Registered Phenomena Code: 713

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow

Hazard Types: N/A

Containment Protocols: Current handling of RPC-713-1 instances and containment is split between multiple Authority research and field agents planted within various major merchandising, publishing and art industries. Public exposure of RPC-713-1 instances is to be kept to a minimum by personnel upon discovery. The appropriate response to the exposed instance will be determined upon analyzing any possible security risks they may pose.

Authority web crawlers have been set up for cross-referencing recorded photos and depictions of archived anomalies with any pieces of media holding a strong resemblance to them. Located media will be archived and removed via standard online purging methods.

Description: RPC-713 is an ongoing occurrence wherein non-anomalous phenomena will bear significant resemblance to various recorded anomalies. The exact cause of RPC-713 is unknown; such resulting depictions (RPC-713-1) of anomalous objects, RPC’s and other abnormalities will be indirectly exposed to the general public in various degrees and through a number of ways, the most frequent being:

  • Various forms of merchandise and products
  • Artwork, be it drawing, sculptures, digital images, etc
  • Cultural, social and media trends
  • Locations, areas, and buildings
  • Forms of decoration and furniture

RPC-713-1 instances may manifest through either a non-anomalous series of events, such as an individual producing a non-anomalous item of sorts with the physical appearance (If at all possible) of the anomaly or as the sudden discovery of landmarks or locations with nearly identical physical appearance to the corresponding anomaly.

Discovery Log: It is unclear exactly when RPC-713 initially began manifestation. It is theorized that RPC-713 has possibly existed for longer than the Authorities establishment and has been responsible for a majority of cultural influences regarding fictional works, present interpretations of folklore and myths and trends. Research has shown RPC-713 to more likely manifest instances of RPC-713-1 that resemble containment RPC items.

While many instances display an obvious security risk, various instances of RPC-713-1 have been left uncontained. This has been allowed as such resemblances are not enough to cause any major awareness of abnormalities in the public eye. Furthermore, certain RPC items sharing characteristics of non-anomalous RPC-713-1 instances has proven useful in maintaining general feelings of skepticism towards the existence of the anomalies they depict.

To date, RPC-713 has been used to convince the general public that multiple sighted anomalies have simply been hoaxes.

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