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Registered Phenomena Code: 771

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard | Sapient Hazard | Regenerative Hazard | Extreme Temperature Hazard | Grouped Hazard


Image obtained by a civilian, capturing footage of RPC-771 patrolling the streets of Eureka during an RPC-771-1 event.

Containment Protocols: The blast zone surrounding Site-014 is to be monitored for any manifestation of RPC-771-1 events. In an RPC-771-1 event, MST-Charlie-07 "Rescue Rangers"1 are to be sent to capture or terminate any instances of RPC-771, with the top priority being to terminate all instances of RPC-771. All civilians within a 50km radius of the blast zone area are to be evacuated as per Site-014 detonation protocol. Additionally, any civilians with knowledge of RPC-771's existence are to be administered with Class-A Amnestics, and any evidence of RPC-771 sightings is to be censored and/or confiscated.

Contained instances of RPC-771 are to be kept at Installation-002-09, within a containment chamber capable of withstanding over 482° Celsius. Each instance of RPC-771 is to be contained in separate containment chambers. Two (2) ASF units are to be stationed at the entrance of each containment chamber containing RPC-771, and all ASF units working with RPC-771 is to be equipped with MST-Charlie-07 "Rescue Rangers" apparel. Any reference to the identity of each instance of RPC-771 is to be reported and delivered to Col. Johnathan Marquis.

Description: RPC-771 is a group of twenty (20) anomalous beings that manifest themselves in the Northern Nevada area, around the now destroyed Site-014.2 RPC-771 instances are seen clothed in the attire formally worn by MST-Tango-07 "Toxic Crusaders"3, who were stationed at Site-014 during the Fail-Safe incident. Each instance of RPC-771 has equipment including but not limited to a Military Grade Gas Mask with detachable helmet, a Military Grade fire retardant coat, a Military Grade Kevlar vest, a moisture-wicking t-shirt, fire retardant boots, fire retardant combat pants, fire retardant gloves, a Glock 19M, and a steel baton. Other instances have been observed with makeshift anti-riot shields, fire retardant vests4, M4 carbine rifles, and Benelli M4s. However, these instances appear to be rare. Despite RPC-771's equipment appearing to be the apparel worn by MST-Tango-07 "Toxic Crusaders", autopsy results present that pieces of apparel such as boots, pants, shirts, and kevlar vest appear to be melded with RPC-771, and act as a sort of skin for RPC-771.

Each instance of RPC-771 has the ability to manifest itself in the local communities surrounding Site-014. RPC-771, however, only manifests from one location to the next during an anomalous event, now referred to as RPC-771-15. During RPC-771-1, instances of RPC-771 will manifest themselves in a community surrounding Site-014 and will proceed to kill any humans that come into contact with the anomaly. RPC-771-1 events only appear to end when either all humans in the RPC-771-1 event area have been terminated, or when RPC-771 is incapable of terminating all individuals within the area.6 Following the end of RPC-771-1 events, all instances of RPC-771 will de-manifest from the area. However, instances that are deceased or incapacitated will not de-manifest from the area. It should be noted that even outside of the RPC-771-1 events, RPC-771 instances remain hostile to all human life.

An additional anomalous property of RPC-771 is its capability of creating a short burst of combustions within its hands and manipulating any source of fire, including its own, by currently unknown means. RPC-771 will often use this method for termination should an individual find themselves highly flammable or in a group where such a method of termination could be highly effective.

RPC-771 instances often present little to no reaction when presented with bodily harm, and will seemingly ignore any injuries. However, RPC-771 instances seem to present a reaction when their gas masks are damaged and will remain in a state of blindness should the eyes be damaged or incapacitated should the canister of the gas mask be destroyed. Despite this, significant damage must be presented to the gas mask in order for these effects to occur.7 RPC-771 can be terminated, however, this requires RPC-771 to lose approximately four (4) liters of blood in order to be neutralized. It should be noted RPC-771 instances will not manifest with injuries from previous RPC-771-1 events.

RPC-771 appears to have higher cognitive brain functions, however, any attempt to communicate with RPC-771 has failed. Despite not being able to produce vocalizations, RPC-771 instances utilize advanced tactics when attempting to neutralize human life within the RPC-771-1 area.8

Addendum-771-1: In addition to RPC-771 instances carrying MST-Tango-07 "Toxic Crusaders" equipment, it was discovered that RPC-771 carry access cards, and identification, from members of the "Toxic Crusaders". This is in addition to matching the body frame of said members and carrying paraphernalia worn by MST units including, scarfs, necklaces, charms, etc. It is currently unknown whether RPC-771 instances originate from MST units infected by an anomaly or are an anomaly in themselves. All recovered instances of RPC-771 and their equipment will be reported from this moment onward.

Discovery Log: RPC-771 was discovered during an evacuation protocol issued after the destruction of Site-014. MST-Charlie-07 "Rescue Rangers" was sent to the town of Eureka, Nevada in order to evacuate the local population. Upon arrival, MST-Charlie-07 "Rescue Rangers" found the town of Eureka almost devoid of life and establishments throughout the city being engulfed in fire. Following thorough investigations, Private ██████ made contact with an RPC-771 instance which he began to communicate to, assuming that RPC-771 was another MST unit. RPC-771 then proceeded to terminate Private ██████, and instigate a firefight with the remaining MST-Charlie-7 members. Six (6) minutes after the firefight instigation between MST-Charlie-7 and RPC-771 began, RPC-771 instances de-manifested from the area and left behind one terminated instance of RPC-771. The body of the terminated RPC-771 instance was then recovered for autopsy, and an investigation order on the anomaly was issued.

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