Bad Influence





RPC-772, aged 18.


Registered Phenomena Code: 772

Object Class: Neutralized

Hazard Types: Tychokinetic, Sapient

Containment Protocols: RPC-772 is to be kept in HCC-1101 within the Humanoid Containment Wing of Site-039, Sindo, South Korea.

Due to the nature of RPC-772's capabilities, it is to be strictly limited to three meals per day consisting solely of vegan-diet foods. At no time may RPC-772 be served meat of any kind; RPC-772 may derive its protein intake from meat alternatives.

RPC-772 is also to be forced to use its tychokinetic capabilities every week to "deplete" its fuel supply.

As of July 9, 2010, RPC-772 has been confirmed to be neutralized.

Description: RPC-772 was a 22-year-old male human reality-bender of Korean descent identified as Park Jong-hun. Born on July 3, 1988, in Suwon, South Korea, RPC-772 resided in its hometown up until it entered Authority custody on September 30, 2009. RPC-772's height was measured at 173 centimeters, with its mass at 57 kilograms.

Throughout its lifetime, RPC-772 exhibited highly effective tychokinetic properties capable of inducing alterations with wide-scale effects. Additionally, RPC-772 demonstrated the ability to manifest highly improbable events and make significant alterations that influenced important decisions or events, ex. influencing South Korean politics. The usage of its tychokinetic properties would also cause it to lose "fuel."

RPC-772's tychokinetic influence was solely fueled by the consumption of organic matter, though the amount of "fuel" given to RPC-772 was dependent on the type of organic matter and the amount consumed. Below is a ranking of organic matter according to the amount by which they fueled RPC-772's influence, from least to greatest.

i. Plant Produce
Fruits, vegetables, seeds. Provided RPC-772 with minimal amounts.

ii. Animal Products
Animal products that are separate from animals themselves; eggs, milk, etc.

iii. Animal Products cont.
Components of animals; muscle, fat, etc.

Societal norms regarding what is appropriate to consume were as well a factor in the amount of fuel given; organic matter that is considered to be "inappropriate" to consume by the South Korean population would provide RPC-772 with a considerable amount of fuel. This may include parts of animals that are considered taboo to consume.

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