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Registered Phenomena Code: 794

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazards: Climatological Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Transmutation Hazard, Bio-Hazard, Extra-Dimensional Hazard, Temporal Hazard, Auditory Hazard, Sensory Hazard, Visual Hazard, Ecological Hazard.

Containment Protocols: RPC-794 is largely considered self-contained inside AZ-014. Manifestations of RPC-794's anomalous effects outside AZ-014 are to be contained, or terminated if the former is impossible.

A Class-S hazmat suit1 must be worn at all times when operating near RPC-794's immediate effect zone; all expeditions or containment missions must be carried out by no less than 3 members, ensuring that in the event of damage or rupture of the Class-S hazmat suit, another member will be present to verify and/or assist in termination of the compromised squadmate.


Image of RPC-794 taken by MST Golf-4 ("Black Rain") before their subsequent disconnection.

Should more anomalies affected or created by RPC-794 be discovered, MST Golf-5 ("Black Snow") is to be deployed for its classification, containment and/or termination; all kinds of expeditions that involve anomalies residing within the 100m range of RPC-794 are strictly forbidden unless authorized by the Board of Global Directors.

Description: RPC-794 is the anomalous mass resulting from the explosion at Site-014 and the subsequent collapse of the Research HQs (See Incident Log-794-0), which at the time were cross-testing samples from RPC-███, RPC-███, RPC-███, and RPC-███ (All of which are to be considered neutralized or unrecoverable.). The explosion caused said samples to be contaminated with high amounts of radiation. This contamination process, mixed with high temperatures, caused the anomalous materials to merge together and create RPC-794.

Despite the partial destruction of Site-014, the anomalous properties of RPC-794-1 and RPC-794-2 have caused an anomalous remnant of Site-014's lower floors to be created (now referred to as Anomalous Zone 014 or AZ-014). This remnant does not exist in our dimension, but rather in a pocket dimension; only accessible by a door that previously lead to the -5th floor of Site-014, but that has now been left in the open due to the destruction of the upper structure. Said door does not show signs of damage despite having suffered from said explosion, and as such, should be considered a by-product of AZ-014. ACS readings inside AZ-014 have shown widely varying results, going upwards of 5.5 and as low as 2 in certain areas, with readings becoming increasingly incoherent the close one gets to RPC-794's epicenter.

It is unknown if previously contained anomalies in the lower floors of Site-014 now reside inside AZ-014, or if all anomalies encountered within AZ-014 are by-products of RPC-794's anomalous properties. Whichever the case may be, all anomalies found inside AZ-014 must pass a test for them to be classified as RPC-794 instances.

For an anomaly to be considered a subproduct of RPC-794 it must follow one or more of the following criteria:

  • The anomaly must be localized inside AZ-014 or only exist in a 100m radius of it.
  • For the anomaly's effects to be theorized or confirmed to be caused by one or more of the anomalous samples being studied in the Research Headquarters at the time of detonation.
  • For the anomaly to be a mutation of a pre-existing anomaly contained at Site-014. This can be confirmed by measuring the Roentgen levels around said anomaly, with 30000 being a confirmed instance.

Registered Phenomena Code Description Containment/Safety Measures
RPC-794-1 RPC-794-1 manifests itself inside AZ-014, causing its geometry to become non-euclidean. This causes corridors to extend far beyond what they should, doors leading to unconnected rooms or back to themselves when entering, seemingly infinite stairways, and for the whole floor to occupy more space than what should be possible. This phenomenon becomes increasingly severe the closer one gets to RPC-794. An advanced Scintillation detector must be carried at all times, as this has shown to be the only reliable way to locate oneself inside AZ-014, providing a warning should one get too close to RPC-794's immediate area, and providing a way back by distancing oneself from the high amounts of radiation.
RPC-794-2 RPC-794-2 is a visual anomaly recreating the lower floors of what used to be Site-014. In conjunction with RPC-794-1, they create an anomalous remnant of Site-014; while being navigable, extreme care is to be taken as a grand part of the structures find within AZ-014 are not physically tangible due to this. This anomaly is proved to be caused by the photosensory capabilities of what used to be RPC-███. All personnel venturing inside AZ-014 is to double-check any structures before interaction as they could be a visual anomaly.
RPC-794-3 RPC-794-3 is an anomalous cloud formation only encountered within the AZ-014. This cloud formation will constantly pour liquid metal at a temperature of 1700°C. Despite the constant rain, RPC-794-3's liquid metal droplets will evaporate upon contact with any surface, and return to the cloud. Agents are to carry several cooling chemical agents alongside them in case of encountering this anomaly. This method has show to be a quick way to quickly dispose of it.
RPC-794-4 RPC-794-4 is a group of humanoids appearing to be made entirely of concrete. While these entities are slow and show very low levels of sentience, they have also shown to be extremely aggressive in proximity of humans, being able to accelerate to 30km/h in sight of one. However, a single firearm shot is enough for them to crumble apart and be rendered harmless. RPC-794-4 is theorized to be product of RPC-███, which at the time was being tested in the Research Headquarters. Should anyone personnel encounter an RPC-794-4 instance outside or inside AZ-014, immediate neutralization is authorized with subsequent recovery for research purposes.
RPC-794-5 RPC-794-5 are the roots and branches originating from the seeds of RPC-███ which were being grown inside the Research Headquarters at the time of detonation. These roots and branches are spread all around AZ-014 and have been shown to emit hallucinogenic chemicals, causing unprotected individuals to be put in a trance and navigate themselves towards RPC-794. The leaves of RPC-794-5 are extremely sharp, being able to penetrate Class-S hazmat suits. All personnel venturing within AZ-014 is to act with extreme caution around RPC-794-5. It is recommended to set all roots and branches on fire, as this has shown to negate the spread of hallucinogens, taking around 5-6 days to regrow.
RPC-794-6 This anomaly occurs upon entering the 100m radius of RPC-794. In this area, the normal laws of physics will cease to function properly, causing: objects to defy gravity, accelerate or decelerate times in certain areas, the creation of high gravity spots in certain corridors, and areas of high/loew coherency to appear. This is theorized to be caused by the destruction of RPC-███ and the subsequent release of its anomalous effects mixed with the high amounts of radiation and other anomalous materials found in RPC-794. No personnel are allowed within this area. All those who enter are to be considered dead or lost.
RPC-794-7 RPC-794-7 is a series of visual and auditory hallucinations occurring in the 100m radius of RPC-794. Said hallucinations will lead the affected individual towards RPC-794. These hallucinations range from faraway voices to visual manifestations of personnel lost in the explosion. Witnesses have reported said hallucinations to be calling for help. While it is theorized that this is a subproduct of RPC-794-4, lack of testing makes this theory hard to proof. Should any personnel find themselves within RPC-794's 100m radius, the use of Scintillation detectors is crucial to find a way out of the zone. No other form of navigation aside from this is recommended, no auditory or visual cues are to be used for navigation. Should one find themselves lost without a Scintillation detector, all Class-S hazmat suits come equipped with a termination button, which will release a neurotoxin inside the helmet, resulting in a painless death in less than 30 seconds.



The following transcript in its entirety is restricted to Class-4R personnel and above only, and it is to remain on a need to know basis. Personnel involved with the Paradise Project are to be given Class-0 affiliation clearance. The following documents are stricly for Class-4R and above, eyes only; any personnel found sharing the following information with external sources will be immediatly captured for interrogation and terminated.

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