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Registered Phenomena Code: 781

Object Class: Omega-Red (Neutralized)

Hazard Types: Transmutation


Photograph attached to the original RPC-781 document. Context unknown. Artifacts suggest the usage of Janus Somatic Photography to produce the image.

Containment Protocols: As the anomaly has not manifested in 18 years, RPC-781 has been reclassified as Neutralized. Refer to archived containment protocols in the event of reemergence.

Description: RPC-781 was a phenomenon localized within the continental boundaries of the US state of Florida. Between the years 1891 to 2002, human males between the ages of 19 to 24 would dematerialize over a varied period of time. The anomaly did not appear to spread through any conventional vector.

The dissipation was on a molecular level, and the rate at which it consumed the body accelerated at random. An instance might take approximately a month to take the hand, but thereafter remove the entire torso in a week. The phenomenon would also "break out" across the body over time, increasing the spread from the original source of the condition.

Despite organ failure and eventual disintegration of the brain, instances would remain alive, aware, and capable of locomotion with what remained of their body. Non-anomalous sources of damage (i.e. disease, gunshot wounds, et cetera) were likewise incapable of incapacitating the victim once infected, only accelerating the progression of the anomaly as the body was destroyed.

RPC-781 had affected 102 individuals in total. Most infections (9) occurred in the year 1991, one of which was Doctor Mark Rhodes, an employee of Site-305. Doctor Rhodes was the first of ██ personnel stationed at Site-305 to be afflicted with RPC-781.

Since an instance of RPC-781 has not been reported in 18 years, it is considered Inactive and containment protocols have been archived.

Addendum 1: Discovery

Addendum 2: Doctor Mark Rhodes

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