Registered Phenomena Code: 757

Object Class: Beta-Purple

Hazard Types: Contact Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Organic Hazard, Toxic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-757 is to be kept in a greenhouse in Site-028, maintained by CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) specialists who have been trained in the maintenance of RPC-757. All researchers and specialists that enter the greenhouse must be outfitted with hazmat suits and gas masks. Standard compost is to be given to all instances of RPC-757 bi-weekly, and all instances are to be given water by the means of a light mist twice a day. Should a containment breach occur by means of residue leftover on a suit, the personnel are to be thoroughly decontaminated and the suit immediately destroyed via incineration.

Description: RPC-757 is a large group of extremely dark blue mushrooms that secrete a light mist. The mist is a neurotoxin to any and all organisms that have a central nervous system. Symptoms of inhaling the neurotoxin, and touching RPC-757 manifest after approximately 20 seconds. The neurotoxin will cause extreme nasal discomfort, extreme pupil dilations, auditory and visual distortion, highly increased aggression and an eventual brain hemorrhage. Physical contact with any instance of RPC-757 will cause skin discomfort, severe skin loss, and eventual (always fatal) skin cancer. The mist that all instances of RPC-757 secrete can travel long distances, and can be mistaken for fog. Instances of RPC-757-1 are any and all persons affected by RPC-757.

RPC-757 is suspected to be responsible for about 5,984 deaths, and has manifested throughout the northern United States, most notably Detroit Lakes, Minnesota and [REDACTED], Michigan as well as Sweden, Norway, Finland and Northern Scotland. RPC-757 does still manifest, and areas known to have had instances grow are under constant monitoring by Authority Researchers. Few actual outbreaks have gone uncontained, and an outbreak on October 4th, 2016, in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, was the worst ever recorded.

Outbreaks of RPC-757 happen seemingly at random, and no real pattern of outbreaks have been recorded -Area Director Marius Streicher

The outbreak of RPC-757 in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota caused 528 deaths. ERT November-07 was deployed to attempt to end the outbreak. ERT Victor-19 was outfitted with Barrett REC7 Assault Rifles, and gas masks. ERT Victor-19 (now MST November-07) was deployed to isolate and contain the outbreak. After the outbreak, Class B amnestics were issued to the entire surviving population of Detroit Lakes, and surrounding towns in a 5 mile radius that may have heard of the outbreak.

Incident Log

Interview with member of ERT Victor-19, now MST November-07

Foreword: Interview with Corporal Dominic Brunsmeier, member of MST November-07, about the RPC-757 outbreak on October 4th, 2016

<Beginning Of Recording>

Dr. Boyd: Please describe the events of October 4th, 2016.

Cpl. Brunsmeier: Well, uh, I remember mostly the people that would attack us. That look in their eyes, the way they looked less than human. They’d be fighting each-other, adults were hitting kids, the kids would bite down on the adults arms, hands, even necks. Whole thing was…awful. There were birds dive bombing people, deer goring people, there were snakes, common garden ones, crawling on people, eating dead bodies. We had to kill them all.

Dr. Boyd: And what did the Response Team do?

Cpl. Brunsmeier: We shot them. Kids, adults, snakes, birds. Everything. We barely missed a shot. It was terrible. Then uh, these…bears… showed up. God that was terrible. There were 3? I think? Black bears, and they were definitely affected, because their fur and skin was all rotted, think they ate some of them, and they were clawing and biting people. Watched a kid get torn in half, he was still kicking, had to terminate him on the spot.

Dr. Boyd: How long have you worked with the Authority, Corporal Brunsmeier?

Cpl. Brunsmeier: About 5 years now, sir.

Dr. Boyd: I see you’ve been in psychiatric care since the event.

Cpl. Brunsmeier: Yes.

Dr. Boyd: I see you helped contain RPC-997, that is correct?

Cpl. Brunsmeier: …Yes…

Dr. Boyd: And yet, you did not undergo psychiatric care after that incident. But after RPC-757’s outbreak, you have, why is that?

Cpl. Brunsmeier: I…had to shoot some kids alright? That shit's not easy to cope with, a little kid, about 8 or 9 maybe, came running at me, like a fucking zombie. I did what I was ordered to do, and shot him, right in the forehead. I hate myself for that. I’ve got kids of my own Doctor, I can’t help but think about if that’d been one of them…

Dr. Boyd: I-I see, I’m sorry that you had to do that Corporal.

There is a long pause in the recording

Dr. Boyd: Now, er, about how you extracted the instances of RPC-757?

Cpl. Brunsmeier: We had to wait for some hazmat suits in order to dig up the mushrooms, some idiot tried to do it without gloves. His hands started sizzling and his skin started to peel, he was just screaming. The sergeant terminated him after about 15 seconds, said he needed some footage about what touching them did to you. About 15 minutes later, some small instances were growing on his hands. The body’s still in containment I think, saw it last week, completely covered in the stuff now.

Dr. Boyd: I’ve seen it. It was also me who gave the orders for the instances to be dug up. And after taking the instances?

Cpl. Brunsmeier: After that, um, we had to clear the rest of the town. A lot of people were ok, unaffected, I mean. We evacuated most of the population, and we came across this…family…surrounding a baby carriage…and they um…

Dr. Boyd: Corporal, please, you have to continue, for the record, please describe any notable encounters with instances of RPC-757-1.

Cpl. Brunsmeier: Alright… the family um, the family killed their…newborn… I can’t. I just can’t I’m sorry. I don’t want to remember it.

He stands to leave

Dr. Boyd: Corporal, please sit.

Cpl. Brunsmeier: What more do you want?

Dr. Boyd: Approximately how long did it take to clear the affected area of the town?

Cpl. Brunsmeier: I don’t know, a few hours at the most maybe?

Dr. Boyd: Thank you Corporal, that will be all.

<End Of Recording>

Corporal Brunsmeier was promoted to Sergeant for his actions during the outbreak.

Second Interview with MST November-07 member:

Foreword: Interview with Corporal Dmitri Filipov, describing events of October 4th, 2016.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Boyd: Please note that Corporal Filipov’s English is limited, this shortening the length of this interview. Now, please describe the events of the October 4th outbreak.

Cpl. Filipov: It was…it was something out of American show, you know, Walking Death? The children most. The animals were disgusting, all rot and no flesh. They were eating people, even the small birds.

Dr. Boyd: Yes, if you wish to speak in your native language, you may.

Cpl. Filipov: <Ah, thank God! English is so hard for me, anyways, the town was absolutely horrible. Even though I've been a military man for so long, I was disgusted. I have never, ever seen such an awful scene, it was hell on earth, if such a thing is possible. The masks were blocking your peripheral vision, you had to rely on someone covering you, someone you may have never spoken to. A few times, someone would be either over extended or left a little ways behind, and one of the people affected would break their mask, and then we’d have to kill our comrade and the other affected person.>

Dr. Boyd: Is that all?

Cpl. Filipov: Is all I wish to remember…

<End of Recording>

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