Canon: Baseline
Series: Below Zero
Canon: Baseline Series: Below Zero

A colourized image of the Antarctic Snow Cruiser, which RPC-707-1 appears extremely simlar to.

Registered Phenomena Code: 707

Object Class: Gamma-Orange

Hazard Types: Animated, Aquatic, Mechanical, Climatological, Electromagnetic Force, Extreme-Temperatures, Teleportation

Containment Protocols: Currently, there are no means available to the Authority in which RPC-707 can be effectively contained. However, extensive measures have been taken to record data and document RPC-707 occurrences.

Various research stations and sites on Antarctica have been constructed with equipment designed with the intent of gathering detailed information during RPC-707 events. All data collected on RPC-707 is to be transferred to Site-017 for research and documentation purposes.

Description: RPC-707 is the designation of an anomalous weather phenomenon superficially similar to a hurricane that can only occur during the winter months on the Antarctic continent. Initially, RPC-707 will take the form of a non-anomalous storm with a diameter ranging from 50km to 100km, and with wind speeds typically exceeding 130km/h.

An RPC-707 occurrence can be identified by its intense magnetic field, which is believed to be the result of extreme electromagnetic polarization within the clouds of RPC-707. This polarization results in an unusual amount of intra-cloud lightning strikes within RPC-707. As such, RPC-707 displays a distinctive blue glow.

RPC-707 does not occur on any sort of regular basis and commonly forms in areas devoid of human life. Additionally, it has been reported that when RPC-707 gets within approximately 120km of the coordinates [REDACTED], it will be fired upon from an unknown surface-level platform utilizing a laser weapons system. This will always result in RPC-707 dissipating far earlier than it otherwise would.

Whenever an RPC-707 event occurs a four-wheeled mechanical entity, designated as RPC-707-1, will manifest at a random point below RPC-707. RPC-707-1 is extremely similar in appearance to the Antarctic Snow Cruiser developed in the US and constructed from 1937-1939. This vehicle was intended to be used to explore the Antarctic. However, it was found that the vehicle's diesel-electric generators were underpowered, and it was converted into an immobile outpost until it was later abandoned in 1941.

Note: The Antarctic Snow Cruiser was found where it was abandoned in 1941, during both the 1946 and 1958 expeditions. It has since not been observed to move.

Unlike the original Antarctic Snow Cruiser, RPC-707-1 is able to traverse the Antarctic terrain without issue. RPC-707-1 has never been directly recorded or observed from closer than 1km. RPC-707-1 has been described as being painted a distinctive black and having notable icicle formations on various points of its hull. RPC-707-1's undercarriage has been reported to emit a dim blue glow, not dissimilar from RPC-707's own.

Approximately 2 hours after RPC-707-1 manifests, it will launch a second mechanical entity, designated RPC-707-2. The launch itself has never been observed, with the mechanism used remaining unknown. RPC-707-2 bears great resemblance to a Beechcraft Model 17 Staggerwing and has been reported to be piloted by a humanoid entity. The flight behavior of RPC-707-2 is unaffected by the extreme weather caused by RPC-707.


An image of a Beechcraft Model 17 Staggerwing the same model of aircraft as RPC-707-2

For the duration of RPC-707, RPC-707-2 will fly around the storm in an attempt to locate any human subjects that are not taking shelter. RPC-707-2 locates these subjects in an unknown manner, believed to be superior to human sight. When it does so, RPC-707-1 will immediately demanifest, and manifest again twenty meters from the individual within their line of sight. RPC-707-1 will then approach the subjects and turn such that one of its doors is facing the subjects. The door closest to the subjects will then open, and two humanoid entities wearing parkas will exit RPC-707-1 and take the subjects aboard RPC-707-1. Note that the extreme cold of RPC-707 almost guarantees that the subjects will be in no state to resist these humanoids. To date, no subjects taken inside RPC-707-1 have been located by the Authority.

Additionally, it has been reported that humanoid entities, designated as RPC-707-3, manifest sporadically during RPC-707. RPC-707-3 are humanoid entities that are always seen wearing arctic grade winter equipment including a parka, ski goggles, winter pants, winter boots, a ski mask, and mittens. RPC-707-3 show no right hands, instead having a bone growth wrapping around an ice pick of unknown make.

RPC-707-3 are passive and will wander freely within RPC-707 in seemingly random directions. RPC-707-3 display the ability to cause the rapid growth of unnatural ice formations, which they normally use to traverse dangerous terrain. RPC-707-3 have been successfully contacted once. See Addendum 1.

Finally, when RPC-707 dissipates, RPC-707-1, RPC-707-2, and all RPC-707-3 instances will de-manifest.


RPC-707-3 Interview Log


RPC-707 Formation above Antarctic Region 017

Approximately three days after the discovery of AR-017, RPC-707 formed directly above AR-017. This manifestation of RPC-707 did not bring hurricane-force winds, instead, the weather caused by RPC-707 has been relatively tame.

The following are a collection of reports detailing various abnormal occurrences relating to RPC-707 during this time.

Debrief Log

Foreword: The following is the debrief log of an agent assigned to track the movements of RPC-707-1 and RPC-707-3 within AR-017.

Transcript: "…So let me start this off by saying that all the RPC-707-3 aren't moving as a single group. Which makes sense considering how they acted before the storm appeared over AR-017. Right now they seem to just be exploring AR-017 like we are, though they are centered around RPC-707-1. Which is moving around in the city, it just seems to be avoiding our teams for some reason.

RPC-707-2, on the other hand, is just circling AR-017. It's probably relaying what it sees to RPC-707-1 and the RPC-707-3.

Look, I have been studying RPC-707 and its associated phenomena for some time. This is the single strangest behavior I have ever seen from it, most of the time it is actually quite predictable if I am being honest. But like… this is completely out of character for RPC-707.


RPC-707 transmission from AR-017

RPC-707 Transmission Recording

Foreword: The following is a recording of an audio-based radio transmission emitted from RPC-707 on 12/07/2019.

Transcript: "Resting upon the spire is a city of false that was made from madness and magic. Now it rests quietly with time reclaiming it from the clutches of the Harbingers.

But the cold heart of time did not spare those who managed to escape the madness. That is where our new shape was formed, a storm perpetually fueled by the souls of the damned.

You must heed this warning: the city must be left alone.

We will re-seal this city within its tomb of ice and madness. We will prevent the Harbingers from rekindling the self-powered chaos of the spire. We will purge the Dream-Spawn. We will succeed.

Whether you heed this warning or not, we will carry out our duty. And regardless of what the abandoned golem may do to us, our conviction will not wavier.

The Damned will wander forevermore."

Following the above transmission, RPC-707 activity began to reach unprecedented levels. With mass amounts of lightning strikes to the surface being reported, these lightning strikes cover the surface they hit with a layer of transparent ice.

Additionally, it has been reported that individuals struck by this lighting have been instantly converted into an instance RPC-707-3. However, the validity of these claims have yet to be fully verified.

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