcontinent and have been deemed a risk to the general population. Should the Authority or INDIRA encounter any of these entities or any individuals worshiping them they are to be detained until further notice.

Description: RPC-800 refers to several artifacts belonging to GoI-800 "Warriors of Red Kali"; an inactive Thuggee2 cult existing across the Indian subcontinent from an unknown period until 1967. GoI-800 had a belief system that combined traditional Hindu thought with the beliefs that match typical worship of the "Savage Redness" deity within Nihil-adjacent mythos.

RPC-800-1 is a Talwar3 made of an unknown metal alloy known to have trace amounts of iron and nickel. The object functions non-anomalously until the entirety of its blade is coated in blood, after which it is considered "active."

While in an active state, RPC-800-1 provides a number of combat advantages to its user:

  • Human subjects cut with RPC-800-1 will experience excessive blood flow, causing more blood to be released than normal from a similar wound.
  • When used in melee combat, RPC-800-1's user experiences increased combat capabilities and are statistically more likely to incapacitate their opponent, by a margin of 60%.
  • RPC-800-1's blade becomes significantly harder, being able to deflect bullets and other projectiles. However, this property is known to weaken after around 5 projectile strikes, depending on the velocity and force the blade is struck with.

Texts relating to GoI-201 hint at the potential existence of other weapons with similar properties, but none have been identified by the Authority.

RPC-800-2 is a cognitohazardous agent resembling the "Kali Yantra", a religious Hindu symbol. However, its center triangle is replaced by an anomalous sigil, commonly associated with Children of Nihil followers of the "Savage Redness". This agent appears on various objects that were carried by members of GoI-800.

Visual exposure to RPC-800-2 induces nausea and dizziness for a few seconds, then causes the affected individual to immediately enter Stage 3 NREM sleep. However, during this state, affected individuals experience tachycardia4 flow and become more susceptible to irritation of the skin. This effect lasts for around 10 minutes, after which the subject regains conscience. The anomalous properties of RPC-800-2 can be avoided by wearing eye protection, glasses, or contacts

Members of GoI-800 were known to commonly employ RPC-800-2 as a method to immobilize and capture targets.

RPC-800-3-A is a modified sitar5 used by members of GoI-800. While it sometimes sees use as a regular instrument for GoI-800 members to play folk songs related to their beliefs its main purpose is materializing RPC-3-800-B, through playing the "███████ ███ ████████" hymn.

RPC-800-3-B is a partially-sentient spherical entity entirely comprised of blood, measuring 2 meters in diameter. According to texts recovered from GoI-800, it is able to answer affirmative/negative questions. However, independent attempts to interact with RPC-800-3-B conducted both by INDIRA and the Authority have failed to elicit any response. On occasion, objects both anomalous and non-anomalous manifest in RPC-800-3-B's proximity. RPC-800-3-B demanifests 30 minutes after being summoned.

Members of GoI-800 believe that RPC-800-3-B is a fragment of "Kali"6, and that one may appeal to her through bloodshed, eventually triggering a world-ending event. Striking similarities have been acknowledged between this event, frequently described as a "red flood", and beliefs held by Children of Nihil cults.

Addendum I: Documents on GoI-800 authored by the British Raj

The origins of GoI-800 have been difficult to establish. While the oldest text that mentions them is dated to 1231 A.D., said text mentions the cult existing for centuries prior to writing. Authority historians believe that the cult had several predecessors existing as far back as the late Bronze Age7 with a form closer to the modern definition of the group coming in to formation in the later period of the Middle Kingdoms era8 in India.

First hand accounts from members of the cult are difficult to come by due to the large majority of members being illiterate and unable to write. A large majority of often contradicting fables and history from GoI-800 are passed down from oral tradition and recorded in interviews that have been taken from British Raj officials and INDIRA researchers.

What follows are several documents authored by soldiers within the British Raj in India that relate to GoI-800. Upon collapse of the British Raj in India, these documents were handed off to the Authority by British Government officials.

The first set of documents attached are damaged, incomplete transcripts of interviews conducted by soldiers within the British Army taken place during early March of 1934.

The following two files are documents from an unknown British soldier concerning an equine ritual he saw being undertaken by members of GoI-800. According to the British Government they were recorded "some time in 1937."

Addendum II: Objects manifested by RPC-800-3-B

The following are several INDIRA reports on objects manifested by RPC-800-3-B when RPC-800 objects were only contained by the Indian Government.

Addendum III: Audio diary of an unknown INDIRA soldier

Following INDIRA's discovery of the GoI-800 temple on an island north of Sri Lanka, an expedition to the island was launched on 28/07/1981 to explore the island. For unknown reasons, the official recording transcript by INDIRA was lost. However, a soldier who has not yet been identified recorded his account of the mission in an audio diary upon his return from the island. Due to slight tape damage by poor storage conditions, the tape begins a few seconds in.

Addendum IV: Containment Incident

In the winter season of 2000-2001, the Authority was scheduled to conduct a series of joint exercises with INDIRA for the sake of improving relations. While the first of these exercises were successful, the exercise on 14/01/2001 that took place at INDIRA Remote Structure 07 was unsuccessful due to an anomalous incident that occurred due to a test with RPC-800 that was currently underway within the facility. What follows is a composite video transcript of several security cameras that were recording the incident.

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