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Registered Phenomena Code: 797

Project Personnel Info


Assigned Facility: OL-Site-797

Director of Research: N/A

Assigned MST(s): MST Papa-01 ("Berserkers"), MST Sierra-08 ("Sundowners")

Director of Containment: N/A


Object Class:

Gamma - Orange

Responsible Departments:

History.png Department of HistoryBoA_Theistic_Department.png Department of Theistics

Hazard Types:

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-sapient.png Sapient h-ideological.png Ideological

General Properties:

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-organic.png Organic



Containment Protocols:

No current protocols have been approved for the containment of RPC-797. As further information becomes available regarding RPC-797's anomalous properties, methods of activation, and intrinsic design, containment protocols will be subject to forthcoming revisions.

RPC-797 remains barricaded alongside 115 heavily armed religious worshippers at a church compound in Waco, Texas, United States. The US Department of Defense Joint Task Force Occult and US Secret Service Office of Extranormal Security Affairs have established a perimeter around the facility and are actively in communication with RPC-797 as part of hostage rescue negotiations. This situation is actively ongoing.

All requests by the Authority to participate in joint containment efforts for RPC-797 have been denied. MST Papa-01 ("Berserkers") and MST Sierra-08 ("Sundowners") operatives deployed to the region have been ordered to standby for further developments in the siege.


RPC-797 is a 33-year-old American male of Caucasian ethnicity identified as David Koresh and a metaphysical-class reality-bender. RPC-797 is the messianic leader of the Protestant Christian denomination known as the Branch Davidians, a pre-millennialist1 sect that follows a literalist2 interpretation of the Christian Holy Bible. RPC-797 claims to be several religious figures identified in the Book of Revelation written by John of Patmos, including the seven-horned and seven-eyed lamb,3 the White Horseman,4 and the angel from the East.5 RPC-797 leverages a psychological compulsion effect over the Branch Davidians which convinces them to accept this doctrine despite their prior religious convictions.

RPC-797 and the Branch Davidians conduct religious services at Mount Carmel Center, a church compound in Waco, Texas, which houses the group's stockpile of firearms and weapons. Despite significant hardships living at the facility without connection to public water or waste systems, and a strict moral code of behavior,6 few members have left the denomination. RPC-797's theology is featured prominently in an apologetic letter addressed to the Seventh Day Adventist church, a Protestant Christian denomination which the Branch Davidians historically separated from and consider to be morally astray.


On June 9, 1992, RPC-797 was brought to the attention of the US Treasury Department Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms after an anonymous report from a mail carrier revealed that a large amount of assault weapons and explosive devices had been delivered to Mount Carmel Center. The ATF launched an inquiry into the Branch Davidians, discovering the group was stockpiling high-capacity firearms and illegally modifying them into automatic weapons. The ATF also uncovered theological materials from RPC-797's ministry calling for armed opposition against the federal government, prompting fears that RPC-797 was leading an anti-government insurgency.

On December 4, The ATF contacted a liaison for the US Department of Defense requesting military assistance and equipment in their case against RPC-797. The liaison, a concealed Joint Task Force Occult officer, debriefed the agency on the ATF's weapons manufacturing case against the Branch Davidians and the unusual nature of RPC-797's ministry. It was at that time JTFO intelligence sources found connections between the Branch Davidians and the group of interest known as The Union, prompting JTFO operatives embedded in the ATF to assume control over the investigation.


On February 28, 1993, JTFO launched 'Operation Showtime', deploying a total of seventy-five JTFO operatives embedded as ATF officers to assault Mount Carmel Center and serve an arrest warrant for RPC-797. A firefight erupted between the Branch Davidians and JTFO after an operative gunned down two dogs in back of the facility belonging to members of the Church. The assault resulted in the deaths of six Branch Davidians and four JTFO operatives, as well as sixteen JTFO injuries and the injury of RPC-797.

The Authority was made aware of RPC-797 after CNN began broadcasting footage from the Waco siege on television alongside a phone interview with RPC-797. During the news segment, RPC-797 stated it tried to stop the ATF from opening fire on Mount Carmel Center by warning women and children were inside, however the ATF disregarded this warning. The exchange of gunfire only came to a halt once another Branch Davidian in the building contacted the local sheriff's office.


MST Sierra-08 ("Sundowners") operatives were quickly dispatched to Waco, Texas, under the cover of Texas Rangers to gather further information on RPC-797. Arriving at the site of the Waco siege, Sierra-08 operatives discovered that embedded JTFO and OESA officers in the ATF and FBI were refusing to allow outside law enforcement teams access to Mount Carmel Center. Once Sierra-08 debriefed the Authority on their discovery, Authority Central Intelligence agents extracted data files from government databases operated by the American AoIs which resulted in RPC-797's official designation.

The Office of Diplomatic Relations immediately activated back-channel discussions with OESA and JTFO demanding to share intelligence on the Waco siege and condemning the poor containment methods used by both agencies. OESA and JTFO liaisons agreed to several demands by the Authority to implement enhanced security protocols and limit the amount of media attention to the Waco siege, however, all requests for the Authority itself to participate in containment efforts were denied.


On March 1, OESA and JTFO severed outside telephone lines to Mount Carmel Center at the same time RPC-797 was in the middle of delivering an interview to a Texas public radio station regarding the Waco siege. Following this event, RPC-797 and the Branch Davidians offered to leave the facility and surrender to law enforcement if a lecture delivered by RPC-797 was broadcast over national airwaves. MST Papa-01 operatives arrived in the region at this time.

On March 2, a tape recorder was delivered and extracted from Mount Carmel Center containing RPC-797's lecture. The audio file underwent an unspecified scrubbing process for removing potential memetic hazards, although none were reportedly discovered. Following the broadcast of the lecture on National Public Radio, RPC-797 claimed to have received a divine message directing the Branch Davidians to remain inside the building. It is unknown if the tepid public response to the lecture was a factor in this decision.


On March 8, following minimal progress to convince the majority of the Branch Davidians to leave Mount Carmel Center, a video tape recorder was delivered to the facility by an OESA Special Agent as part of trust-building exercises. In exchange, RPC-797 and the Branch Davidians recorded their own video tape for the OESA negotiators. The tape contained interviews with various church members, notably RPC-797 itself and three other members of the sect's leadership structure.

  • RPC-797 appears slouched against a wall inside the building, bleeding from a bullet wound on the side of its body. RPC-797 quotes from Revelation 12:17 KJV and condemned the attack on the compound by the ATF.
  • Rachel Koresh, the first wife of RPC-797, states she had received a 'revelation from God' early in her marriage that suggested RPC-797 must take her sister as a second wife or their family would be destroyed.
  • Steve Schneider, widely recognized as the Church's second-in-command with a master's degree in theology from the University of Hawaii, and whose spouse is RPC-797's third wife, is shown to be the camera operator.
  • Wayne Martin, a Harvard-educated lawyer who was responsible for making the 911 call that ended the first day of the siege when the McLennan County Sheriffs Office contacted the federal government, explains they have done nothing legally wrong and are planning to file a lawsuit against the government.

On March 15, three days after electricity was cut off from Mount Carmel Center, OESA and JTFO commanders held in-person negotiations at the front of the facility with the leadership of the Branch Davidians, excluding the injured RPC-797. After an exchange of perishables and other supplies, attempts by the commanders to convince the Branch Davidians to abandon the facility were met with failure.


On March 21, JTFO and OESA opted to employ anomalous psychological warfare on RPC-797 and the Branch Davidians in response to weeks of minimal movement in negotiations. Advanced sleep deprivation methods were tested, including the use of large spotlights shining onto the building at night, and the placement of several loudspeakers blaring high decibel levels of noise. These sounds were embedded with psychotronic hazards meant to induce a fear response in order to force more departures from the compound, however, none of these techniques were successful.

On March 29, two attorneys representing the Branch Davidians arrived at Mount Carmel Center demanding to speak with their client RPC-797. For unknown reasons, OESA Commander Jamar approved this request over the opposition of the JTFO. After speaking with their client, the two lawyers claimed to the media that the evidence they've seen suggests the government opened fire on the Branch Davidians, and express concerns the government is attempting to cover up the evidence. The ATF later denied these allegations and claimed the Branch Davidians opened fire on law enforcement first.


On April 14, RPC-797 informed OESA negotiators that it had received a divine revelation, and claimed that the Branch Davidians would leave Mount Carmel Center once it has completed writing a manuscript explaining the Seven Seals featured in the Book of Revelation. This announcement was met with trepidation by OESA negotiators and JTFO forces concerned about the extent of RPC-797's reality-bending abilities, fearing the manuscript's completion could trigger a catastrophic anomalous event based on the Branch Davidian interpretation of apocalyptic scripture.

JTFO operatives began installing barbed wire around the perimeter and performing military maneuvers around the facility in preparations for a final siege. In response, RPC-797 activated a gas-fueled portable generator inside of the facility in order to generate enough power to perform music using church audio equipment. It was during this event that an original song composed by RPC-797 was performed. This song is suspected to have been written during the leadership struggle with George Roden, however its relevance to the current standoff remains unclear.

"Mad Man In Waco"

Please, please, please, won't you listen?
It's not what it appears to be.
We didn't wanna hurt anybody
Just let our people free!

In the night of the darkness
Risking our lives for the LORD.
Helping the women and children
'Till their house is restored.

There's a Mad Man living at Waco,
Bowing his knee to Ba'al.
Won't you help, Mr. Sheriff?
So we won't fail,
We won't fail.

This is for the little children,
God knows how it should be.
Stars and stripes are flying,
Give us Justice and Liberty!

There's a Mad Man living at Waco,
Praying to the Prince of Hell.
Won't you help us, LORD now, to Heaven?
They are Ba'al.

There's a Mad Man living at Waco. (x3)

Attached File:


On April 16, a sign was held outside a window of Mount Carmel Center containing the following message:

the Flames await: Isaiah 1317

As of this data entry, RPC-797 remains uncontained.


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