RPC-719 instance currently residing in Military point 13

Registered Phenomena Code: 719

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-grouped.png Grouped h-sentient.png Sentient h-animated.png Animated

Containment protocols: Due to the nature of RPC-719, it is impossible to contain any instance by orthodox means. As of 23/08/2019, Antarctic Region 17 (AR-17) is to be regarded as containment for RPC-719. See Addendum-719-1 for a list of containment efforts.

Description: RPC-719 is the collective term for a group of sentient snow constructs inhabiting AR-17. Each instance is indistinguishable from one another, it being of a bipedal humanoid with elongated arms and legs lacking any digits, a long neck-like stump with a face visually similar to a human skull at the end of it with each instances’ height ranging from 6.5 to 8 meters.

RPC-719 act as builders and renovators of structures inside the AR-17 area. Every time a construct is damaged inside of the Region, a group of RPC-719 (The size of the group being relative to the damages) will appear nearby. Instances will ignore any other being nearby, instead concentrating on repairs: Once they are finished, they will dissipate into the surrounding snow. No method of communication can be seen between instances: It is presumed they communicate either non-verbally or share a hive mind-like sentience. Researchers also believe RPC-719 is able to read thoughts of humans at a subconscious level, due to another behavior: At times instances will leave the interior of AR-17 and approach Research points, guard towers or any other similar outpost and begin construction of various facilities (A list of these can be found in Addendum-719-2) with different purposes, mostly recreational.

The facilities will primarily be made from ice and snow, but a small number of anomalous objects were used in the creation of some. If a facility is not used in the way it was intended for, it will be torn down by RPC-719 and any anomalous object will be recovered. Attempts at containing the objects by separating them from its facility resulted in only a faster mobilization of RPC-719: Any place where an anomalous object was held was torn down by an instance, but also later repaired by it after recovery. No anomalous effects have been observed in the subjects using these facilities, but due to Authority rules, staff is forbidden from using them. The only exception to this rule is for facilities using anomalous objects in its construction, so the objects may be contained. The facilities are to be used by a group of CSD once weekly as to not be torn down by RPC-719, although Researchers may volounteer instead.

Discovery: In an expedition lead by MST Papa-1 (''Berserkers'') of a lower level of AR-17, the MST was assaulted by an unknown group of hostiles: In the retreat to the first level, MST leader 'Rathound' used an explosive to collapse a tunnel as to eliminate the threat. The explosion caused significant damage to the structural integrity of the area in which the surviving members of Papa-1 were in, which would’ve led to a cave-in and a total loss of operatives if not for the appearance of an RPC-719 group. Around twenty instances appeared around Papa-1, ignoring their gunfire directed at them and proceeded to hold the walls and roof of the cavern. Whilst most of them were repairing the cavern, two instances surrounded themselves around the MST and created a bunker-like shelter as to protect the operatives from any falling debris. After the reparations, RPC-719 tore down the bunker and retreated. After this event, they started to be seen more often on the lower levels of AR-17.

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