RPC-718 being taken out of its case and photographed by Dr. Tenenbaum.


Registered Phenomena Code: 718

Object Class: Alpha-White (UT)

Hazard Types: Contact Hazard, Sensory Hazard, Immeasurable, Psychotronic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-718 is to be held within a standard temperature and humidity controlled Alpha-class storage room within Site-015's Storage Sector. Tests conducted are to be approved by Head Researcher Stevenson, and are to be observed by one ASF officer or one researcher. Personnel interested in using 718 are to fill out multiple release waivers before using it.

Description: RPC-718 is a Great War-era trench whistle made by the ██████ Company, 1917, as indicated by inscriptions on its front face. It weighs approximately two ounces and is 15x1.4 centimeters. Further research into the ██████ Company shows it to have been closed down following the end of the war, with most of its records being destroyed during the London Blitz in 1941. When held and blown by a human being, RPC-718 causes the individual using it to go into a comatose where a subject's vital signs will remain operation, however they will be in a state of sleep for a period of 30 to 120 seconds. Testing with non-humans has shown no effect on their physical state. Subjects experience vivid dreams or audiovisual hallucinations in which they experience historical battles from the perspectives of ancestors who were involved in those battles. The earliest conflict experienced by an RPC-718 subject is the Sack of Rome with the most recent conflict having been the Conflict in Syria. Upon waking from this state, subjects report having acquired knowledge they did not previously posses. The attained expertise based on experience, but has included the sudden comprehension of a language, developing proficiency with weapons or tools commonly used by an ancestor.

Discovery: RPC-718 was found in the Kunar Province, Afghanistan during an ambush of UK and US-based coalition forces along MSR1 Holstead. Following this ambush, SSgt. Micah Wilson, a US-coalition cook would be cut off from nearby friendly forces due to insurgent fire. In order to draw the attention of friendly forces to wounded around him, SSgt. Wilson used the object as a means to communicate with his nearby teammates who would be drawn to the sound and provided first aid to the wounded soldiers, but would find Wilson unconscious. Following the ambush, Wilson would be treated by medical personnel and would file an after action report in which he described falling unconscious after using the whistle. This alerted Authority Central Intelligence agents embedded at Bagram Air Force Base who would secure RPC-718 and amnesticize SSgt. Wilson. MST X-Ray Six would create a counter narrative explaining the events as a traumatic brain injury incurred from an improvised explosive device attack.

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