Registered Phenomena Code: 773

Containment Rating: Beta

Lethality Rating: Yellow
h-sentient.png Sentient h-corrosive.png Corrosive h-aquatic.png Aquatic h-organic.png Organic

Containment Protocols: RPC-773 is to be kept within a standard amphibious containment chamber located at Site-047. Medical checkups on RPC-773 must be completed daily to ensure its continued medical health.

The chamber in which RPC-773 is held is to have multiple warm rocks of various sizes and a small pond in order for RPC-773 to maintain a healthy body temperature between 23.8oC and 29.4oC. The chamber must also contain a sleeping area for RPC-773 composed of various kinds of leaves and other suitable material. RPC-773’s bodily temperature is to be monitored and any major divergences corrected by relocation to a temporary containment chamber of higher or lower temperature to assist in maintaining homeostasis.

RPC-773 is to be fed at 10:00 AM and 8:00 PM. Daily meals should consist of 9kg of fish. If RPC-773 were to become ill, the meat provided must be heated to approximately 26.6oC. RPC-773 must not be fed any foods containing garlic.

Personnel coming into contact with RPC-773 must wear level A personal protective equipment in order to prevent any acidic burns from RPC-773's saliva. In case of injury, the person in question must be treated for third-degree burns immediately before the substance continues to spread.

Any personnel found abusing RPC-773 must be apprehended and punished accordingly. Ill personnel are not permitted to enter RPC-773's chamber at any time until they have fully recovered. Personnel requesting to spend time with RPC-773 must gain permission from RPC-773 overseer Dr. Wilson. As of 8/██/20██, No one is permitted to spend more than an hour with RPC-773 to prevent it from becoming too attached to said person.

Description: This designation is given to a short creature with a slim body covered in scales similar to an Iguanidae1 and are grayish in coloration. RPC-773 appears to have a mild case of malnutrition and bears very little muscle mass. RPC-773 is measured to be precisely 76.2cm in height, 73.1cm in length (excluding the tail), and weighing approximately 44.1kg. Although unable to speak, it has been seen attempting to communicate with Authority personnel using slurred speech similar to that of the fictional character Gizmo from the 1984 movie Gremlins. It is capable of understanding the English language but has been observed to have functional illiteracy.

RPC-773's slim tail measures approximately 42.6cm in length and 1.42cm in width. RPC-773 bears the head of a female human and its arms and legs appear similar to that of a gremlin from the movie Gremlins. The mouth of RPC-773 is filled with incisors similar to those of the Sphyrnidae,2 and the eyes are noted to be closer to the temples making them more spread apart from each other. Oddly enough, the nose is the only facial feature that remains human-like. RPC-773 bears short bleached hair that extends downward to the creature's shoulders.

It has been noted to be non-hostile towards staff and other humanoids and has also been observed to behave in a similar manner to a domestic canine, although the entity enthusiastically participates in tests, such as solving puzzles or drawing. RPC-773 will tend to be obedient towards personnel and will push its head at the person's hand as a type of motion for the person to pet RPC-773 on the head. When given this type of affection, RPC-773 will begin to salivate from its oral cavity an odd substance similar to acid, although, it does not seem to affect any types of solid matter besides human skin.

It has been observed that the immune system RPC-773 bears will become strengthened when given this type of affection and can also be strengthened when it consuming meat warmed to a temperature of 26.6oC. The immune system RPC-773 bears has been identified to be weak against most common diseases such as the Common cold, Influenza,3 and Escherichia coli.4 RPC-773 has been noted to be immune to dysentery and salmonella poisoning.

Its diet consists of multiple meats such as poultry, pork, beef, and fish, although it seems to prefer fish meat, especially salmon. Tests have shown that garlic can cause RPC-773 to develop a type of allergic reaction. RPC-773's nasal cavity was examined to become heavily congested, during this it will become tougher for the entity to swallow any other foods it was provided, along with this, its body temperature will drop to 19.7oC, during this, RPC-773 has also been seen to experience fatigue causing it to sleep more often. These effects have been noted to last for various days depending on the amount of garlic RPC-773 has consumed.

Observation of RPC-773 has shown that it is capable of holding its breath underwater for long periods of time, similar to frogs, specifically around 30 to 35 minutes before reaching the surface so as not to drown. RPC-773 will tend to enter water in order to re-hydrate itself and to hunt for food.

Date: 6/██/20██
Subject: RPC-773
Procedure: Dr. Pierce provided RPC-773 with a small wooden table with multiple shapes carved out of it and a small bag of wooden shapes. Dr. Pierce demonstrated to RPC-773 what it must do by placing a wooden cube through the square shaped hole.
Details: RPC-773 was capable of placing all shapes through the square hole including the spherical and triangular shape. RPC-773 seems to have an odd yet somewhat smart way of solving certain puzzles.

Note from Dr. Wilson

RPC-773 seems to have grown an attachment to Dr. Pierce and refuses to do any tests unless it is with Dr. Pierce. From now on no one else is allowed to stay with RPC-773 for extended amounts of time.

Addendum 773.1: Staff have come up with a possible solution in order for other researchers other than Dr. Pierce to test with RPC-773. There is a possibility since RPC-773 trusts Dr. Pierce the most, perhaps he can help RPC-773 grow a type of trust to other researchers as well, although not too much as to prevent attachment.

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