Damaged Alien Terraformer





Registered Phenomena Code: 799

Object Class: Gamma-Black

Hazard Types: Climatological, Ecological, Geological, Extreme Temperature, Toxic, Regenerative, Grouped, Sapient, Mechanical



RPC-799-1 posses an extreme danger to the Earthen ecosystem at large. A containment breach of RPC-799-1 may lead to a Class-041 ("Rapid Climate Change") event, which will result in mass famine and loss of life.

Containment Protocols: RPC-799 is contained within a specially built containment unit located in Site-016. RPC-799's containment has 5m by 5m of floor space and is 4m in height. The observation equipment within RPC-799's containment unit consists of two (2) thermometers and three (3) atmospheric analyzers. This observational equipment is to be checked for continued functionality during maintenance of RPC-799's containment unit. Under no circumstances are personnel to be allowed inside of RPC-799's containment unit, outside of an emergency scenario.

A (1) REMPG1 located adjacent to RPC-799's containment unit remains on standby at all times and must be ready to activate at any time. All entrances to Sector-0152 must consist of a full airlock system that utilizes electromagnetic field generators for decontamination purposes. Additionally, RPC-799's containment unit has been upgraded to have three (3) full airlock systems that utilize electromagnetic field generators.

Power to Sector-015 is supplied via a nuclear fusion reactor separate from the Site-016 main generator, with four (4) backup generators on standby in case of power failure. Maintenance of these backup generators is to occur bi-weekly. Maintenance of the main generator is to follow a standard facility main generator maintenance schedule.

Daily inspection/maintenance of RPC-799's containment unit is to be conducted by specially built drones. Drones are designed to be able to repair cracks, collect small samples of RPC-799-1, and conduct other small-scale repairs. These drones are only allowed to be controlled by specially trained personnel. Additionally, the drones have been equipped with an experimental self destruct system capable of destroying RPC-799-1 instances on the drone's surface.

Access to Sector-015 is restricted explicitly authorized personnel only. All personnel attempting to access Sector-015 must submit to full psychological evaluation and quarantine upon entering and leaving. Type 1/type A Hazmat suits with a full-body rubber suit underneath must be worn at all times while inside Sector-015. Personnel that have been contaminated with RPC-799-1, are to be isolated in the quarantine zone within an electro-magnetic field for 72 hours. After which they will be tested again for RPC-799-1 contamination, if they are found to be uninfected they will be returned to service.


RPC-799 upon initial discovery/sighting by the AEDFS Aura

Description: RPC-799 is a 3.04m tall non-humanoid robotic entity. RPC-799 has a centralized torso design, that has six (6) limbs attached to its sides, a limb attached to its topside, and a disc-like structure that allows the entity to hover located on its underside. RPC-799 is mostly tan in colour. Patterns resembling black and yellow hazard tape are located near and on all joints on RPC-799's body. Four (4) blue lights, believed to be the entity's eyes, are implanted in a metal disc located on the front of its torso. Additionally, RPC-799 is protected by a plasma force-field, which coats the entirety of its exterior. This force-field is capable of protecting RPC-799 from damage and is protecting RPC-799 from RPC-799-1.

RPC-799's limbs are 1.4m long with two (2) joints, one (1) located at the point where the limb connects to the torso and the other located in the middle of the limb. The limbs on RPC-799 have various technologically advanced tools and devices located on the ends of them. Three (3) of RPC-799's limbs on the sides of its torso end in claw like devices. The limb attached to RPC-799's topside ends with a tool similar to that of a mining drill. An additional two (2) of RPC-799's limbs have devices that are similar to that of theoretical plasma-based mining tools. The last of RPC-799's limbs ends in a device capable of causing minor seismic activity, resulting in noticeable yet minor earthquakes.

RPC-799 appears to be heavily damaged, with various dents and scratches spread out upon the entirety of its chassis. An entry wound located 51cm from RPC-799's faceplate correlates with an exit wound located opposite to it. The entry wound has a diameter of 8cm while the exit wound has a diameter of 14cm. Despite the damage, RPC-799 is aware of its surroundings and is capable of reacting to the environment in a limited capacity. The damage is currently believed to affect the parts of RPC-799 that allow for communication from its computational components to its limbs, its hover-disc, and RPC-799-1. As a result, RPC-799 normally remains motionless unless provoked.

A cylindrical machine is located on RPC-799's back, this machine is capable of producing microscopic nano-machines collectively designated as RPC-799-1. RPC-799-1 are capable of causing major changes to the chemical makeup of the environment in which they are located. RPC-799-1 will normally make changes that are seemingly random and unorganized in nature. However, RPC-799-1 has been known to occasionally coordinate en-mass to either change the surrounding environment or make repairs to RPC-799. The second option rarely yields any noticeable results.

When individual RPC-799-1 instances are further than 10km from RPC-799, or are otherwise unable to communicate with RPC-799, the instances will begin to deconstruct the environment around them and start self-replicating at an alarming rate. Additionally, RPC-799-1 will begin to reshape the environment around them to be of a more arctic condition. The atmosphere will change to consisted of Nitrogen (N2) 59%, Krypton (K) 25%, Oxygen (O2) 15%, with the other 1% consisting of various other gasses. Additionally, various salts and ionic compound will start to form on surfaces covered by RPC-799-1. Currently, the only known means to halt this process is with an EMP. Which will deactivate approximately 63% of RPC-799-1 instances. Meaning that repeated pulses are needed to deactivate groups of RPC-799-1.

Addendum RPC-799.1: Threat Report

RPC-799: Threat Report

The main threat posed by RPC-799 is not the entity itself, but the uncontrolled nano-machines that it constantly produces. These nano-machines (designate as RPC-799-1) were designed with the purpose of terraforming planets to fit the survival needs of an alien species before colonization. While this implies that RPC-799 was designed to reshape the terrain of a planet, RPC-799 posses no threat in its current state.

In case you are still uncertain on the danger posed by RPC-799-1, I will explain further. RPC-799-1 is not a traditional pathogen, it does not need to be on or in your body to reproduce. Instead, it deconstructs its environment and uses the pieces to not only reproduce, but also to make the planet less habitable for us. Because of this, traditional pathogenic anomaly re-containment/termination protocols simply won't work. As these procedures work on the principle that pathogens only infects living creatures or previously living creatures, which simply isn't the case for RPC-799-1.

Additionally, the only countermeasure we have to RPC-799-1, EMP bombs, are in short supply. Especially when compared to the nuclear supply on standby to quickly deal with other aggressive anomalous pathogens. While the detonation of nuclear bombs in the upper atmosphere may create EMPs, the requirement that multiple EMPs must occur with a short span of time to neutralize an outbreak makes this an nonviable option.

Overall, I suggest making the primary containment protocols of RPC-799 designed around RPC-799-1 and slightly overkill just for good measure. Because if RPC-799-1 breaches containment, it will be extremely difficult to stop and may very well terraform earth.

-Dr. Greätta Yültvaön, Protocol Laboratory, Threat Assessment

Addendum RPC-799.2: Discovery Log

» Authority Extraterrestrial Defense Force «

Observation Report

on ██/██/1972 the AEDFS Aura detected an unknown object transmitting radio waves using [DATA REDACTED] allowing FTL communication. The AEDFS Aura went towards the object to investigate and discovered that the object (then designated as UFO-1972-18) was a multi-limb robotic entity. UFO-1972-18 then made its way to within 500km of earth, where it remained for approximately 3 hours.

After this time UFO-1972-18 was shot by an unknown party, and proceeded to enter the earth's atmosphere. Interestingly UFO-1972-18 did not burn up in the atmosphere but instead controlled its velocity to be within safe speeds. The AEDFS Aura then took evasive action, as per standard procedure, resulting in us losing track of UFO-1972-18. Despite this, onboard physicists where able to determine UFO-1972-18 point of impact to within an area of 5km.

Addendum RPC-799.3: Recovery Log


Recovery Log: UFO-1972-18

Operation ID#: Aleph-412

Operation Objectives: Investigate UFO-1972-18's crash site

Assigned MST: Foxtrot-4 ("Prey")

Written Report: Foxtrot-4 deployed multiple ground and air squadrons within the 5km crash zone. After approximately 2 hours of searching, UFO-1972-18 was located by aerial units. Ground squadrons then moved to secure UFO-1972-18, and prepare it for transport and subsequent reverse engineering.

After UFO-1972-18 was loaded for transport it began to display its anomalous properties. First, it began to create large amounts of nano-machines which began to dismantle and reassemble the area around it in a seemingly random manner. This resulted in UFO-1972-18 changing the atmosphere within the crate to be comprised of mostly Hydrogen (H2), Chlorine (Cl2), Hydrogenchloride (HCl), and Nitrogen (N2). Additionally, the interior of the crate was found to be coated with various fluoroxenonium salts, and had a temperature 4oC below the exterior of the crate.

UFO-1972-18 was then designated as an anomalous object and got the Registered Phenomena Code of 799.

Addendum RPC-799.4: Project Blue Book

Note: the following is a communication sent to Authority representatives in the UN after the containment of RPC-799.

UNAAC: Internal Communication

Sender: Project Blue Book

Receiver: RPC Authority

Subject: ET-003-T-312

Project Blue Book is requesting that you release ET-003-T-312 to our control. The mechanical entity was shot down on ██/██/1972 by one of our extra-terrestrial targeting artillery arrays. But was retrieved by Authority assets before we were able to locate it. Due to the nature of extra-terrestrial crash retrieval laws, because we shot it down it belongs to us.

Please return the object to us as soon as possible.

UNAAC: Internal Communication

Sender: RPC Authority

Receiver: Project Blue Book

Subject: ET-003-T-312/RPC-799

ET-003-T-312/RPC-799 displays anomalous properties, and as such will not be handed over to Project Blue Book custody.

Addendum RPC-799.5: Intercepted RPC-799 transmissions

Note: the following transmissions were intercepted by the AEDFS Aura before RPC-799 was shot down by Project Blue Book assets. The transmissions have been translated from an alien language to English for ease of reading.

long-range planetary scan status: complete
results: SOL-3932-03 is a potential terraform target, and a close range scan is required
course of action: approach SOL-3932-03 and perform close-range scan

commencing action…

close-range planetary scan status: 43%
results: SOL-3932-03 has indigenous life, and further scanning is required to determine sapience
course of action: continue scanning SOL-3932-03

commencing action…

close-range planetary scan status: 64%
results: SOL-3932-03 has indigenous sapient life
— exception occurred —
exception trigger: SOL-3932-03 has sapient life
exception resolve: SOL-3932-03 is unsuited for terraforming
— critical error occured —
error: major damage sustained
course of action: commence self scan

commencing action…

self scan status: complete

  • long-range radio status: non-functional
  • terraforming tool status: non-responsive; functional
  • nanite production center: non-responsive; functional
  • nanite control center: non-responsive; functional
  • anti-gravity systems: responsive; 36% functional
  • short-range radio status: functional

— exception occurred —
exception trigger: nanite system damage
exception resolve: initiate self-destruct on nanite systems
— error occurred —
error: nanite self-destruct systems unresponsive
course of action: manual destruction of nanite systems

commencing action…

action failed
— exception occurred —
exception trigger: entering atmosphere
exception resolve: initialize anti-gravity systems to slow descent
activation: anti-gravity systems

commencing action…

impact detected
surface contact: confirmed
switching to standby mode…
initializing mayday signal…

Note: the following message has been broadcasting on repeat from RPC-799 since its recovery.

mayday mayday
terraformer designated 0965 requesting repairs and/or termination
nanite production/communication systems are damaged
self-destruction of nanite systems has failed
0965 has crashed on a civilized world
mayday mayday

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