RPC-690's point of origin.


Registered Phenomena Code: 690

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Extra-dimensional Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Organic Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: The location of RPC-690 is contained in a joint effort with the Greek government and Authority by posing as a historical conservation society. The site is to be monitored at all times by Authority personnel under the guise of conservationists and historical researchers. Non-Authority individuals approaching the site are to be informed that the area is private property and off-limits to tourists as the temple undergoes restoration. Elevated containment procedures are to be observed during the third week of July on the Gregorian Calendar, during which RPC-690 enters an active state.

RPC-690 is to be guarded during the period of anomalous activity by three armed agents posing as members of the Hellenic Army and stationed around the perimeter of the temple. Access to the temple itself is to be limited to Authority personnel assigned to RPC-690. Any civilians that breach the perimeter are to be taken into custody and released at an appropriate location determined by the Site Security Director.

Due to the non-aggressive nature of the inhabitants of RPC-690, research staff with Level 2 clearance or greater are permitted access for testing at any time.

Description: RPC-690 is a space-time anomaly existing within the Temple of Aphrodite Urania located north-west of the Ancient Agora of Athens. The temple came under the Authority's attention after reports of fifteen civilians (nine American tourists, three Japanese tourists, two German tourists, and one Greek national) who went missing from June 23rd, 2015 to July 21st, 2015. An Authority investigation team determined that the anomaly is localized within the interior of the temple and manifests between the hours of 2200 to 2400 EEST starting the third week of June, leading up to the third week of July1.

RPC-690-A is a parallel reality of modern Earth, seemingly identical to current reality, with timezones, locations, and individuals corresponding with their respective places. The only major, notable trait of RPC-690-A as compared to baseline reality is that all human inhabitants are excessively sexually active both in public and in private, with social mores regarding sexual activity significantly relaxed compared to those of baseline reality. While this behavior has caused problems for RPC-690-A society — such as increased STD rates — they have accordingly advanced science and medicine technology to a degree capable of countering these threats. For details, see addenda.

Video feed gathered via remote surveillance drone shows inhabitants of RPC-690 (hereafter referred to as RPC-690-1) reacting to drone activity with responses ranging from mild curiosity to sexual acts. On 06/21/2017, after deeming RPC-690 non-hazardous for Authority personnel, Senior Researcher Livermore authorized three cadets of Mobile Specialized Team Zulu-2 ("Muzar") accompanied by a Staff sergeant access into RPC-690 for reconnaissance purposes.

Addendum 690.1: Discovery

Exploration of RPC-690 began on 06/23/2016 at roughly 1300 MST (2200 EEST) via miniature aerial drone deployed by Site personnel stationed in Athens, Greece. Upon initial entry into RPC-690-A, the operating crew did not discover any deviations from baseline reality, and believed the drone to have simply passed through the temple's inner walls.

This was quickly corrected during a routine flyover en route to Athens, Greece on Motorway A1, 18 miles from city limits. At approximately 2312 EEST, footage from the aerial drone spotted a large crowd congregated at what seemingly appeared to be a traffic jam. The drone descended upon a large gathering of pedestrians2 in various stages of undress engaging in a variety of sexual activities3.

RPC-690-1 instances were observed to be engaging in numerous sexual acts in groups of varying sizes, with the largest recorded group consisting of over 20 participants. Though singular instances were seen to engage in masturbatory behavior, many would quickly attempt to join other groups and exchange partners.

The aerial drone remained active for the next 12 hours before returning to Site command for recharge. All video footage and images were documented and logged on 06/23/2016.

Afterwards, the Site personnel contacted Site Command; an attempt to communicate with the presiding government of RPC-690-A was made.

Addendum 690.2: Initial Contact

Communications with RPC-690-A civilization were initiated on 06/30/2016. Details of political organization and cultural development of RPC-690-A were disclosed. RPC-690-A civilization is governed under an authoritarian leadership consisting of RPC-690-2 instances claiming to be fertility deities originating from ancient mythology, with each presiding over their respective nation(s). Despite these figures exercising absolute political power over the state, scientific advancements, cultural trends, and artistic expression, RPC-690-A still effectively parallels baseline reality, with the exceptions of greater advancements in biological science (viz. cosmetics, birth control methodologies, and STD/STI treatments) and relaxed sexual mores.

On the approximate start date of extensive communication with RPC-690-A civilization, three (3) Cadets and one (1) Staff Sergeant of Mobile Specialized Team Zulu-2 ("Muzar") were authorized by both parties for examination and exploration of RPC-690-A from 06/21/2017 - 07/21/2017.

All logs and interviews are available in Addendum 690.3 and Addendum 690.4.

Addendum 690.3: Exploration of RPC-690-A

Addendum 690.4: Interview Log

Addendum 690.5: RPC-690-A Anomalous Variants

On 10/12/2018, a project proposal to investigate the presence of the RPC Authority within RPC-690 was granted. The project was spearheaded by baseline Authority scientists Doctor Rieper, Doctor Santorum, and Junior Researcher Hudson, who upon making verified contact with the alternate reality manifestation of the Authority, were assigned to log RPC-690-A anomalies also present in baseline reality.

+ 690-A Anomaly Log

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