Registered Phenomena Code: 779

Containment Class: Beta

Lethality Rating: Orange
h-sentient.png Sentient h-emotional.png Emotional

Containment Protocols: The main bridge heading towards ████████, Oregon is to be restricted from public use and a new one has been constructed 17.7 km west of the initial area. No personnel under level 3 security clearance are to have access to RPC-779-1.

Personnel are not to attempt to remove RPC-779-1 from its current position in order to prevent becoming an RPC-779-2 instance. RPC-779-2 instances that have been prevented from committing suicide are to be given psychiatric care until they have fully recovered.

Description: RPC-779-1 is a human male of slim build found on a bridge located south from ████████, Oregon.1 His identity has been confirmed to be 19-year-old Markus Boyles2 according to the wallet found in its possession. The wallet belonging to RPC-779-1 only contains a state identification card, $4 USD, a receipt for flowers, and a photo of a woman's face scratched out.3 Its current apparel includes a grey jacket, a pair of blue jeans, and white sneakers. Communication with RPC-779-1 is not possible as it does not respond to any personnel. RPC-779-1 is seen in a constant posture of slouching over, resting their fore arms on its lap and dangling its legs.

Subjects forcefully moving RPC-779-1 to safety will be met with a feeling of regret and anxiety, from here on afterward the subject is designated RPC-779-2. RPC-779-2 instances will be compelled to jump off of the bridge, though the effect will fade if they are prevented from doing so by outside intervention. Regardless of whether the instance commits suicide or not, RPC-779-1 will immediately stand up and return to their position prior to being removed from the ledge.

Addendum 779.1: During further research, it was discovered that Ms. Fetching was one of the 3 victims involved in an apparent homicide which occured on May 29th, 2015 in a home on █████ Ave. in ████████, Oregon. It has been assumed that RPC-779-1 is in its current location due to a state of grief for Ms. Fetching.

Addendum 779.2: Recent police reports have revealed the physical appearance of the suspect involved with the aforementioned homicide via security tapes of a home across from the crime scene. CCTV cameras had revealed a male figure leaving the home in which the homicide had taken place. The description of said suspect is identical to the clothing worn by RPC-779-1. The weapon used in the crime was a Beretta 92 pistol.

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