Close view of RPC-733 above the Laptev Sea. Photograph extracted from Soviet Iron Initiative files.


Registered Phenomena Code: 733

Object Class: Omega-Red Omega-Black (See Addendum 733-2)

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-sentient.png Sentient h-extreme-temperature.png Extreme Temperature h-destabilization.png Destabilization h-animated.png Animated h-titanic.png Titanic

Security Clearance: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

Containment Protocols: OL-Site-733-A is to be constructed on the north-eastern coast of Komsomolets Island of Severnaya Zemlya for the surveillance of any commute towards RPC-733. OL-Site-733-B is to be constructed on the east coast of Bolshevik Island as the main site for the monitoring of RPC-733. OL-Site-733-C is to as well be constructed as a surveillance site for any unauthorized activity near the area of RPC-733.

Unauthorized ships detected to be approaching near Authority sites and/or RPC-733 are to be immediately re-directed away from RPC-733. Aircrafts such as commercial airplanes that approach RPC-733 are to as well be re-directed via radio communications. Should any aircraft/ships observe RPC-733, Authority personnel are to track any individuals who had observed RPC-733 and administer Class A amnestics.


Approximate location of RPC-733.

Description: RPC-733 is a high-temperature, luminescent entity of indeterminate anatomy, spanning approx. 7 kilometers wide, and whose most distinctive feature is the possession of what appear to be a varying number of wings, often ranging from 7 to 13. RPC-733 is currently located 1 kilometer above the Laptev Sea, directly east of October Revolution Island, Severnaya Zemlya, Russia. RPC-733 has also demonstrated sentience and appears to possess an awareness of objects around it (See Document "Soviet Iron Initiative - RDS-71 Aftermath"). Since its first observation by the Authority, RPC-733 has not made any apparent movement in any directions except for movement of its wings.

The temperature of the center of RPC-733 is 5,555,555,555,537° C, thus, it is believed to be composed of quark-gluon plasma1. However, the heat radiated by RPC-733 appears to be non-causative, or nullified by a secondary anomalous property: its immediate surroundings range from -272.85ºC to 272.45ºC (near 0 K), provoking the development of a thick layer of fog through condensation of atmospheric humidity. This is believed to be due to RPC-733 draining thermal energy from its environment.

Severe weather phenomena have been observed near RPC-733 due to the low-temperature air around it; severe hailstorms, snowstorms and gale winds ranging from 70-130 km/h are common near RPC-733.

Addendum 733-1: Further investigation of the area around RPC-733 concludes that the environment around RPC-733 along with RPC-733 itself possesses low coherency (estimated ACS of 1.9). Several anomalies have been observed near RPC-733 due to this, mostly temporal and extra-dimensional anomalies such as the re-location of Authority ships.

RPC-733 has also been observed draining mass amounts of thermal energy from Authority ships, aircraft and Authority personnel themselves by unknown means. Testing has determined the area of effect in which RPC-733 will drain energy from subjects to be 0.3 kilometers from RPC-733. Temperatures of objects being drained by RPC-733 drop at an estimated rate of 700° C per second.

During investigations regarding the Soviet Iron Initiative in 1983, several documents connected to the origin of RPC-733 were extracted, along with documents regarding "RDS-71", a nuclear device developed by the Soviet Union.

Addendum 733-2: Further surveying of the environment around RPC-733 has concluded that the area from which RPC-733 is absorbing energy appears to be growing at a steady rate with the radius of this area increasing by 3.3 meters every 24 hours. RPC-733 has as well observed several increases in temperature.

The "cold areas" that RPC-733 has previously absorbed energy from have been revealed to possess absolute zero temperature due to the energy absorption of RPC-733.

It is believed that should this effect continue, northern areas of the Earth, along with some societies, will begin to experience life-threatening temperature drops along with climates shifting towards a polar climate in approximately ███ years before further areas of the Earth are affected along with larger societies.

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