Registered Phenomena Code: 784

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Transmutation


Photograph of The Memoirs of Elizabeth Báthory from an auction in 2011.

Containment Protocols: RPC-784 is to be stored in an Alpha-class storage locker in an undisclosed location. No personnel are allowed to access its contents under any circumstance. The location of the original manuscript of The Memoirs of Elizabeth Báthory can only be disclosed to the one bearing Level 4-784 access.

Individuals under the influence of RPC-784 are to be reported to MST Tango-99 "Calling Your Bluff". Further information regarding neutralization is restricted to Tango-99 personnel.

Description: RPC-784 is a leather-bound book titled The Memoirs of Elizabeth Báthory, believed to be authored by the late Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed, a noblewoman in Hungary and supposed serial killer.

RPC-784 itself is non-anomalous in composition. However, it features a currently unidentified memetic element that causes the skin of the beholder to carry anomalous properties that, when consumed by a pregnant woman, imprints the child with the memories, personality, and some physical characteristics of the affected.

The specifics of this process have not been fully recorded, as testing with RPC-784 is prohibited.

Addendum 1: Discovery

RPC-782 was first brought to the attention of the Auctoritas in 1795, when a French noblewoman spoke to police officials about her husband's ritual practices on their daughter. The police investigation soon led to Auctoritas intervention through agents in the French police. However, due to the National Convention's expulsion of all Auctoritas personnel from French territory, there could be no official involvement.

Nonetheless, Auctoritas member Chantae Benwurst accompanied local police as they broke into the residence of a "Mr. Thorzo", who was found lying dead on a balcony, holding the child. Benwurst was able to acquire RPC-784 before it was seized as evidence and fled the scene. Police transferred the child to a local orphanage. RPC-784 was contained within a now-defunct site within the Kingdom of Austria-Hungary, but in the aftermath of the First World War, the anomaly and the site were lost.

In 2011, RPC-784 was located at a private auction house in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was acquired for ███,███ from Welkard and Farenight, a discontinued book dealer based in Swansea, United Kingdom. Since its acquisition by the RPC Authority, RPC-784 has been in the possession of [REDACTED].

Addendum 2: Excerpt from the Testimony of Ildiko Hunor, Servant of House Báthory

Addendum 3: Excerpts from RPC-784

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