RPC-690 Anomaly Log




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Subject(s): RPC-196
Entity Description: A four-dimensional manifestation of Carl Sagan.
Analysis: Nothing changed. Investigation is ongoing into this phenomenon, and no current evidence has been found as to how RPC-196 avoids the anomalous affects of RPC-690.

Subject(s): RPC-400
Entity Description: A grotesque humanoid entity that manifest when personnel are alone in Site-051
Analysis: An non-hostile incorporeal entity resembling Dr. Sarah ██████. In our reality Dr. Sarah ██████ went missing after a containment breach in Site-051. The connections between this entity and RPC-400 is currently being investigated.

Subject(s): RPC-063
Entity Description: RPC-063 is an extradimensional humanoid entity that measures to be 1.43 meters in height and weighing 40 kilograms. Close observation reveals that RPC-063's anomalous properties consist of extradimensional abilities that enables RPC-063 to oneirically transfer to a subject's dream and feed upon their phobia.
Analysis: In RPC-690’s reality, RPC-063 appears to be a caucasian female with a memetic effect which makes all male observers describe the entity as “beautiful”. Just like RPC-063 in our reality, the RPC-063 in this reality is capable of oneirically transferring itself into a subject’s dreams. Personnel who have been subjected to RPC-690’s version of RPC-063 oneirical effects describe their dreams as being “sexual” in nature.

Subject(s): RPC-866
Entity Description: RPC-866 is an entity that manifests as whatever the general consensus believes it to be. To avoid this anomaly, all information in this log has been restricted via anti-meme. Notify your nearest Anti-Memetics Department staff for more information on this topic.
Analysis: In RPC-690’s reality, RPC-866 appears to be a 230 meter long reptilian entity, baring great resemblance to a member of Ophiophagus hannah, or King Cobra. When approached, RPC-866's physical appearance shifts to become that of a genderless grey humanoid, then shifting to become whatever the person looking at it deems sexually attractive. If the person seeing RPC-866 does not find anything sexually attractive, their spine will be anomalously removed, by unknown means. Their corpse will then be turnt to ash, the ash to dust, the dust to sand, the sand to dust, the dust to ash, the ash to dust, the dust to sand, the sand to dust, the dust to ash, the ash to dust, the dust to sand, the sand to dust, the dust to ash, the ash to dust, the dust to sand, the sand to dust, the dust to ash, the ash to dust, the dust to sand, the sand to dust, the dust to ash, the ash to dust, the dust to sand, the sand to dust, the dust to ash, the ash to dust, the dust to sand, and the sand will be consumed by RPC-866. Notify your nearest Anti-Memetics Department staff for access to this information.

Subject(s): RPC-654
Entity Description: RPC-654 is the designation of a extremely large structure made of 16 gears, approximately 18 AU from Neptune's orbital path. RPC-654 also causes individuals that know about it to occasionally have dreams that involve a mechanical entity known as RPC-654-1 Notify your nearest Informational Hazards Department staff for more information on this topic.
Analysis: RPC-654 is not present within RPC-690. However, depictions and shrines dedicated to RPC-654-1 have been found within RPC-690, and are prayed to in a manner similar to other deities within RPC-690. However, it should be noted that RPC-654-1 worship is a rarity within RPC-690, but is not viewed in a negative manner by the general society within RPC-690. It is unclear if RPC-654-1 in RPC-690 has the same Informational Hazardous Properties. Notify your nearest Informational Hazards Department staff for more information on this topic.

Subject(s): RPC-027
Entity Description: RPC-027 is a 7.62 x 7.62 x 7.62 cm black cube made of an unknown material. RPC-027 exhibits no anomalous properties with the exception of maintaining a constant internal temperature of 23ºC. RPC-027’s main anomalous properties begin when five subjects place their hands on the sides of RPC-027. Once done, RPC-027 will produce a spatial anomaly from its interior (henceforth referred to as RPC-027-A) which will create an extra-dimensional gateway into a pocket universe designated RPC-027-B.
Analysis: RPC-027 leads to a pocket universe as normal. When a subject is spotted by an RPC-027-C instance, the RPC-027-C instance will become hostile and attempt to terminate the subject. Once the subjects is terminated they will return to RPC-690’s reality with the following phrase carved onto their chest: “Stay Out Degenerates”.

Subject(s): RPC-950
Entity Description: RPC-950 is a large amorphous biomass located on the surface of Venus above a 30x40 meter wide crater situated 100 meters south of the Artemis Chasma. The entity measures 50 meters in length and 30 meter in height. The main mass of the entity levitates 20 meters above the surface of the crater. RPC-950 constantly sways above the crater allowing for viewing of RPC-950-A and RPC-950-B. Various organic tube-like appendages fall from the entity into the crater were RPC-950-A and RPC-950-B are located.
Analysis: RPC-950 is a large humanoid creature composed of various extra-terrestrial organisms roaming across the surface of Venus. Various sigils can be seen burned a crossed its body. The purpose of these sigils are currently unknown. RPC-950 has apparently observed to excavate the Venusian soil to reveal several unknown structures. When a structure is found RPC-950 will release an amorphous entity from its base designated by baseline Authority as RPC-950-690-A.

RPC-950-690-A instances have been observed to study the excavated structure. RPC-950-690-A instances study these structures by physically rubbing against them. After an unknown amount of time an RPC-950-690-A instance will physically remove themselves from said structure and be reabsorbed by RPC-950.

Subject(s): RPC-███ Sector-1██1

Entity Description: RPC-███ Sector-10█2 is a phenomenon where the words “Where is Sector-100” manifest within under utilized containment chambers within Site-002. Attempts to observe what causes RPC-███ have become difficult as cameras within areas of RPC-███ manifestation malfunction prior to a manifestation. Investigation into the nature of Sector-100 is inconclusive as no sector exists within Site-002.

Analysis: It was discovered within RPC-690-A that RPC-███ is a scam operation conducted by Engineering Component personnel within Site-002. The ploy was discovered by ASF personnel patrolling an under utilized area of Site-002 discovered a group of engineering personnel tampering with cameras and graffitiing the inside of an empty containment chamber. The group were apprehended and confessed to being behind the RPC-███ phenomenon. Their reasoning behind the scam was to give the Site Director a reason to update Site-002’s outdated security camera system3.

Addendum: Investigations into the Engineering Component of Site-002 are currently underway4.

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