Registered Phenomena Code: 795

Object Class: Beta-Orange Gamma-Red


OL-Site-795 outside RPC-795.

Hazard Types: Organic Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Bio-Hazard, Corrosive Hazard, Sensory Hazard

Containment Protocols: OL-Site-795 has been constructed one kilometer away from RPC-795 under the guise of a civilian log cabin. All civilians are to be kept two kilometers away from the entity by a semi-guarded trench. The opening of RPC-795's cavern is to be sealed off with concrete. (See Incident Log 2/3/14.) No personnel with Level 2 access or below are allowed access into RPC-795. Once a day, a large herbivore such as a cow or deer is to be set inside the entity in order to avoid a reaction from RPC-795-1.

Description: RPC-795 is a massive organic entity found by entering a cave in the ██████ Mountains in northeastern Pennsylvania. The entrance to the cave where RPC-795 resides appears to be non-anomalous from the outside, but upon progressing twenty meters into the cavern the walls, floor, and ceiling are coated in a mucus-like substance with a reportedly sweet odor. The substance is extremely sticky and has the consistency of tar. The substance appears to come from tissue-like growths on the side of the cave, which grow more numerous the further one progresses.

After progressing twenty-five meters into the cavern, the tunnel will proceed to slope downward at a forty-five degree angle. Any personnel who proceed beyond this point are to be considered lost, as there are no viable methods of recovery as of yet.

Attempting to progress into 795 via drilling or digging into the mountainside of its cave results in a solid circle of bone being uncovered that wraps around the entire mountain interior. The skeletal structure's genetic origins are a mystery, as it possesses animal cells with photosynthetic traits.

Incident Log 2/3/14: At 0700, the concrete wall limiting access to RPC-795 was breached by a horde of anomalous insects inside the cave. The insects (designated RPC-795-1) violently attacked three personnel, dragging one CSD-class into RPC-795. The entities resemble honeybees, but are distinctly made up of 95% honey (the other 5% is non-anomalous honeybee organs). The honey appears to be acidic, with numerous chemical similarities to gastric acid. Further research on this chemical is currently ongoing.

Due to this event, an exploration mission has been established by the Authority to send one (1) drone into the interior of RPC-795 in order to determine its interior layout. On 5/16/14, the drone is to enter through the entrance of the cave the entity resides in.

Exploration Log 5/16/14:

Foreword: A standard RPC Authority drone with a remote-activated syringe attachment was sent through the entrance of RPC-795's cave. The drone has a closed circuit video feed that loops back to OL-Site-795. Researcher Franklin is to steer and control the drone, while Researcher Charlie is to lead the mission itself.

<Begin Log>

(Researcher Franklin steers the drone into RPC-795's cave entrance, successfully avoiding the substance on the cave walls.)

Franklin: Alright, so do I just keep flying this drone downwards? I don't see anything except for a lot of this slimy stuff.

Charlie: Just keep going, Franklin. We'll see something eventually.

(The cave starts to angle straight down, causing Researcher Franklin to steer the drone accordingly. Clusters of RPC-795-1 are recorded via the drone's camera clinging to the wall.)

Franklin: Hey! Get over here Charlie, I think I see something!

(Researcher Charlie gets out of his chair and runs over to the video broadcast from the drone. Researcher Franklin has angled the camera to face directly downwards of RPC-795's cave system.)

(As the cave tunnel descends into a large chamber, a massive flower resembling a Rafflesia plant is visible. The estimated size via the video feed appears to be fifty meters in diameter. Swarms of RPC-795-1 are flying around the chamber, tending to the plant. A deer skeleton is visible in the flower's core, where a yellow liquid appears to be rotting the cadaver.)

Charlie: Good job, Franklin! It looks like we've found something big today. Just dip the rover into the flower so we can get some of that goo.

(Charlie obeys, and directs the drone downwards toward the liquid. However, as the drone approaches the plant, the swarms of RPC-795-1 tending to the plant suddenly fly toward the drone and drag it downward into the acid. Video feed is lost.)

Addendum: Revised containment procedures for RPC-795 are to be instated prohibiting the interaction with RPC-795-1 entities, as they share a strong desire to maintain RPC-795's physical health and are extremely territorial. Evidence suggests that the entities saw the 5/6/14 exploration mission as a sign of aggression. (See Researcher Notes.)

Researcher Notes: After our somewhat successful exploration attempt into RPC-795, we've seen multiple swarms of RPC-795-1 collecting outside the cave entrance. Therefore, I hereby permit neutralization of all RPC-795-1 instances. -Dr. Charlie

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