Registered Phenomena Code: 696

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Organic Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Tychokinetic Hazard, Emotional Hazard, Mind Control Hazard

Containment Protocols:


Image of RPC-696 taken by PVT Walker during the initial investigation.

RPC-696 is to be sprayed with one half-liter (0.13 gallons) of animal fluids every day at 18:00 GMT. At least once per week these fluids must consist of a specialized admixture of human origin1. Contracts have been established with the nearest █████ bank at █████████ as well as with █████████ ████████ to ensure a steady supply of human admixture and animal fluids of acceptable quality. The bath should be made of █████, █████, and █████2 in a 3:2:1 ratio.

RPC-696 must be recorded at all times; retrieved footage should be scanned for unexpected growth at least once per hour, even at night. Daily growth or shrinkage within a range of five centimeters (two inches) is to be considered normal and regular. Approval of acting heads of staff and a Level 4 or higher security override is required before any attempt to physically alter RPC-696. It is similarly important, before raising alarm, to review footage to determine if a branch has changed in size or if RPC-696 moved it from another location.

Detailed reports covering RPC-696's cumulative growth, movement, and health must be emailed to Dr. █████ or the acting head of staff through their intranet address at least twice a week. As of ██/█ /████, these regular reports are scheduled for Wednesday and Sunday. If these dates are missed and immediate contact fails, the facility will be presumed lost and a team will be dispatched for armed investigation.

While RPC-696 is relatively easy to contain3 and may be reclassified to Alpha at a later date, at no point should this encourage dereliction of duties. Current Beta classification is primarily motivated by a general lack of understanding of RPC-696's motives, needs, capabilities, limitations, and weaknesses. If containment of RPC-696 fails again, it could have dire consequences.

Background information about RPC-696 is available to Research staff via Description files "Physical Description" and "Anomalous Behavior." Additionally, all personnel, acting or transient, must thoroughly review "Safety Considerations" before physically entering the facility.


Four addenda have been attached to RPC-696's documentation to enhance the debriefing process of new personnel. Because of the somewhat precarious nature of RPC-696's containment it is imperative that all active or incoming Research staff review each file every day they are active on-location, especially before advocating any changes to current protocols.

Addendum 1.1: Initial Field Investigation on █/█ /████.
Addendum 1.2: Transcript of Interview with Dr. █████ as head of operations on ██/██ /████.
Addendum 1.3: Paramour Garden Incident Investigation on ██/█ /████.
Addendum 1.4: Transcript of Interview with Dr. █████ immediately following extraction and treatment.
Addendum 1.5: Summary Notes on potential links to the Descendants of Yggdrasil.

Any questions about events reported in any of the attached files should be directed towards Dr. █████ through their intranet email address at ███████████████.

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