Registered Phenomena Code: 720

Object Class: Omega-Orange

Hazard Types: Extra-terrestrial Hazard, Gravitational Hazard, Ideological Hazard, Visual Hazard

Containment Protocols: Select Mobile Specialized Teams have been tasked with the containment of the RPC-720 phenomena.

MST X-Ray-6 (Annullifers)1: MST X-Ray-6 are tasked with expunging information of RPC-720 from the media.

MST Oscar-5 (Web Nerds)2: MST Oscar-5 are tasked with the expungement of information regarding RPC-720 from the internet.

MST Charlie-40 (Debunkers)3: MST Charlie-40 are tasked with the containment of RPC-720-A instances.

RPC-720-A instances are to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber. RPC-720-A instances found containing information that can lead to a breach in information security are to be terminated. If an RPC-720-A instance enters an RPC-720-C event, said instance is to be removed from site to a designated location where it can become an RPC-720-D instance. RPC-720-D instances are to be tracked by Authority satellite Watcher V.

Description: RPC-720 is a phenomenon that affects individuals born on May 21st of any year. Individuals affected by RPC-720 (hereby designated RPC-720-A) are found to adamantly believe in the concept of astrology, specifically in the astrological sign Taurus. RPC-720-A instances are created when subjects look up at the sky during the date of May 21st. During this time, if an individual susceptible to RPC-720's effects observes the constellation of Taurus, they will immediately fall under the influence of an extremely powerful cognitohazard, designated RPC-720-B.

Once an RPC-720-A instance falls under the effect of RPC-720-B it will enter a trance-like state. Said instance will remain motionless with the exception of its head. The subject's head will remain oriented towards the constellation Taurus as it transits across the night sky. Once the sun rises, this trance-like state is broken and subject will return to their home. Individuals interacting with RPC-720-A instances prior to them coming under the effect of RPC-720 will describe them as extremely joyful. RPC-720-A instances will attempt to commune with friends and loved ones to describe their experience under RPC-720-B.

RPC-720-A instances claim to have a conversation with an entity designated RPC-720-Ω. RPC-720-A instances will begin to exit their house every night and begin to pray to RPC-720-Ω. During their prayers, RPC-720-A instances will kneel and have their arms outstretched into the sky, and will hold this position until daybreak. Prayers spoken by RPC-720-A instances are comprised of randomized syllables from the instance's native language. Words produced by the RPC-720-A instance are made up of random syllables from their native language. Once an instance finishes its prayer, it will gain a piece of information that the instance did not previously know.

As RPC-720-A instances pray to RPC-720-Ω, they will begin to carry objects on them as offerings to RPC-720-Ω. RPC-720-A instances describe that RPC-720-Ω requires objects of value to the person for “exquisite” information. Objects will vanish sometime during prayer. RPC-720-A instances will become extremely emotional as they continuously pray to RPC-720-Ω. Eventually RPC-720-A instances will initiate an RPC-720-C event.

During an RPC-720-C event, RPC-720-A instances will begin to pray, but they will begin to speak in multiple languages previously unbeknownst to the subject. During the event, large horns resembling that of Bos taurus indicus4 will begin to sprout from the head of the RPC-720-A instance. Horns are estimated to grow on average from 0.5 to 1 meter. Once the horns' growth halts, a small glowing orb will appear in between the tips of them. Once this occurs, the RPC-720-A instances will become an RPC-720-D instance.

An RPC-720-D instance will first begin to levitate, then gradually accelerate at a rate of 0.8333m/s. Upon creation of an RPC-720-D instance within the atmosphere, its speed will begin to increase by 10 km/sec. RPC-720-D’s speed will continue to increase until it reaches superluminal speeds. RPC-720-D will continue increasing in speed until it reaches an unknown area of the Taurus constellation.

RPC-720-Ω is an unknown entity currently residing in an unknown area of the Taurus constellation. The entity's location is hypothesized to be located between the ██████, █████████, and Zeta Tauri star systems due to the large number of spatial abnormalities in the area. It is hypothesized that RPC-720-D instances completely halt when they reach this hypothesized area. Artistic instances of RPC-720-A have illustrated RPC-720-Ω as appearing as a large quadrapedal bovine-like entity with sharp teeth and large horns. Illustrations depicting RPC-720-Ω usually have a star or a halo floating in between its horns.

Discovery: Evidence of the RPC-720 phenomenon dates back 2,400 years ago in ancient Babylon. Evidence of several Babylonian cults revolving around the worship of RPC-720-Ω have been found by civilian and Authority archeologists. During an expedition led by Authority researcher, Sarah ████████, led to the discovery of several tablets designated Evidence-720-A. Evidence-720-001 illustrates a scene of several humanoids surrounding a floating humanoid with two large horns. At the very top of the illustration a large bovine-like entity is visible.

In 1790, Auctoritas agents infiltrated a cult in Paris, France during the French Revolution. The cult was composed of multiple French nobles. The cult was dedicated to the worship of RPC-720-Ω. The cult would kidnap children from lower class families. Before the agents could act many civilians broke into the cult’s estate and slaughtered all the cult members. Authority agents within the estate were able to escape with many objects relating to the cult. One agent, Roberto Calidus was able to recover a painting named by the cultist as “Atteindre Dieu” or “Reaching God”. The painting is currently held at Site-007 and is designated Evidence-720-021. Evidence-720-021 depicts the cultist surrounding a floating humanoid with a bovine head below a cloudy sky. Various wing humanoids can be seen surrounding the humanoid. Two large horns and be seen in the background of the painting with the sun between the horns.

Cults surrounding RPC-720-Ω have decreased over time either due to other groups of interest intervening or all members within the cult becoming RPC-720-D instances. Below are various documents belonging to several GoIs who have encountered the RPC-720 phenomena or cults revolving around the worship of RPC-720-Ω.

USOC (United States Occult Community): The following document was transferred into Authority custody by an Authority liaisons within both the 33rd Special Operations Squadron and OESA (Office of Extranormal Security Affairs). The following document describes an assault against a RPC-720-Ω cult.

PCAAO (People's Committee for the Acquisition of Anomalous Objects): The following document was transferred into Authority custody by an Authority agent within PCAAO. The following document is an PCAAO article describing the RPC-720 phenomena.

Destacamento Contranatura: The following document was transferred into Authority custody by an Authority liaison within the Destacamento Contranatura. The following is a Destacamento Contranatura document describing an unnatural event with connections to the RPC-720 phenomena.

Project Astrological Bust

Assets Required: The creation of various Cover Protocols and false information campaigns.

Project Proposal: The rise of various anomalies and phenomena with connections to astrology has increased over the past years. The Authority has been tasked, as is its mission statement, with the containment of these anomalies. I, Dr. Jeremiah Adams, have proposed the creation of the following operation. It has been observed that a majority of astrological phenomena require individuals to believe in astrology to become affected by certain astrological anomalies. For example; RPC-720 is a phenomena or entity that preys upon individuals who were born on the months of Taurus and believe in the concept of astrology. Project Astrological Bust would spread various disinformation and Cover Protocols that favor a secular view on astrology. These campaigns would support the belief that astrology is nothing other than an outdated belief. The more people who believe this, the more people we can save from anomalies like RPC-720. - Dr. Jeremiah Adams

Confirmation: The aforementioned project has been accepted by the Global Directorate.

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