RPC-763 during recovery


Registered Phenomena Code: 763

Codename: Johnny

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-sapient.png Sapient h-transmutation.png Transmutation h-contact.png Contact h-corrosive.png Corrosive
Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-incorporeal.png Incorporeal h-organic.png Organic

Containment Protocols: RPC-763 is to be contained within a 9m3 lead chamber in Site-004's High Containment Sector, being one of two humanoid anomalies stored there for permanent containment.1 A secondary chamber is constructed around the primary chamber, with reinforced walls composed of thick lead, measured at 91cm and the total measurement at 11m3.

Within the secondary chamber's interior, facing the primary, the walls are coated with lead spikes. The aperture between both chambers is to be filled with a mixture of black tar and precipitated silica, with internal temperatures heated at approximately 92°C.

To prevent breaches, personnel are to retrieve and give RPC-763 gifts to calm its mood and make it more compliable.

In the event of a breach by RPC-763 from either the inner or outer containment chamber, personnel are to evacuate and distance themselves from the anomaly, MST Units November-72 and Foxtrot-4 will then be deployed to recontain RPC-763.

Description: RPC-763 is a humanoid entity that is hypothesized to be from the 1930’s time period. RPC-763 is described to be a quadruped organism as it uses all four limbs to travel around its environment. Its speed has been estimated to be approximately ███ kilometers per hour. RPC-763 measures approximately 6 meters in length and has a weight of approximately 160 kilograms. RPC-763's apparel consists of a black velvet suit, with a red tie. The material of the suit has been tested, and it appears to be composed of human hair.3 RPC-763 lacks any pigmentation, with sunlight capable of penetrating through the skin's surface.

RPC-763's anatomy appears to be standard with the exceptions of its hand. The subject's hand anatomy seems much more extensive, the measurements of which is 60cm in width and the middle finger, to the base of its entirety, at 121cm.

RPC-763 lacks any hair around its abdominal, facial, or limbs, excluding those within the scalp's base. The face of RPC-763 has an elongated jaw that is contorted into a smile, displaying abnormally large teeth and a tongue that has not been observed to change. From recent biological studies, RPC-763 bares a pair of slim eyes only capable of seeing infrared light and heat signatures only produced from human subjects.

Its mouth has been observed to produce an adhesive that is black in coloration and is capable of causing minor corrosion to affected surfaces.

RPC-763 has been recorded to make a screech-like sound repeatedly. Its screech was recorded during recovery in 1932:

RPC-763 is aggressive towards all living organisms. When RPC-763 detects an organism, it will eliminate it by any means possible, most commonly by crushing it within its hands, throwing it, or consumption.

RPC-763's hands bare the ability to phase through solid surfaces to obtain a victim. This phasing action is seamless in motion. However, a delay can be added to this ability by objects or surfaces composed of lead which will cause RPC-763 to move much more slowly while phasing, and will make it fatigued.

Also, RPC-763 has the ability to communicate to subjects in their primary language. RPC-763 primarily uses this ability to request gifts or for a task to be completed. When communicating, RPC-763's speech has multiple grammatical and pronunciation errors.

After being given a gift, RPC-763 is also willing to speak with personnel, where it shows that RPC-763 is self-aware of its appearance and carnage. When asked about its habits and actions, RPC-763 responds in varieties of this answer: "I don't know why I hurt or kill. I don't like. It hurt". Although when given the desired gift, RPC-763's mood seems to lighten into more of an "impressionable" emotion.

From recent observations, RPC-763 tends to request small trinkets and toys to appease itself. When given these items, RPC-763 will not make any attempt to harm or exterminate said subject but will also make no effort to defend the subject from other threats.

If its request cannot be completed, RPC-763 will terminate the subject in question and will breach containment and begin searching for the desired objects and terminating individuals who interfere or are obscuring its path until its request is fulfilled.

Once RPC-763 discovers a new subject, now designated RPC-763-A its movement will be silenced except for the screeching sound it produces. RPC-763 will attempt to phase through any walls or floors and bring RPC-763-A to it. If unsuccessful, RPC-763 will simply charge its target and terminate it.

When direct skin contact with a subject occurs, RPC-763 will secrete a potent acidic deposit that will cause any organic tissue to disintegrate within three minutes. Skeletal and bone structures appear to be unaffected by this. However, the chemical composition may be countered with any fluid, such as whole milk.

Whole milk is to counteract the capsaicin found in the acidic solution. This is also due to the fact that the acidic solution is considerably thinner than whole milk allowing the milk to surrounding the solutions' molecules and to hopefully delay the corrosion process or eradicate it completely.


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