Registered Phenomena Code: 712

Object Class: Alpha-Red

Hazards: Transmutation Hazard, Destabilization Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-712 is currently contained within a Standard Alpha-Container in Site-112’s Alpha-Wing Sector. Following several incidents regarding RPC-712’s info-hazardous effects, as well as several breaches of containment, no personnel are to use RPC-712 more than four times. ASF personnel guarding RPC-712 are to be rotated out every two weeks in fear of leaking info-hazardous effects.

The lever system that activates RPC-712 has been secured with a digital padlock requiring a five-digit access code. Personnel that desire to test with RPC-712 must get approval from Site-112’s Director, as well as the required combination. Personnel found attempting to break RPC-712’s padlock will be transferred out from Site-112.


Photo of RPC-712 taken during initial discovery

Description: RPC-712 is a blue branded KIM-2 Soviet cash register from the 1970s. Despite its age, RPC-712 is in pristine condition; all buttons and the left-lever are completely functional, able to work as a standard cashier machine.

The original owner of RPC-712, or its previous uses, remains unknown to the Authority. The only distinguishing markings within RPC-712 are the words “Faddei” scraped on its bottom surface. The place of discovery of RPC-712, an abandoned shop in Astrakhan, Russia, had no records of ownership of any individuals under that name.1

The main property of RPC-712 is its ability to change the chemical and physical composition of all items in a certain area with diverse results2 given the input currently introduced within the cashier’s display:3

  1. This space designates the distance from RPC-712 in which items will be affected. The distance can range from 1 to 9 meters.
  2. This space designated the number of objects RPC-712 will affect within the area. Can range from 1 to 9 objects.
  3. This space designated the size of objects it will affect. No clear metrics have been found yet, but commonly range from small animals and insects to objects of five or more meters in size.
  4. This space designates the “safe” area around RPC-712 following activation; anything and anyone within this area will not be affected by its properties. Can range from 1 to 9 meters.4
  5. The lever on the right-side of RPC-712 is needed to run the displayed effects of RPC-712. Once pulled, the effects will instantly occur and all numbers will return to 0.

A combination of sentient and non-sentient objects/organisms will result in X5 amount of lesser sentient products. Sentient and sapient will result in X amount of highly intelligent sentient products. Sapient and non-sentient will result in anomalously animated targets with varying levels of intelligence.6


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