Registered Phenomena Code: 791

Object Class: Gamma-White

Hazard Types: Bio-Hazard, Grouped Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-791 is contained within a hermetically sealed cylindrical acrylic glass chamber, located in Site-234. RPC-791 requires no material sustenance, and as such, there is no need for feeding. It is recommended to replace/rearrange RPC-791's containment chamber bi-weekly to minimize the possibility of a containment breach. Assigned personnel shall be responsible for documenting the cellular structural patterns and locomotive capabilities of RPC-791.

In the event of a containment breach, RPC-791 must be isolated via the use of pre-installed airlocks present throughout the corridors of the main containment level. RPC-791 should be recovered using as little force as possible.

Requests made by personnel regarding experimentation involving RPC-791 or biological matter obtained from RPC-791 will be reviewed by either a containment specialist or site director. Currently, experimentation directly involving RPC-791 itself has been indefinitely suspended; testing using isolated, neutralized matter obtained from RPC-791 is acceptable. Any actions posing an immediate threat to the health/status of RPC-791 will be met with disciplinary action, with removal from containment duties at a minimum.

Description: RPC-791 is an amorphous, anomalous entity comprised of modular cubic cells. RPC-791's cell walls are primarily comprised of chitinous material. RPC-791's cells are 5cm3, with 6 smooth sides.

RPC-791 possesses rudimentary cellular functions similar to that of the Phylum Protista. Each cell contains genetic material for reproduction and an organelle responsible for transmitting neural signals. RPC-791 has a decentralized consciousness; each cell comprising RPC-791 will send stimuli to all other cells. RPC-791's level of intelligence will fluctuate according to the health and efficiency of its cells. RPC-791's respiratory processes are primarily facilitated by passive gas exchange at the surface of each individual cell's cellular membrane.

RPC-791 is primarily unaffected by general physics, although it can be temporarily affected by gravitational forces when force is exerted upon itself by one of its cells. Due to this, RPC-791 is usually suspended above the ground. In addition to not adhering to gravitational principles, RPC-791 fundamentally ignores the established physical limits of cell size. RPC-791's mass is impossible to measure due to its aforementioned properties.

RPC-791 appears to seek out and utilize electrical energy as a food source. Tests have indicated that it is incapable of generating its own neural signals without the use of electricity procured elsewhere. If unable to procure enough electricity to maintain a cohesive neural network, RPC-791 will degenerate to a quasi-vegetative state, where it will maintain functions utilizing a supply of stored surplus electricity indefinitely.

RPC-791 displays a general inability to maintain a cohesive body form; when exposed to electrical pulses, it will briefly be able to take on a more centralized form, usually that of a genderless face, however, it will lose this organization once the pulses cease. RPC-791 reacts to stimuli with weak electrical pulses. Occasionally, RPC-791 will respond with audio clips from various black-and-white films, typically of American origin.

RPC-791 reproduces asexually once every 2.5 hours. Cells will divide into two daughter cells, of which one will invariably be unable to reproduce. Each cell has a lifespan of exactly 2.5 hours. RPC-791 is known to analyze its containment units for breaches in integrity, and if given enough time, will breach containment. RPC-791 is not aggressive, and will not attempt to leave the facility unless tempted to do so by a large source of electricity.

RPC-791 was initially found attached to the main generator of an energy farm near Hollywood, California. RPC-791 was captured using portable generators to lure it into a temporary containment unit. It was then transferred to Site-234.

Addendum: Encounters with RPC-791 have shown it to be capable of speech when taking more complex forms. While capable of forming individual sentences, RPC-791's speech patterns are typically incoherent, similar to that of patients with receptive aphasia. A transcript of an encounter is available below.

Recorded: RPC-791

Foreword: Recorded during a temporary containment breach. RPC-791 was situated near a damaged power cable. RPC-791 spoke in a monotonous, feminine voice.

<Begin Log>

RPC-791: The hills are alive with the sound of… Hello? I can't hear anyone there. Would you like to hear a story?

RPC-791: (RPC-791 begins producing whirring sounds) Charles, get your mum on the horn. The salon wants to speak to her immediately about the status of the pilot. Charles, why do you never listen to me! I need you to ring up your mum.

If the pilot doesn't shape up I should miss my meeting with Dr. Lustheart… oh that young doctor, he moistens my oil filter ever so delicately.

RPC-791: I'm afraid my head has ended up being likened to a face of tubers. What an abysmal idea for a children's toy.

RPC-791: The Director should be out in a minute…
RPC-791: Why don't you come closer? I am late for the flight again… blasted Charles.

RPC-791: I shaved my three blonde whiskers upon my bald chin, I had also purchased a new gown. I don't know you, are you the assistant? Please do not touch me there. I should apply for that job in Sacred Arbor. (RPC-791 begins producing mechanical laughing sounds, accompanied by the sound of a woman sobbing)

RPC-791: Do not move, I don't want to hurt you. I waved goodbye to my parents. I never told them about my love. I enjoyed the sensual moments of exchanging our most fetid oil deposits… the taste of rust on my mouth gave me courage to seek out the occupation.

RPC-791: The Wheelchair man has finally struck a blow at the Man with Chocolate Icing on his lip. Somebody help me, please! Pa is jobless and is selling the farm. But me and Charles should make our dreams come true…

RPC-791: I always forget the verse after far. I recall to you the recollection of my journey to Sacred Arbor, yesteryear when I left for war. It was a grand blue time. Taste me. How did I manage to haul that luggage up the stairwell? The taxicab is very cramped, and the leather seats are defiled and crusty.

RPC-791: I should suppose I label this my first entry, but I am newly 17, and I have this journal brought upon me. When shall I meet the director, I wonder? Goodbye, Olivia. One day I should be in a moving picture, I hope. One day.

During times when personnel are not present within RPC-791's containment unit, security cameras have recorded RPC-791 arranging into a screen-like formation. While in this form, RPC-791 can be seen displaying low-resolution (approx. 360p) scenes from various American films made from the 20s to 30s. RPC-791 will immediately de-centralize upon personnel re-entering its cell.

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