Alpha-Purple.png Alpha-Purple Registered Phenomena Code: 778

Object Class: Alpha-Purple
Responsible Departments: Engineering.png Department of
Physics.png Department of
Robotics.png Department of

Hazard Types: h-aggression.png Aggression Hazard h-ballistic.png Ballistic Hazard h-grouped.png Grouped Hazard h-incorporeal.png Incorporeal Hazard h-mechanical.png Mechanical Hazard h-sentient.png Sentient Hazard h-electric.png Electric Hazard h-teleportation.png Teleportation Hazard


Containment Protocols: RPC-778-A is to be stored within a high-value object storage locker located in the Site-105's armory. Experimentation with RPC-778, of any kind, requires the lead researcher to file the request to the acting site director at least two months in advance.

Due to the nature of RPC-778, the use of RPC-778-B may be authorized by the acting security director of Site-105 in the event of a containment breach. Additionally, in the event of complete containment failure, or an overwhelming assault by a hostile force, RPC-778-B may be used freely by any on-site personnel without repercussions.

Note that the use of RPC-778-B should only be considered as a last resort. And the usage of RPC-778-B outside of these circumstances will result in the termination of the offender’s employment with the Authority.

Description: RPC-778 is the designation given to 2 anomalous objects and 1 entity; RPC-778-A is a 34cm x 11cm x 23cm mechanical box and the logo of the Group of Interest "The Array" can be seen on the top of RPC-778-A. 8 grenades possessing a metallic hue, designated RPC-778-B, can be found within RPC-778-A. In the event of one or all RPC-778-B instances being removed from the box and used, they will re-appear after a period of 50 hours.

RPC-778-B's weight is less than an average grenade1Studies taken from the remnants show that the material reassembles Titanium Aluminide. RPC-778 doesn’t have a safety pin or any standard method of activation like a normal grenade. Instead, 2 buttons are located on each side of RPC-778-B instances. When clicked, the object's anomalous properties activate.

When the 2 buttons are pressed, a 5-second countdown will begin, where RPC-778-B will start to crack and emit black smoke. Once the timer ends RPC-778-B will explode in a manner similar to low yield fragmentation grenades and will release large quantities of the black smoke.



Once the black smoke dissipates, RPC-778-2 will manifest where RPC-778-B detonated. RPC-778-2 entities are sentient electrical beings with humanoid shapes. RPC-778-2 instances are hostile and will try to attack any complex carbon-based life form, discharging electricity of 50 amps directly into the target's head. They will also attempt to multiply if the situation they are in demands it, creating up to 2 copies of the original RPC-778-2 instance.

RPC-778-2 instances have a lifespan of 3 hours which can be extended up to 10 hours should the RPC-778-2 instance have access to a power source. In the time RPC-778-B is alive it will patrol a perimeter of 14280 m2 centred at the point where RPC-778-B had detonated and protects it while exterminating all organic life that posses a threat to the surroundings. If any electronic data-storage devices are around the area of effect, RPC-778-2 will access them and send the information stored within them to members of The Array.

Nearing the end of its life-cycle, RPC-778-2 will search for any electronic devices that have radio-transmitters/receptors and sent themselves to an unknown destination theorized to be the headquarter of The Array. If no such device were found or RPC-778-2 did not absorb any information, RPC-778 will start to lose heat untill vanishing into the atmosphere.


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