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Registered Phenomena Code: 735

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Animated Hazard, Mechanical Hazard, Organic Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Mind-Regression Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-735 is to be contained a minimum of 50 meters away from any other anomalies contained on-site. Access to RPC-735's chamber is strictly prohibited. Containment staff should be observant of any appearance of LO-114, and attempt to confiscate it remotely upon sighting.

Description: RPC-735 is a conglomerate of LO-112, LO-113, LO-114, LO-115, and LO-116. The former documentation on these objects can be seen below.

RPC-735 utilizes LO-113 as a primary body, with LO-116 connected to the front of the robot. Most of RPC-735 is covered in LO-115, however the exterior of the colony has been neutralized. The colony remains active on the inside, however no longer exhibits feeding behavior, likely due to being connected to LO-112's root system. LO-112 can be seen growing out of the top of RPC-735, using LO-115 as a growing medium. The entirety of RPC-735, excluding LO-116, is coated in a layer in hardened black ink. In addition, 8 ink tendrils which act as arms can be seen sprouting out from underneath LO-113. X-ray scans have shown that LO-114, which was likely used in the creation of these ink structures, is being stored in a cavity within LO-113. The remaining 4 LO-116 arms and LO-113's claw are all mounted at the front of RPC-735, and along with the ink tendrils are used for utility and offensive purposes.

RPC-735 will react violently to the presence of living organisms. It will charge them and whip them with LO-116 arms and ink tendrils whilst attempting to break their skin with its claw arm. RPC-735 may also attempt to knock over or trip the target and claw out an eye for easier access. It will then use an LO-116 arm to fuse the victim's nervous system with itself. It is unknown what purpose this serves, as the fusion will usually hinder RPC-735, and does not provide any energy benefits or mass expansion. It is assumed that RPC-735 acts solely under the control of LO-116, which does not actually know how to efficiently conduct the actions of RPC-735.

It is unknown how RPC-735 was formed, however given LO-116's status within RPC-735, it is highly probable that it was involved in the creation. It was likely capable of doing so during the period when Site-027 was left unchecked after being compromised.

Incident-735-A: After the side-wide containment breach on 05-16-2011, RPC-735 was found in the site living quarters with all available LO-116 arms implanted into 4 staff members. It was observed to be manipulating LO-115 into coating the bodies with LO-115 whilst using LO-114 to cover the bodies with ink. RPC-735 hid LO-114 within itself upon noticing it had been spotted, and attempted to flee. However, the extra bodies attached to it made it impossible for it to move, allowing it to be easily recontained. Reclassification from Alpha-Orange to Beta-Orange has been approved. Request to attempt the extraction of LO-114 from RPC-735 has been approved.

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