Registered Phenomena Code: 699

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Info-Hazard

Containment Protocols: Any and All information on regarding or informing on how to perform RPC-699 outside of Authority care should be destroyed. The only record that should contain RPC-699 is Document-699-001. Document-699-001 is to be contained in a standard containment locker when not in use. Usage of Document-699-001 to perform RPC-699 for testing requires Level IV clearance.

Description: RPC-699 is a ritual that requires symbols of abrahamic origins that need to be carved into the hands of the individual performing RPC-699 and vocal commands. The vocal commands are mixture of the Latin and Norse languages. Document-699-001 is a non-anomalous dark brown 30.48 centimeter long scroll containing the instructions to perform RPC-699. For the effect of RPC-699 to fully manifest a subject must carve abrahamic symbols relating to the subject of ██████ onto the palm of each hand. A subject must then recite the following sentence, “gefa aspectu til mihi”.

The subject will immediately suffer an intense migraine followed by the subject becoming temporarily blind for twenty seconds. The effects of RPC-699 start after the twenty second mark. Subjects will view everything in a third person point of view. Subjects are able to control their bodies during this state, but typically exhibit difficulty in terms of motor function. Test have shown that subjects who are under the effect of RPC-699 obtain the ability to view their surroundings in a panoramic orientation, being able to clearly view any objects within a 50 meter radius. The effect of RPC-699 last for 30 minutes. Subjects are always recorded to faint at the 30 minute mark.

Discovery: On ██/██/██, Research Team Omega One was surveying Archeological Site-009 for anomalous objects when they dug up a scroll from one of the temple walls. The team brought the scroll back for analysis to OL-Site-██. Testing with CSD personnel revealed that the scroll was non-anomalous, but the informative that the scroll contained was. The scroll was dubbed Document-699-001 and the information inside it was called RPC-699.

Addendum: Incident 699-███
On ██/██/██, Dr. Cergio defected from the Authority. He escaped with RPC-███ and information on how to perform RPC-699. Before he escape Site-███, he uploaded information on RPC-699 and how to perform it. MST Oscar-5 “Web Nerds” successfully deleted all files containing information on how to perform RPC-699. MST Alpha-21 "Wolf Pack" have successfully captured and terminated Dr. Cergio, and MST Sierra-8 "Sundowners" were tasked with retrieving RPC-███.

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