Registered Phenomena Code: 686

Object Class: Omega-White (Pending reclassification)

Hazard Types: Tychokinetic Hazard

Containment Protocols: Due to RPC-686's property, containment is not possible outside of the 09:00 to 17:00 time period. At 16:50, staff are required to leave their doors and windows open should RPC-686 be present to safely allow its departure and avoid possible incidents.

Site-168 Staff are allowed to interact with RPC-686 and to treat it as any other ordinary instance of a domestic cat. Staff members that first notice the anomaly’s arrival and its departure are required to file a report describing the location where RPC-686 appeared. Deviation from the regular schedule of departure is to be immediately reported.


RPC-686 within the second area of Site-168

Description: RPC-686 is a domestic cat that will appear within Site-168 grounds at precisely 09:00 AM and leave the grounds at 17:00 PM.

RPC-686 has shown no other anomalous properties and characteristics. Upon the discovery of the anomalous property, a veterinary inspection has shown that “Mudstick”1 possesses no notable physical properties aside from a single claw missing from its left hind leg. Depending on the season and weather, it will seek out warm and dry locations to sleep in and will follow staff members out of curiosity and a need to be fed. Greater affinity towards certain staff is present but does not influence the properties in any form aside from using the same points of entry and exit. RPC-686 shows no form of higher sentience or understanding of its own anomalous characteristic and is by all intents and purposes a completely normal feline.

Each day, regardless of the season or weather, RPC-686 will be seen entering the Site’s grounds by at least one staff member at precisely 09:00 AM. At 17:00 PM, it will likewise be seen leaving the grounds. Attempts to prevent the anomaly from doing either have been proven impossible. No attempt to prevent RPC-686's appearance is possible. A variety of events such as device malfunction and human error allow for RPC-686 to consistently and constantly arrive and depart at the same time and place regardless of any outside circumstance. A log of entry and exit points is to be kept in a separate document.

Requests for any additional attempts to contain the anomaly will not be granted.

Discovery: RPC-686 began visiting Site-168 at approximately two years old, starting in the summer of 2003. Initially believed to be one of the animals used in the Site’s pet therapy, it was later realized that it lacked any sort of identification or chipping. Further investigation confirmed that the animal was a stray that coincidentally began to visit the Site. The anomalous properties were discovered during attempts to prevent RPC-686 from coming onto Site grounds due to sanitary reasons. Repeated testing confirmed the presence of an anomalous property. Once the specifics of it were determined, the current Containment Protocols came into power.

Addendum: Select logs were picked as a method to accurately show RPC-686’s anomalous property.

Date Entrance Exit
18.11.2009. RPC-686 was taken and put inside of a veterinary cage for the duration of the day. Five minutes before its exit time, RPC-686 opens the cage and heads towards the exit. It was established that the staff member responsible for placing RPC-686 never locked the cage door.
21.11.2009. RPC-686 was taken and put inside of a veterinary cage for the duration of the day. A lock was placed on the cage door. RPC-686 squeezes through the cage bars and leaves the Site.
24.11.2009. RPC-686 was taken and put inside of a veterinary cage for the duration of the day. A lock was placed on the cage door, along with a sheet of transparent plastic to prevent RPC-686 from squeezing through. Back wall of veterinary cage falls off, allowing for RPC-686 and other caged animals to escape. RPC-686 leaves the Site as staff attempts to recontain the animals.
24.12.2009. 686 was taken and put inside of a veterinary cage for the duration of the day. Three locks with separate keys were placed on the cage door, which was reinforced with bulletproof glass. Veterinary cages were checked throughout the week for any damages, special attention being given to hinges, screws, and wheels. Flammable material was taken out of the room along with personal possessions, decorations, light bulbs, chairs on wheels, printer ink, computer monitors, any item higher than 50cm and lighter than 20kg, any form of plastic and paper card and most importantly all of the documents containing two or more staples within them. The veterinary clinic was locked and reinforced with five bars of steel drilled into the wall and doorframe. The window was temporarily bricked up. Ventilation was shut and cut off from the rest of the facility, with an air pump with three filters of varying sizes connected into the room through a 3cm hole. Four cameras were placed within the room and reinforced with see-through bulletproof glass. Staff were notified throughout the week to avoid the area, with guards patrolling all possible entrances. All furniture within the hallways was wheeled out and replaced by non-lethal glue traps. All staff was required to check for their personal belongings every hour and report if anything was missing. RPC-686 found in library, sleeping on top one of the bookshelves. Exited Site on time. Once the veterinary clinic was unsealed and the cage opened it was discovered that the wrong cat was placed by accident in the cage.
30.12.2009. RPC-686 enters the storage room, and spends the day playing around and in the various boxes and crates. Repeatedly taken out of the room, but always kept coming in. At 17:14, staff assigned to storage room came to the conclusion that they never noticed RPC-686 leaving the area. Investigating the location, they discovered a single closed box that did not have a description of its contents. Personnel requested assistance from Research and Containment staff in deciding what to do with the box. A decision was made not to move the box. At 17:47, the box was opened in front of 30 available personnel, revealing it as empty. Doctor Kreshaw confirmed seeing the anomaly leave the Site at 17:00 through his office window, but postponing to log the event until he finished a report.
13.4.2010. As an Authority vehicle was entering through the gates, it broke down and left the entrance open. RPC-686 entered through the gate. RPC-686 was seen jumping off a departing vehicle’s roof.
3.2.2011. – 5.4.2011. RPC-686 enters Dr. Leiskovitz’ office and remains there with the Doctor. RPC-686 leaves through the window left open by Dr. Leiskovitz

Note: RPC-686 would often repeat its visits to Dr. Leiskovitz, preferring to enter and leave through his office’s window positioned at the edge of Site grounds. It is presumed that both the position of the office and Leiskovitz’ treatment of RPC-686 encouraged this preference.

25.04.2011. – 30.04.2011. RPC-686 found lying on Dr Leiskovitz as he awoke. Refused to leave him throughout the day, often putting itself in front of the doctor as he tried to go through doors. Behavior intensified as time passed. RPC-686 would stay as long as possible with Dr Leiskovitz, often sprinting off Site grounds as the time drew closer.
01.05.2011. RPC-686 attempted to smash through Dr Leiskovitz’ office window by slamming itself against it. Window remained closed, and RPC-686 was forced to arrive through another point of entry. Dr Leiskovitz is forced to carry out RPC-686 out of the facility due to its aggressive behavior, attacking both the Doctor and one of his patients prior to a therapy session. RPC-686 is last seen being carried out the Site exit and left outside. Staff reported loud meowing through the night, but RPC-686 was not seen until the next day.
02.05.2011. RPC-686 noticed scratching the late Dr Leiskovitz’ office window during the removal of his personal possessions. Let in and spent the rest of the day in the office chair. Left through the window, left open by accident.
16.05.2011. RPC-686 enters through an open window during a group therapy session. Causes one of the patients to panic, resulting in an incident. RPC-686 itself climbs a tree on Site ground and spends the remainder of its time perched upon it. After multiple coaxing attempts, RPC-686 leaves by jumping off the tree and escaping the Site.

Dr Milner requested that RPC-686 be reclassified as Omega-Yellow due to the harm it caused to personnel and patients. Request was denied.

10.06.2011. Dr Milner finds RPC-686 within her office and throws it out into the hall. It attempts multiple times to reenter the office. RPC-686 stays in front of the office door. Milner enters the office and slams the door behind her, causing the door to fall off its hinges. RPC-686 enters the office and leaves through the window.
03.12.2011. RPC-686 is found sleeping in the cafeteria, later spending the time harassing staff for scraps of food. RPC-686 attempts to leave Dr Milner’s office. Dr Milner closes the window to prevent it from leaving. Jr Rsr Juniper opens the office door from the other side to call Dr Milner for assistance and RPC-686 leaves the room and the Site.
29.04.2011. RPC-686 found within Dr Milner’s office with the window open. It is revealed that janitorial staff left the window open by accident last night during cleaning. Dr Milner takes out RPC-686 and leaves it in the hall. RPC-686 leaves the Site through its main entrance after watching locks being installed on Dr Milner’s office window.
30.04.2012. Storm breaks off part of a tree and breaks the office window of Dr Milner. RPC-686 enters through the newly created hole. RPC-686 leaves through the window frame during repairs.

Dr Milner requested another reclassification for RPC-686 into Omega-Orange due to potential life-endangering situations the anomaly may cause.

Request was repeatedly refused and resubmitted.

Request was accepted. RPC-686 is pending reclassification, with priority given to other more urgent requests.

01.05.2012. Initially believed not to have arrived. RPC-686 entered through Dr Milner’s office window and remained within it alongside her for the remainder of the day. Dr Milner opens the window and allows RPC-686 to leave. Dr Milner joins Dr Leiskovitz’ Remembrance Day.
03.05.2012. – 13.3.2013. Dr Milner opens her office window to allow RPC-686 to enter. RPC-686 leaves Dr Milner and the site through the main entrance.
07.08.2015. RPC-686 is found drinking from a pond on Site grounds. Attempts to get near it met with it avoiding staff. Door to cage is opened by another trained therapy feline. RPC-686 escapes the on-Site veterinary lab, last seen on security camera.
09.08.2015. RPC-686 found in the kennels, drinking water. Caught and brought back for treatment by Dr Milner. RPC-686, despite its physical weakness and disease, manages to push its cage onto the ground, breaking it open. It leaves through the window.
26.08.2015. – 17.09.2015 RPC-686 is assisted onto Site grounds by Dr Milner through the office window. RPC-686 is assisted off of Site grounds by Dr Milner through the main entrance.
18.09.2015. RPC-686 is found within the Site at the entrance, laying on the ground. Dr Milner takes it and carries it into the exterior Site garden, where they spend the day. RPC-686 refuses to eat or drink. RPC-686 attempts to leave. Dr Milner carries it to the Site gates. It manages to leave.
19.09.2015. RPC-686 does not arrive. — / —

Pending reclassification to Neutralized.

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