Registered Phenomena Code: 798

Object Class: Omega Orange Black Orange

Hazard Types: Tychokinetic Hazard

Containment Protocols: A specified amount of each class of registered anomalies are to be delivered to multiple different sites where they will be contained and if needed, neutralized. All objects are to be transferred to their respective sites before the start of may on every leap year and will be transferred back to their original location (if another return location is not specified) in the event of a 798-01 Event. The amount of each object class that will be transferred to a site will be no higher than the highest amount of RPC objects of that particular class recorded to breach containment, and no less that the lowest amount to break containment.

Any personnel attempting to leave a facility currently containing an immobile RPC object while an RPC-798-01 event is in progress are to be apprehended by site security and searched for any RPC objects. Site security is to assume that individual(s) attempting to leave the facility are harboring the object(s) in question and the RPC object(s) will stay with said individual(s) until the RPC-798-01 event has ended. Then the RPC object(s) in question will be taken back to their containment chamber following established containment protocols. Apprehended individuals will be detained until enough screenings have been concluded to provide sufficient evidence that all of the effects of an RPC-798-01 event have dissipated, after this they are to be released and their status as an Authority employee redeemed.

Due to the variability of breach events, if an RPC-798-01 event is to manifest in any object, the containment procedures for the afflicted RPC object(s) are to be enacted as if a normal breach were taking place (However the RPC that is affected by an RPC-798-01 event will be more active and its anomalous effects increased dependent on the amount of the same class of RPC that have broken containment). There is currently no way to contain RPC-798 due to the limited knowledge on the anomaly itself, it is currently unknown if containment of RPC-798 will ever be possible.

Any personnel involved in the breach attempt of any immobile RPC will be supplied with a pen that has been confirmed to be filled with ink, and a piece of paper, no smaller than 200 x 300 cm (Centimeters) in length and width, the paper and pen are to be easily accessible from the designated sleeping area for the affected personnel and are required to be within arms reach at all times.

Description: RPC-798 is presumed to be an entity of unknown origin. It is currently unknown what the physical state of RPC-798 is, or if it has one, due to this the Authority does not currently own the technology, nor the information on the physical state of RPC-798 to declare if it can be containable, or what would be required to contain it. An RPC-798-01 event (The event presumed to be caused by the entity) is the manifestation of multiple containment breaches of varying object classes occurring at approximately 5:00-6:00 hours in CET1 time on a random day in-between may through to August, it is to be noted that RPC-798-01 event will only manifest on leap years, the next RPC-798-01 event has been scheduled to occur in the year 2███.

It has been proven that breaches of an object class are more likely to happen when the same object classes are put in close proximity to each other, because of this it will be required for a number of RPC objects (Preferably with a low lethality rating) to be relocated to a specially designed site that has been made to contain a specific type of RPC object. Each site will have room for the highest amount of the type of RPC objects that have been recorded to breach containment, and an extra containment chamber for every RPC object present in the facility as a backup, this only applies to Betas and Gammas, as any Alpha-class RPC objects that are assigned to a site for the purpose of inducing a 798-01 event are required to be immobile, and unable to escape on their own.

It is important to note that after the event of an RPC-798-01 event manifestation, any personnel that attempted to breach containment of an RPC object that is non-mobile will, in their sleep, write on the nearest possible surface within arm reach (although tests have shown that paper is chosen over any other surface) and will write with any liquid possible currently available to the person who is sleeping under the influence of an RPC-798-01 event's effects (pens will be given, however, the effects of RPC-798-01 does not show any favor for pens, but pens will be supplied to reduce the chance of the writer from drawing bodily fluids to write with). these incidents are much more likely to happen in the case of Alpha-class RPCs due to their non-mobile nature.

  • The highest amount of Alpha-class object containment breaches recorded due to an RPC-798 Alpha event is 18 (eighteen) and the lowest is 12 (twelve). Only Alpha class objects with a threat level of White are affected by an RPC-798-01 event.
  • The highest amount of Beta-class object containment breaches recorded due to an RPC-798 Beta event is 10 (ten) and the lowest is 4 (four). Only Beta-class objects with a threat level of Orange and below are affected by an RPC-798-01 event.
  • Due to the manpower, resources and the danger involved in delivering objects of the gamma class and upwards to a new location, no attempts are to be made to relocate these types of RPC objects. The highest amount of Gamma-class objects that have broken containment due to an RPC-798 Gamma event are 2 (two) and in some circumstances, no Gamma-class RPC objects have broken containment. This information may not be related to an RPC-798-01 event, however, due to the unpredictable and violent nature of Gamma-class objects and it could be that they are breaking containment naturally, this hypothesis relies heavily on the fact that sometimes no Gamma-class objects break containment when an RPC-798-01 event is in progress.
  • No containment breaches involving object classes above Gamma-class have currently been connected to an RPC-798-01 event.

When an RPC-798-01 event manifestation occurs, it will cause different effects for different object classes. In the case of Beta- and Gamma-class objects, also referred to as RPC-798 Beta and RPC-798 Gamma, will increase violence in objects that are mobile and will increase the negative effects of other RPC objects anomalous properties depending on the amount of RPC objects that have the same object class and have broken containment during an RPC-798-01 event. In the case of an Alpha-class object, site personnel, if in the presence of an Alpha-class RPC, will feel an urge to collect the RPC object in question and leave the facility. Much like Beta- and Gamma-class breaches, the more Alpha-class RPC objects that have breached containment, the stronger the urge becomes for other personnel in the presence of an Alpha-class RPC, this, in turn, causes more personnel to attempt to breach the containment of Alpha-class RPC's.

Discovery: On the 29th of June, 1984, multiple breach events were reported by Site-███, Site-███, Site-███, and Site-███. this is assumed to be the first iteration of an RPC-798-01 event, and due to this there was not enough evidence to prove the existence of RPC-798. the existence of RPC-798 was first hypothesized on July 13th in the year 1992, after the third RPC-798-01 event to be cataloged by the authority. The existence of RPC-798-01 was confirmed after the fourth RPC-798-01 event on the 18th of May, 1996. A trend was discovered and pointed towards the sites previously mentioned having the highest amount of containment failures in between May and August, and the knowledge that sites with a high amount of specific types of RPCs are having containment failures related to those types of RPCs. The trend was later expanded on showing that no sites over, or under a specific amount of RPCs were experiencing breach events on such a magnitude as sites affected by an RPC-798-01 event.

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