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RPC-770 in containment at Site-002.

Registered Phenomena Code: 770


Object Class:

Alpha - Yellow

Hazard Types:

h-contact.png Contact Hazardh-radiation.png Radiation Hazardh-transmutation.png Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols:

RPC-770 is currently stored within a 12m³ subterranean vault at Research Site-002. The vault's external walls are comprised of a 3m layer of concrete with an adjacent 1m steel frame. All interior surface areas of the vault, including floor and ceiling, are plated in a 2.5cm layer of 24 karat gold. Plated areas have also been painted with a 1.5cm layer of transparent polymer film for added reinforcement. All personnel entering the vault are required to wear specialized hazmat suits that have been reinforced with a similar layer of gold mesh. The interior of the vault is to be inspected on a bi-weekly basis to ensure that any visible defects are promptly addressed.

Due to the potential impact that a containment breach could have on the worldwide economy, the entrance to RPC-770's vault is to remain under a strict 24-hour watch. This includes a team of no less than eight (8) security personnel, including two (2) snipers and six (6) infantry units. Additionally, the interior of RPC-770's vault is to be monitored by a live CCTV feed. In the event that an external party succeeds in breaching the vault, Protocol-770-T ("Watery Grave") is to be immediately executed.


RPC-770 is an ellipsoidal chunk of metal standing at approximately 2.2m in height and 1.2m in width. Further research into the composition of RPC-770 has revealed that it is extremely dense, with a recorded weight of 146kg. Additional analysis of mineral samples taken from RPC-770 has also revealed that the majority of its mass appears to be comprised of pyrite1 along with a secondary unidentifiable metal.

RPC-770's anomalous properties manifest when it comes into contact with certain types of biological matter, primarily that of metazoan2 specimens. When such matter enters within a range of 11.5m from RPC-770's stationary location, RPC-770 will gradually begin to alter the matter's physical state until the specimen's entire composition has been converted into gold. This phenomenon appears to affect all forms of organic matter, including dermal tissue, hair fibers, blood, internal organs, and bone.

Initial symptoms manifest at approximately five (5) hours after exposure, with the process appearing to occur more rapidly at closer ranges. Symptoms include:

  • A notable increase in body temperature, to a point where the subject experiences severe diaphoresis.3
  • Nausea with an accompanying feeling of vertigo.
  • Skin discoloration in the form of a "golden" rash, which appears to spread rapidly in a manner similar to gangrene.4 During this stage, subjects will begin to lose their sense of touch.
  • Paralysis. This occurs after the rash has metastasized at least 80% of the subject's body.
  • Respiratory failure. This appears to be the final symptom which subsequently leads to the subject's expiration.

RPC-770's transmutation process appears to be irreversible once initiated. Affected subjects will continue to experience symptoms even after being removed from RPC-770's range of influence. Once a subject has been completely transmuted, all traces of biological matter cease to exist. Despite the potency of these effects, mineral samples taken from RPC-770 do not appear to retain any anomalous properties.

RPC-770's anomalous effects operate in a manner similar to radiation poisoning, with energy emissions capable of penetrating through most solid forms of matter. To date, the only known material capable of obstructing RPC-770's anomalous effects is gold with a purity of 99.9%.


RPC-770 first came to the Authority's attention in the summer of 2008 after an individual known as ████ ███, a popular travel blogger, uploaded several videos to his website which showcased a collection of "solid gold fish" that had washed up on the shores of Bridgetown, Barbados. ████ ███ also claimed that he had spotted what appeared to be a "huge ass whale made of gold" while snorkeling and intended to return at a later date with a professional crew in order to retrieve it.

This prompted Authority assets to launch a preliminary investigation which would ultimately lead to the discovery of RPC-770 several miles off the coast of Barbados. ████ ███ was subsequently taken into Authority custody for questioning before being treated with Class-A-2 Amnestics and released. Following his interrogation, ████ ███ was relieved of all the gold he had acquired during his time in Barbados and all known video recordings of the event were subsequently scrubbed from his website. Authority agents were successful in implementing a slander campaign which alleged that ████ ███ had uploaded the videos as part of an elaborate hoax to help raise tourist interest in Barbados.

MST-Alpha-2 ("Maritime Praesidio Subvehi") was then tasked with the retrieval of RPC-770. MST-Alpha-2 experienced approximately ██ casualties during initial retrieval efforts, with the extraction of RPC-770 finally completed through the use of unmanned submersible drones. During the extraction process, MST-Alpha-2 was also able to retrieve the remains of over ████ transmuted specimens. The most prominent of these include:

  • Seventy-three (73) starfish of various species
  • Two-hundred-ninety-five (295) small fish of various species
  • Twenty-one (21) great white sharks
  • Eleven (11) dolphins
  • Sixteen (16) sea turtles
  • Twenty-two (22) octopuses
  • One (1) sperm whale5
  • Three (3) unidentified6 human males

A Sony brand voice recorder was discovered alongside one of the human specimens. Analysis of the device found a series of (8) MP3 files recorded onto its internal memory.
See Addendum-770-1 for transcripts of each recording.




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