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Registered Phenomena Code: 793

Object Class: Beta-Red Gamma-Purple

Hazard Types: Corrosive Hazard, Tychokinetic Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: OL-Site-793 has been set up at the location of RPC-793 with MST-Echo-11 "Securities" assigned to guard it with MST-November-7 "Hammer The Gamma" serving as back-up during a containment breach. No one is allowed to enter the area affected by RPC-793 and all civilians and personnel who enter approaches the area should be warned off. Any creatures including Authority personnel spotted within the area affected by RPC-793 are considered expendable and is to be terminated immediately. Currently, no attempts at removing RPC-793 from its current placement has been approved and efforts are to be directed at further isolation of the anomaly from any human populations1. RPC-793 is currently missing/uncontained and MST-Echo-8 "Plague Doctors" is tasked with finding out it's location, if located, MST-November-7 "Hammer The Gamma" will be deploy to assist in recontainment and termination of the anomaly if it is deemed necessary. Current beliefs are that RPC-793 is at the hands of a GOI, although which one is in possession of the anomaly is not known, MST-Echo-8 are to be on the look-out for groups such as The Church of Malthus and raids are to be preformed at warehouses formerly possessed by the now defunct2 APAS3. If found, Protocol-793R shall be initiated, an on-location site will then be established around RPC-793 using CSD-personnel to map out the influence zone of RPC-793 that serves as guideline for the construction of the site.

Description: RPC-793 is the skeletal remains of a Delphinapterus leucas4 possessing several biological deviations from its own species including but not limited to: a much more developed set of forelimbs as well as the inclusion of hindlimbs, a larger body length5, and █████████ features6. In addition, chemical elements have also been found all over RPC-7937 which are theorised to be controlled by RPC-793's consciousness and can be multiple, these elements would form into a chemical compound that serves as a defensive mechanism when RPC-793 is under attack.

RPC-793's most dangerous anomalous property comes in the form of a 10m field radius, any objects or person within this field will begin to have drastic change:

  • Voltages within circuitries of electronics increased dramatically, often causing short circuits and injuries caused either by fire or electricity.
  • Vehicles begin to move on their own, often in ways that would cause harm to people around it8.
  • Vocalisation form audio devices which is akin to roarings from an unidentified creature.
  • The desire to bring RPC-793 to populated areas.
  • Spontaneous combustion of flammable material with 14% of occurrence.
  • Structural failure in buildings with 8% of occurrence.
  • Biological mutation in creatures and organism.
  • Decreased healing speed of biological tissues.
  • Increased lethality and sped up development of diseases
  • Increased aggression to all biological organism within immediate surrounding9.

Through Incident-P793D, it was discovered ████ ███-███ ██ ████████ █████ ███ ██ ███████ ██ ████████████ ███ ███████ ███ [REDACTED].

Discovery: The exact origin of RPC-793 is unknown, however, it came to the Authority's attention on 26/07/20██, where it was being displayed at a natural museum in █████ ██████████, ██████. At that time the museum was closed due to continuous of people trying to gain access to the building and fighting amongst people which damages many properties within the building. on 31/07/20██, Authority agents was sent into the building for containment of possible anomaly, for further details please refer to Recovery Log.

Recovery Log: MST-Delta-5 "Garcas" were sent in for possible anomalous activities within the building, upon entering into the area affected by RPC-793 2 of the members opened fire at the rest of the team, during the fight RPC-793 was loaded into an Authority vehicles by 4 of the members of MST-Delta-5 with the intention of bringing it to a nearby cities before MST commander kills the 4 members and proceed to drive the anomaly away from the city as far as possible. At some point, the vehicle began to corrode from various acid caused by RPC-793, RPC-793 eventually was placed in its current location after commander ██████ crashed the vehicle into a cliffside, based on the conversations between commander ██████ and team lead ██████████ a general understanding of RPC-793 was established and MST-November-7 "Hammer The Gamma" and MST-Echo-11 "Securities" were sent in and told to stand by and prevent any person from approaching the anomaly, after establishment of containment protocol and Site-793 RPC-793 was declared contained on 03/08/20██.

Proposal-793D: Due to the dangers and indestructible nature of RPC-793, a plan was set up in the Site-793: explosive charges are to be set up and detonate after the evacuation of all personnel assigned to Site-793, while RPC-793's manipulation of chemicals will shield it from the blast the structure beneath the anomaly will crumbles, sinking and buried the anomaly. Proposal has been approved and would be carried out on ██/10/20██

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