Hateful Sentinels




By the order of gracious Archdeacon Cecily of the Order of Saint John the Hesychast, Authority representatives have been allowed to assist in our efforts to cleanse our monasteries of the unholy, and return peace to our lives.
However, in our current efforts to cleanse the unholy and keep the monsters within our closets, we have invoked the wrath of our former guardians, our hateful sentinels. We have failed to keep the monsters in check, and now, we are at risk of being viewed as monsters by our former protectors.
The wrath of God is upon us, brothers. Our sinful pride let us fall into the situation we are in today (Psalm 99:8). But let us not lose hope, for God is merciful and forgiving. Let us work together to ensure the Lord remembers our deeds today, and our efforts to serve him to rectify our mistakes are seen by him.
Let us beg in prayer; and in our works for forgiveness, prove that our faith is true. Let us not be of the cloth of heretics, or of the apostates that have caused many of these very rituals to be forgotten. Let us cleanse our sin, and not let the sacrifice of Christ be in vain (Isaiah 1: 18).

Ave Christus, brothers. May the Order of Saint John the Hesychast prosper under our new partnership, and may God, his son the Christ, and the Holy Ghost forgive us for our transgressions.

Brother Matthias


Registered Phenomena Code: 740

Object Class: Beta-Purple

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-ballistic.png Ballistic h-sentient.png Sentient h-visual.png Visual

Containment Protocols: As of ██/██/2020 authorities began securing and trapping RPC-740's chambers. All instances spawned from RPC-740 are to be under constant surveillance by multiple Authority-Hesychast collaborated guards equipped with protective eyewear. All attempts to survey RPC-740 instances via cameras within 1,000 meters have proven ineffective due to destruction of equipment. Any unauthorized persons or personnel attempting to enter the monostary containing RPC-740 are to be detained immediately and interrogated. If Authority forces fail to detain the trespassing subject, or if the trespasser successfully obtains RPC-740, they are to immediately be terminated via long-range ballistics if not terminated by RPC-740 instances.

Any attempts to enter the monastary throughout containing RPC-740 must abide by these mandatory parameters:

  • No less than five personnel may enter. All must participate in flagellation.
  • At least three personnel must be be fluent in Latin.
  • All must be of Catholic belief, or a form of Christian belief.
  • All must adorn religious iconography related to Christiendom from 13th century Italy.
  • All must equip monastery robes, high-grade protective eyewear and heat resistant gear.
  • At least one member of the involved team are to recite scriptures from a collection of the Vetus Latina.
  • At least one personnel is to recite Latin and Gregorian prayers.
  • None may bring weapons within the Monastery.
  • None may bring technology that is more advanced than that of 13th century Italy.
  • No personnel with Arabic or Turkish ancestry is to enter the vicinity of RPC-740.
  • At all times a minimum distance of at least 25 meters must be maintained from RPC-740.

If personnel fail to abide by any of these parameters and are in the presence of RPC-740, they are to be assumed KIA and no unauthorized persons are to attempt a rescue.

If any operation is to be undergone in order to contain or terminate anomalous artifacts and creatures within a 1,000 meter radius of RPC-740, RPC-████ instances, RC drones, and humanoid dummies will be placed to distract instances originating from RPC-740.


Depiction of RPC-740-A, RPC-740-B, RPC-740-C, and RPC-740-D with the Christ by Brother Damaskinos

Description: RPC-740 currently involves eight different anomalies. The primary anomaly, RPC-740, is currently a deformed faceplate of a 13th century great helm.1 According to Hesychast informants, RPC-740 is made of an unknown clay that changes shape based on whomever makes physical contact with it.

RPC-740's primary anomalous properties manifest after physical contact is made. Any person who makes physical contact with RPC-740 immediately disintegrates, with no trace of their physical body besides faint traces of dust particles in the surrounding air. Seven days after physical contact is made, the person will become a new instance of RPC-740 (research staff are to subclassify this new instance accordingly).

RPC-740-A, RPC-740-B, RPC-740-C, RPC-740-D were the first subjects to make physical contact with RPC-740. According to Hesychast records, the mummified corpses of George of Lydda2, Theodore of Amasea3, Demetrius of Thessaloniki4, and Theodore Stratelates5, were exposed to RPC-740 through physical contact, which transformed them into RPC-740-A, RPC-740-B, RPC-740-C, and RPC-740-D.

The identity of RPC-740-E is that of an unnamed Praetorian Guard under service of Emperor Constantine. The identity of RPC-740-F is that of ██████ █████6, a Crusader under Pope Innocent I after saving a caravan of Hesychast monks from enemy forces. The identity of RPC-740-G is that of Jacques de Molay7, whose emaciated corpse was brought into the Mount Vesuvius monastary and exposed to RPC-740.


RPC-740-G in the process of [DATA CENSORED]

The effects of the transformation has given instances spawned from RPC-740 immortality, inability to be affected by physical, thaumoturgic, or memetic means, speeds of up to ████ km/h walking speed and a speed of ████ km/h while airborne, enhanced strength, and a heat of 23000 kelvin within 1 meter of RPC-740 instances paired along with a variable flourescent glow between 2,000 lumens and 98,000 lumens.

Instances spawned prior to RPC-740-E have equipment typical with Roman and Greek warriors of the 4th century. Their appearance remains relatively the same prior to transformation, besides the addition of a halo often seen in art relating to Christendom.

Instances spawned from RPC-740 were usually docile according to Hesychast records, with many accounts detailing the destruction of hostile forces, mythological creatures, and containment of multiple anomalous artifacts still under Hesychast possession. This docile nature was disrupted after the introduction of RPC-740-F, and was further enhanced into a hostile nature outside of strict parameters after the introduction of RPC-740-G in 1312. After this introduction, anyone deemed a threat by any instance of RPC-740 will be sought out until killed or otherwise rendered inert. This has resulted in ██ breaches and the destruction of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and ██ other towns ██ times in recorded history after RPC-740 instances were led away from Mount Vesuvius.

Currently, all instances spawned from RPC-740 are bound to protect a 1000 meter area around the monastary RPC-740 resides within, with instances spawned from RPC-740 only leaving the area to seek out a trespasser (See Discovery Log 740-01).

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