Registered Phenomena Code: 731

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Aquatic Hazard, Sentient Hazard

Containment Protocols: ASF Rapid Response ("Momotaro's Nephews") are to patrol a perimeter surrounding the area of manifestation at least one hour before until one hour after the potential timeframe for manifestation events, and prevent all unauthorized vessels from entering the area, under the guise of classified United Nations research. All male members of assigned Rapid Response are to be tested to confirm a lack of significant Japanese ancestry, and all members are to be trained and armed with harpoons for use in the event of unauthorized entry into the perimeter resulting in manifestation.

Description: RPC-731 is an entity resembling the skeleton of an adult female Baird's beaked whale (Berardius bairdii), fully intact with the exception of multiple bones in the spine and ribcage that appear to be broken. Despite a lack of apparent propulsion, the subject is capable of moving at speeds of up to 45km/h. Subject is impervious to all attempts at harm, although use of harpoons has successfully deterred it in ██% of manifestation events.

RPC-731 manifests itself between the hours of ██:██ and ██:██ in an approximately 1.5km stretch near the coast of █████ Prefecture, Japan, when the following conditions are met:

  • A manned vessel enters the area of manifestation.
  • The vessel is crewed by at least two (2) adult male humans with significant Japanese ancestry1 (hereby designated 731-Profile-Alpha), or any adult human currently involved in commercial whaling (hereby designated 731-Profile-Beta).
  • The moon is clearly visible in the sky.

During manifestation events, RPC-731 will approach the vessel and attempt to ram it until it capsizes or sinks. Once the vessel has capsized or sunk, the entity will then attempt to capture all individuals matching 731-Profile-Alpha or 731-Profile-Beta in its thorax through its mouth. Despite an apparent lack of significant physical barriers, captured individuals are incapable of escape, and are carried along as if having been swallowed. Once all instances have been captured, the entity will submerge itself until all captured individuals have expired. Entity will then demanifest, allowing the expired individuals to float to the surface. Demanifestation will occur immediately if the vessel leaves the area of manifestation at any time during an event, and escapees will not be pursued beyond the limit of the area. Since discovery, at least █ manifestation events have occurred, resulting in ██ casualties.

Recovery Log: RPC-731 first came to the attention of the Authority on █████ ██, 1992, when it attacked the FV Sakana Iriguchi (魚入口), sinking it before capturing and drowning the majority of its fifteen-man crew, with the exception of two survivors who were able to exit the area of manifestation in a lifeboat. Their claims of a sea monster attack were initially dismissed, until a second manifestation event occurred on ████ ██, 1992, in which the RV Kaitō (海刀) was able to escape with its entire crew intact. Using information gathered from interviews, the Authority was able to recreate the circumstances of manifestation, at which point the current containment procedures were enacted. The survivors were treated with amnestics, and a cover story explaining the sinking of the Sakana Iriguchi as the result of a rogue wave was released to the public.

Addendum: Research has revealed the point of ocean surrounding the area of manifestation to have been a frequent hunting ground for the RV Santa Maria (サンタ•マリア), a private commercial whaling ship that disappeared with its entire crew in 1980. Use of remote ROVs has revealed █ additional shipwrecks within the area of manifestation, one of which has been confirmed to be the wreck of the Santa Maria and █ of which are confirmed to have sank between 1980 and when initial containment was established. Efforts to locate theoretical survivors of previous wrecks, and determine a possible origin for RPC-731, are ongoing.

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