RPC-722 Recovery Manifest






What follows are a selection of technologies recovered from RPC-722 by the crew of the AEDFS Syrakousai. Relevant local messages, translated via RPC-722-1, have been included for context. Full archives are available to local personnel on request from the AEDF main database.

Instance #: ##-####
Primary Language:
Technical Contents:
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Sample Quote"

Instance #: 02-0786
Classification: Weapons system
Primary Language: Modern English, incorporating a disproportionately high number of Italian loanwords.
Technical Contents: 3 high-velocity electromagnetic railgun systems mounted ventrally, with launch rails 2km in length.
Notes: Weapons systems appear to be designed to be serviced and operated by beings with at least three hands.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Shield magnetic organs- severe injury to [eyes?] from unintended activation."
  • "Why would you ever build such absurdly large weapons?"
  • (Inscribed on the left launch rail of 02-0786-03) "Extremely comfortable when warmed up. Recommend for use as crew space."

Instance #: 11-0092
Classification: Rations storage and preparation
Primary Language: Unknown. A series of 3-meter-long parallel vertical lines inscribed into the walls and floor of the chamber.
Technical Contents: System for automatically slaughtering, draining and salt-packing a variety of mammalian animals.
Notes: System appears to be primarily designed for use on human or humanoid animals.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Whoever built this was obviously some kind of predatory species."
  • "Truly unnerving."
  • (In response to previous:) "Indeed. Why would one try to eat their own pets?"

Instance #: 06-1254
Classification: Defensive craft
Primary Language: Modern Russian
Technical Contents: Large hangar space incorporating launch facilities for 24 15-meter-long manned combat vessels, apparently armed primarily with tactical-yield fusion devices.
Notes: Several craft bear hand-painted nose art, including 'Pin-up'-type images of nude women with equine lower body plans. Several cockpits apparently designed for pilots with wings or tails.
Local Inscriptions:

  • (In Russian:) "11th GRU Fighter Wing 'Iron Stars'"
  • (In Russian:) "Remember the Third Patriotic War! Remember Trotskygrad!"

Instance #: 05-9924
Classification: Reactor system/commons area.
Primary Language: All local systems control labels composed of an unknown organic compound with a high refractive index, sandwiched between sheets of clear rock crystal.
Technical Contents: Device appears to be an array of fifteen conventional liquid fluoride thorium reactors. Radiation shield is totally absent.
Notes: Presence of benches, couches, and what are believed to be machines for recreational sports, would indicate that designer species is unaffected by radiation.
Local Inscriptions:

  • (Exterior bulkhead, in 'Giant'-type script:) "DANGER: RADIATION HAZARD"
  • (Exterior bulkhead:) "REJOICE: NOURISHING RADIATION"
  • "Tamper not with the Atom, for in its Wholeness we find ourselves."
  • (Apparently in response to above:) "My species have been splitting the atom since before we discovered fire, and it seems to have worked out pretty well for us."

Instance #: 19-0017
Classification: Machine Shop (?)
Primary Language: Mixture of French, Mandarin Chinese and an unknown phonographic script which appears to be derived from musical notation
Technical Contents: Space is a highly modular multipurpose assembly line for construction of a wide variety of intricate mechanical components serving an unknown purpose. Several large containers stored in wall racks appear to be full of various forms of thermite.
Notes: Sign on exterior bulkhead reads "MATERNITY WARD"
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Here's to future cooperation! Long live the Syno-Imperial League!"
  • "Query: Maternity? Reproductive concepts?"
  • (In response to previous, partially rubbed out:) "Well, when a hemimale and a hemifemale and a neuter [sic] love each other very much…"

Instance #: 33-03241
Classification: External Communications System
Primary Language: Hybrid of modern Swahili and mid-18th century French. Several characters are substituted with pictographs of snails in various poses.
Technical Contents: An approximately 4m long device visually identical to a french horn. The mouthpiece begins in an adjoining room, with the open end extruding from the exterior hull.
Notes: The open ended nature of the device exposes the attached room to the vacuum of space.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "If ever the need arises, scream the song of The People into the device and your kind will hear the cries for aid."
  • "Why would we scream out of a window?"
  • "A powerful sonic weapon!"

Instance #: 03-1082
Classification: Weapons System
Primary Language: Unknown script composed of engraved square patterns
Technical Contents: Unknown charged-particle weapon occupying most of the vessel's bow area. Appears to be designed to accelerate anticarbon atoms to near-light speeds.
Notes: Control console reads "GRAND WAVE MOTION PROJECTION CANNON", and appears to be decorated with gold scrollwork.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Aim away from face and pedipalps while operating."
  • "Ten gods below, who thought this was a good idea?"
  • "Warning: Do not, under any circumstances, attempt test firing in-atmosphere. Resulted in loss of atmosphere, planetary crust, most of star system, contents of waste sacs."

Instance #: 11-1024
Classification: Internal Transit System
Primary Language: Unknown script composed of small droplets of a dense, crystalline material adhered to work surfaces. Substance appears to be faintly fluorescent.
Technical Contents: Large network of rail-mounted transport trolleys encompassing most of RPC-722's port stern quadrant. Trolleys are unpressurised and rail system leaves the hull through airlocks at several points.
Notes: Trolleys accelerate at 6g and have been retrofitted with human-suitable acceleration couches to minimize the risk of injury while in use. This is one of four currently known internal transit systems installed within RPC-722.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Do not select any station on the [green?] line unless you can metabolize vacuum."
  • "From the looks of the layout, it appears that they laid track directly through several critical birthing chambers with no regard for the proper movement of newborn personnel. Sloppy work."
  • "Keep limbs inside the car at all times. This is not a joke."

Instance #: 30-0991
Classification: Public Address System
Primary Language: Series of regular divots imprinted in metallic sheets with structure and arrangement comparable to Braille.
Technical Contents: Series of several thousand (2893 currently catalogued) helium plasma arc speaker units, mounted ship-wide, wirelessly connected to a control system on the main bridge.
Notes: System generally functions as expected. When any weapons system is powered on, system begins to emit percussive, high-tempo music accompanied by chanting in an unknown language. During musical broadcasts, system volume can be lowered but not wholly muted. Music has never been observed to repeat itself. During weapons and basic engine trials, musical tempo observed to synchronize with firing of weaponry and alterations in thrust intensity.
Local Inscriptions:

  • (Found imprinted on wall plating near every instance of 30-0991 yet discovered. Exact phrasing varies:) "As sang Tog in the Time of Endings, so too shall we!"
  • "Have yet to discover suitable means of altering pitch to useful levels. Recordings make for great listening though."
  • "Plasma arc is pure, self-replenishing, and delicious with hydrocarbons added."

Instance #: 03-5702
Classification: Weapons System
Primary Language: Unknown pictographic script. Individual pictograms appear to be abstracted depictions of various piscine animals.
Technical Contents: 200 high-velocity 477mm breech-loading cannon mechanically controlled and manually targeted from within the hull. Each cannon equipped with a complicated laser hit-registry system connected to a central 'scoreboard' located at center of 03-5702 gundeck on upper stern.
Notes: Current highest 'score' reads "Kahgkahggakeg- 3/Frigate 18/Cruiser 272/Fighter 9/Asteroid"
Local Inscriptions:

  • (On wall near 'scoreboard':) "Kahg Quickfiring is a cheater and a lump of prey animal intestine"
  • "Pulled the records from detection system. Effective accuracy - surprisingly high given lack of fire control."
  • "They must have loaded these from outside the hull. We have detected no nearby magazine space."

Instance #: 14-0132
Classification: Astrometrics/Data Storage
Primary Language: Unknown script composed of isosceles triangles and varying numbers of chevrons in various 90 degree angled rotations. Chevrons resemble rank insignias utilised in some Earth based military organisations.
Technical Contents: A large room approximately 200m cubed with a central circular pillar composed of an unknown transparent material, and measuring approximately 50m in diameter. Arranged in concentric circles around the main pillar are hundreds of identical workstations each with three input devices that resemble modern day trackball devices, and a chair bolted to the floor that is clearly not designed to fit humanoids.
Notes: The system is connected to a vast number of mechanisms believed to be sensors for all known (and some unknown) metrics, and vast data storage units that have so far proven inaccessible. Unfortunately the entire system is completely powered down, and non responsive. The workstations seem to require at least three hands to operate. Recommend getting additional personnel on this, as the information that may be stored here could be invaluable.
Local Inscriptions:

  • (Inscribed around the central pillar multiple times) "With eyes that cannot see, we are shown the insignificance of our existence."
  • (Found along the top of one of the workstations) "The data here is either fake, or not of our universe. I don't know which I'd prefer."
  • (In modern day Spanish found on a completely different workstation) "HOW DO WE GET HOME?!"

Instance #: 10-7430
Classification: Internal Transit System
Primary Language: N/A
Technical Contents: System of moving walkways installed between various points within the vessel's hull. Walkways almost always lead over sheer drops or other unsafe areas.
Notes: Walkways do not possess guardrails and move quickly enough to be unsafe in operation.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Will someone install safety bars on this thing already?! I feel like a fart could blow me over!"

Instance #: 12-1250
Classification: Space Activity Suit Modification Center
Primary Language: Unknown script resembling flowing lines, minimal diacritics. Resembles Arabic visually.
Technical Contents: Six large airtight devices near an airlock, whose internal geometry does not match that of any remotely humanoid body plan. Suits are heavily computerized and equipped with a variety of detacheable fittings, including what appear to be many spare parts stored inside the devices themselves.
Notes: Spare parts noted to be superior in design and composition to current Authority models, and include several techniques/devices which, if properly adapted, could be of great use to Authority space activities.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "If only it fit us…"

Instance #: 10-0798
Classification: Backup Control System
Primary Language: Hybrid of Classical Chinese and Japanese, with the incorporation of several unfamiliar logograms incorporating repetitive spiral patterns.
Technical Contents: System comprises two spherical pods, each approximately 3m in diameter and mounted within self-regulating gyroscopically-stabilized scaffolding to dampen internal acceleration. Pod 1 is equipped with a headset-mounted VR control suite apparently designed for a baseline human, as well as tactile control systems designed to allow for piloting of RPC-722. Pod 2 is equipped with weapons and targeting systems, as well as a suite of equipment allowing for extremely precise control over RPC-722 power management and reactor systems.
Notes: Both pods currently disconnected from all external systems. When powered on, internal displays show RPC-722 in what appears to be a humanoid configuration. Attempting to fully activate 10-0798 leads to severe structural integrity warnings on all displays. A length of blue cotton cloth was found tied to railings near the entrance to Pod 1 on discovery.
Local Inscriptions:

  • (In English, sic:) "WECLOME HOME"
  • "This place bears the weight of history. Mighty deeds were accomplished here."
  • "When calling forth the Giant of Lightning, ensure proper respect is paid to their spirits. They understand our purpose."
  • "Oh, my darling!"
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