Entrance of RPC-7801

Registered Phenomena Code: 780

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Sensory Hazard, Emotional Hazard, Mind-Control Hazard, Visual Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-780 is located on the Coordinates of "N 23° 19' 58.1218" E 120° 55' 49.3893" (After Incident-780-1 an immediate perimeter is to be set up wherever RPC-780 manifests.) in the Yushan National Park in Taiwan. A one kilometer square perimeter will be maintained by MST-Charlie-9 (Countryside Hypocrites) around RPC-780 area of manifestation. When RPC-780 manifests, agents must avoid looking at the entrance if possible. To prevent this a wall has been commissioned to be built around RPC-780. Personnel are advised to be on the lookout for a dark-hooded entity situated at the entrance of RPC-780.

Description: RPC-780 is a wooden bridge that appears around the times of 00:00 - 2:15 CST. The bridge itself will appear over an empty ravine located in the Yushan National Park. The bridge appears to be made from a type of wood called Limba, mostly endemic to Africa. As of now, no end point has been reached in RPC-780.

The farthest a person has managed to travel on the bridge of RPC-780 in a straight direction is ███m. The bottom of RPC-780 is unknown as it slopes down and grows more steep the further it goes.

When stepping upon the bridge of RPC-780, light sources fail; matches and lanterns burn out, glow sticks dim, and torches fail. Light sources such as flash lights, phone lights, UV lights and LED lights are all fully functional.

RPC-780's anomalous effects begin when a subject looks towards the entrance of RPC-780 for several seconds. This initially manifests as a sense of fear and panic. Mostly the speeding up of a persons heartbeat. Photographs and replicated imagery of the entrance does not trigger this effect

During testing CSD personnel frequently report distant screaming after 10 minutes of walking. The screaming sounds feminine and appears to be in distress. The screaming continues until CSD personnel reaches 40 minutes of walking. After 40 minutes the screaming will stop.

At 2:15 CST RPC-780 demanifests and any personnel or equipment within the anomaly disappears. Video equipment and radios after demanifestation will begin to lose signal.

Deeper travels into RPC-780 causes intensifying distress towards the subject. Effects include:

Time Elapsed Anomalous Effects
Walking for 5 minutes Hyperventilation
Walking for 10 minutes Scratching of the face and the arms
Walking for 20 minutes Thoughts of self-harm and suicide, uncontrollable crying
Walking for 30 minutes More intense scratching of the face and arms, difficulty to talk
Walking for 40 minutes Scratching until bleeding of the face and arms
Walking for 50 minutes The walker begins profusely begging for help or death.
Walking for 60 minutes Person will attempt to gouge out eyes their eyes with fingers and deafen themselves
Walking for 70 minutes Person will ████ ████ ████████

RPC-███ was sent into RPC-780 and appeared immune anomalous to its effects. RPC-███ was then sent out of RPC-780 before its demanifestation. Researchers with Level 4 Clearance and above are authorized to perform tests on RPC-780.

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