500 Miles, and 500 More



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Registered Phenomena Code: 755 Level 2/755
Object Class: Gamma-White Classified


fig. 1.1: Footprints belonging to RPC-755 located on a beach near Dhafghan, Yemen. (circa 2013)

Hazard Types: Organic, Sapient

Containment Protocols: Due to its nature, RPC-755 cannot be fully contained. A GPS tracking device and a camera with an audio recorder have been tied to RPC-755's left leg. In the event of either device being removed by an outside force, they are to be replaced as soon as possible.

RPC-755 is to be kept away from populated areas, and inside isolated areas. When RPC-755 enters within 1.5 kilometers of a populated area, Mobile Strike Team Quebec-34 ("I Think You Should Leave") is to be notified and travel to RPC-755's current location. Through the use of a 5-meter tall wall on a wheeled stand, RPC-755 will be redirected away from the location. Three operatives of MST Quebec-34 are stationed at each Authority site; Operatives at the nearest site to RPC-755 when needed will be selected for redirection of the entity.

Description: RPC-755 is the designation for a naked humanoid entity currently walking in an unspecific direction around the surface of the Earth. RPC-755, at the time of writing, has never stopped moving.

RPC-755 displays white, smooth, hairless skin. It lacks a nose, as well as an anus and genitalia; The areas of its body are instead covered by its smooth skin. RPC-755 does not respond to external stimuli from other individuals, and attempts in conversing with RPC-755 have so far been met with failure. RPC-755 has also shown itself to be able to withstand high altitudes, areas with high temperatures, and areas with high pressure without being terribly harmed/injured. Nevertheless, RPC-755 has begun bleeding numerous times, but has not expired from blood loss. RPC-755's blood type is A Positive, but does not match any recorded individual.

When met with an obstacle that would impede it, RPC-755 will shift to the left and continue in that direction1. If RPC-755 cannot continue walking due to being trapped or held down, it vanishes and reappears ~50 meters away from its previous location2. RPC-755 has not yet been recorded to simply walk around an obstacle.

Addendum 755.1

Incident 8/30/2015

On August 30th 2015, RPC-755 deviated from its normal activity and ceased walking. The following log is a description of the event that ensued.

[RPC-755 is currently in North-Western Mexico, in the Sonoran Desert.]

[RPC-755 abruptly falls to the ground. It moans, presumably out of pain.]

[6 minutes pass. At this point, Authority assets embedded nearby have arrived at the site of the incident.]

[RPC-755 seemingly attempts to scream, but instead dryly coughs. Lacerations swiftly begin appearing across its back, along with loud slapping sounds.]

[The lacerations cease appearing. RPC-755 is breathing heavily through clenched teeth.]

[42 seconds pass.]

[RPC-755 rises, albeit with some difficulty. It continues moving forwards.]

Following this event, it was discovered that a message was carved into the ground in front of where RPC-755 had fallen. It reads as follows:

Keep walking.




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