Registered Phenomena Code: 775

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Aquatic Hazard, Ballistic Hazard, Mechanical Hazard, Organic Hazard, Toxic Hazard

Containment Protocols: The Monterey Submarine Canyon seafloor is to be designated OL-Site-775. Study and exploration of this region should be limited strictly to the Authority or other parties authorized to conduct such investigations. Should RPC-775 ever attempt to leave the area or otherwise exit the jurisdiction of OL-Site-775, redirecting RPC-775 back into the monitored region should be undertaken promptly. Should RPC-775 succeed in leaving the region, it should be subdued and relocated back into the area. If that is not possible, it is to be relocated to Site-095 and temporarily contained within the Site's Deep Storage.

When testing is being conducted upon or around RPC-775, a crew of three members of MST-Alpha-02 (Maritime Praesidio Subvehi) is to be dispatched with 6 hours of oxygen minimum, and attempt to board RPC-775. Caution is to be taken when entering and exiting RPC-775 as it is fully autonomous in this state and is hostile.

Description: RPC-775 appears to be a snail of the Family Conidae exhibiting extreme traits of gigantism. RPC-775 measures approximately 190 meters in length and weighs upwards of 50000 tons. Similar to non-anomalous cone snails, RPC-775 possesses potent venom. It is capable of injecting much more toxins than its smaller relatives. Unlike non-anomalous cone snails, the harpoon structure possessed by RPC-775 takes the form of a man-made harpoon gun, increasing the physical damage dealt by RPC-775 by a considerable amount, to the extent that the venom rarely takes effect before RPC-775's target expires. RPC-775 has been reported to feed on a multitude of large marine mammals, large cephalopods, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. RPC-775 has utilized a nuclear submarine in place of a shell. The submarine itself does not appear to possess any anomalous properties.

If any human enters the submarine, RPC-775 will cease all activity. Despite being filled with water, all of the submarine's systems, including the lights, are fully operational. The vessel's reactor appears to be a bioreactor rather than a nuclear reactor, and is directly connected to the digestive tract of RPC-775. In addition, rather than piloting the submarine, the controls will instead affect RPC-775, allowing full control over its movement and its weapons system. RPC-775's venom stores do not appear to be located within the submarine. It is also possible to direct RPC-775 to retract into its "shell", however this results in [REDACTED], allowing RPC-775 to resume autonomous function.

RPC-775 has never been reported to exit the Monterey Submarine Canyon. It however exhibits aggressive behavior towards humans or human-operated vessels in the region without provocation. It has been documented to attack and sink ships on the surface above it. It does this despite the little to no nutritional value of these activities, something it does not do to native organisms or [REDACTED].

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