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RPC-787, as seen following decommission.


Registered Phenomena Code: 787

Object Class: Beta-Purple Neutralized

Hazard Types: Transmutation Hazard, Mechanical Hazard

Updated Containment Protocols: Due to the current nature of RPC-787, containment protocols are unnecessary. In the unlikely event anomalous properties are exhibited, please report to the Site Director immediately.

Description: RPC-787 is the designation given to an anomalous version of a prototype Authority ArcOS Admin Command System built in November of 2002. The Authority ArcOS Admin Command System was constructed as a means of allowing easier accessing and altering of Authority files by Level-5 personnel and immediate containment protocol installment in the event of a containment breach. Easier access to Authority files was accomplished by installing the command system on all operating devices used by Level 5 personnel currently running on ArcOS, and through the implantation of an ontological1 chip in the thalamus2 of all registered personnel. In the event of a containment breach or necessary update, all registered personnel would receive notice and be allowed to enact emergency commands based on the general consensus of the Global Director Council. The chip would serve as an immediate quorum in which all registered members would "tune in" to a board meeting and decide the appropriate course of action.

The anomalous properties of RPC-787 stem from its ability to alter files and enact changes with no human input in manners both beneficial and detrimental (See Document.01 for further information.). RPC-787 is able to alter the containment protocols, hazard types, and descriptions of any files available on the Arc operating system. Once altered by RPC-787, all new inputs would manifest and remain in the new form for the duration of RPC-787's effect. All recorded alterations have currently spanned anywhere from 12 seconds to 5 days. RPC-787 was able to alter cognitohazardous effects, physical, chemical and biological properties, and reality baselines depending on the file altered. How RPC-787 was able to alter the files with no contact to mainlist severs is currently unknown; however, it is hypothesized that RPC-787 was able to access servers by emitting radiowaves within an anomalous frequency range of ███ to ███ GHz.

On 12/02/2004, a vote to decommission the Authority ArcOS Admin Command System was passed and the prototype Arc operating system was shutdown for potential improved methods in file management. Upon the decommissioning of the ArcOS Admin Command System, RPC-787 ceased to function in which a general consensus to reclassify as Neutralized was passed. All affected anomalies have since returned to their original state and no further changes have been observed.

The motives of RPC-787's effect on the Authority files are currently unknown. Due to the randomness and both beneficial and detrimental properties of RPC-787 on Authority efforts, its motives or possible sapience cannot be determined. It is currently not known whether RPC-787 seeks to gain control of Authority files; however, it is hypothesized RPC-787's effect is completely random and displays no patterns of alteration or exterior motives.

Although RPC-787 was able to enact random quorum notifications, there were no recorded events in which registered users were called upon.

Addendum 787.1: Records of Altered Files

Addendum 787.2: Level-5 Clearance Only
The following is a .exe file found within the main hardrive which RPC-787 affected. It was found following the change of RPC-787's object class from Beta-Purple to Neutralized. It is currently unknown if this was a byproduct of the influx of files from the main list or the product of RPC-787's sapience.

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