Registered Phenomena Code: 766

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-geological.png Geological h-sapient.png Sapient h-contact.png Contact h-extra-dimensional.png Extra-Dimensional h-teleportation.png Teleportation h-aquatic.png Aquatic

Containment Protocols: RPC-766 is to be kept in secure containment cell '766' at Site-077. Two audio receiver systems have been installed in the cell and are to monitor RPC-766's containment cell. If RPC-766 were to produce an anomalous audio frequency, an investigation should be promptly conducted.

Additionally, RPC-766's containment cell has been installed with two drainage systems which are activated when the object has produced an excess of liquid.

Starting on 9/9/200█, testing on RPC-766 is only to be conducted for the retrieval of RPC-766-1 instances due to their useful properties. Reclassification to Theta-Yellow is pending.


RPC-766 in containment

Description: RPC-766 is a standard child's mattress frame constructed from Sylvan branded plywood. RPC-766's foot-board has been coated with red Benjamin Moore branded paint.

RPC-766's anomalous properties are apparent when a individual attempts to rest or interact with the object. Upon falling asleep, or if there are any other individuals in the room, or any devices used to monitor the room are active; partial anomalous effects will take place, and instead subjects claim to have experienced a vision of being stranded at sea. Every individual that has endured RPC-766's minimal effects report the same visions and have a complete remembrance of the events for a period up to four hours.

When the cell containing RPC-766 is completely isolated, the full anomalous effects will take place. Individuals who have rested on RPC-766 awake in a radically different surrounding which is usually on a 2 x 2 x 0.2 meter Sylvan branded plywood raft located in the vicinity of large bodies of water.1 Additionally, RPC-766 produces approximately 3.25 liters of saline water every six and a half hours, along with audio frequencies bearing resemblance to that of oceanic tides; all of which have an approximate measurement of 0.75 Hz.

The raft that individuals have been transported to by RPC-766 contain at least three different items. Below is a log of items recovered from multiple tests.

CSD-9804 Contents of the raft include one watercolor brush, one blank canvas, and one knife.
CSD-8381 Contents of the raft include one 12mm pistol, two standard ink pens, and one empty journal consisting of 200 pages which has been constructed from leather materials. (See more in Addendum 766-D.)
CSD-7732 Contents of the raft include one lighter, three plywood boards, and one standard power drill.

Discovery: RPC-766 was originally recovered from an abandoned home in ██████, Germany, and was inside a child's bedroom with aquatic or undersea themed wallpaper and decaying furniture carved from wooden materials. It is hypothesized that RPC-766 along with the room it was recovered from was constructed in 1975, and it is unknown if this room had possessed any other anomalies besides RPC-766 itself. RPC-766 was relocated to Site-077 on 3/2/20██, and its existence was discovered after demolition of the house containing the object was issued, and after demolition site workers described multiple auditory disturbances similar to that of oceanic tides.

This was considered abnormal due to the fact that no bodies of seawater were present at the time. Further investigation had shown that a child's bedroom had flooring that had been waterlogged. The composition of this liquid was later proven to have a composition similar to saline water, and is seemingly pulled from multiple oceanic masses. RPC-766 most likely has some connection between itself, and the ocean.

The Authority was notified of RPC-766's existence after law enforcement had conducted an investigation, and promptly dispatched MST Uniform-1 ("Through God's Eyes") to the recovery site afterwards. The incident was covered up as a plumbing issue, and RPC-766 was successfully relocated to Site-077.

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