RPC-703 promptly after reappearing after a zero state event.


Registered Phenomena Code: 703

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Regenerative, Destabilization, Temporal, Explosive, Extreme Temperature, Gravitational

Containment Protocols: RPC-703 is to be kept in a frozen state at all times. The containment chamber must always remain at a temperature below -30°C. Any attempts to convert RPC-703 to a liquid state or gaseous state will result in immediate clearance level demotion.

Description: RPC-703 is a bottle of Sprite Zero. Every 24 hours, it will undergo a "zero state" in which a specific attribute that can be measured or determined will become exactly zero. This effect ranges from zero temperature, zero mass, zero gravity, etc. The zero state however, can be altered by environmental factors, such as room temperature increasing the temperature of RPC-703.

RPC-703 despite being impossible to destroy by non-anomalous means and outside forces, may be destroyed by certain zero states, however it will reappear after 24 hours, although it will have no anomalous properties until the next 24 hours after initial reappearance. RPC-703 has also shown to always contain 20 fl oz of Sprite Zero.

Multiple different states of zero have been documented, however newer states of zero are still observed. The states that RPC-703 cycles through do not seem to be in order. Non-anomalous freezing has proven to be able to pause the cycle.

Consumption of RPC-703 will result in the consumer experiencing a zero state, which usually results in death. Consumers do not return to normal, nor do they cycle through different states.

Foreign substances do not mix with RPC-703. It also does not react with any substance. No other similar instances have been found since containment.

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