Abused Bakeneko





Registered Phenomena Code: 723

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: h-sapient.png Sapient Hazard h-transmutation.png Transmutation Hazard h-tychokinetic.png Tychokinetic Hazard h-psychotronic.png Psychotronic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-723 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-038. RPC-723 is to be fed three meals daily, with a small bowl of sardine oil as a reward for good behaviour. RPC-723 may be allowed additional domestic cat play items in its cell.

RPC-723's cell must have two guards posted outside, armed with non-lethal paralysing weaponry. CS-Gas and tasers are permitted for use in the event RPC-723 breaches containment.

Additionally, RPC-723 is forbidden to change its shape unless getting permission from its researcher or for testing purposes and is to be blindfolded during all transfers.

As of 13/2/██, RPC-723 has been put on suicide watch and is to undergo weekly psychological interviews. Under no circumstances are any personnel to mention ██████ (PoI-257) to RPC-723 unless it requests to include them in interviews.

Description: RPC-723 is a male humanoid of Japanese descent, aged around 15 and measuring at 1.5 metres tall. RPC-723 possesses features similar to those of felis catus1 such as ears, tail, eyes and hair with a black colouring. RPC-723's body displays significant amounts of physical and burn scarring across its body, especially along its back, legs and arms. The manner in which these are inflicted are highly indicative of an extensive history of inflicted abuse and torture.

RPC-723 is capable of manifesting anomalous traits similar to those of the "Bakeneko".2 These include the ability to change from human into a domestic black cat, 'cursing' people by placing some form of enchantment on them, and also having the ability to control people through direct eye contact, though subjects of strong will can overcome this.

RPC-723 actively seeks to regroup with an individual that it addresses as "Master" (hereby designated POI-257), and has also expressed a significant lack of motive to live without their "Master". RPC-723 suffers from Stockholm Syndrome, PTSD and psychological trauma, likely as a result of constant sexual abuse from PoI-257 in times of great duress, its behaviour will regress into the mentality of a common cat.

Despite sufficient evidence to pin Kabushiki Kawaii behind RPC-723's creation, they claim to have no knowledge on the group, other than the fact that they were raised in a facility and suffered harsh and sexual treatment there. By their own claims, RPC-723 was forced to behave and act like a cat and to obey their future master once they were adopted.

Addendum-1 Date of Recovery:

RPC-723 had first been sighted in ████████ ███ China by civilians when it went around naked, asking for the address of PoI-257. MST Lima-19 ("Mess Makers") was sent in and despite brief altercations between the entity, retrieval successful without any casualties, however, RPC-723 did suffer from its forceful struggle. RPC-723 had to be forcefully clothed upon transfer to containment cell.

Addendum-4-Incident Log

On 13/2/██, RPC-723 attempted to kill itself by using its claws to cut into its body and damage major organs. Guards stationed at RPC-723's cell came in and managed to successfully restrain and sedate RPC-723 before it was taken to the medical wing. RPC-723 survived but at the moment of its awakening, it attempted self-harm again while continuously exclaiming that it "wasn't going to live without its master". This required RPC-723 to be restrained as it attacked any personnel who came near it.

Once RPC-723's hands had been cuffed and it was unable to use them in attempting suicide, it was placed in its cell and put on suicide watch. RPC-723 remained heavily depressed and made no attempt to eat during meals requiring that it be force fed, to which it heavily objected. RPC-723's complaints were ignored due to safety concerns for its health.

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