The storage of Supermarket ██████, shortly before ASF Rapid Response Team started fumigation protocols.

Registered Phenomena Code: 682

Object Class: Beta-Yellow [Gamma reclassification pending]

Hazard Types: Bio-Hazard, Contact Hazard, Sensory Hazard, Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-682 is to be contained by ASF Rapid Response Team ("Nasty Fumigators") disguised as civilian fumigators. Nests of RPC-682 must be sanitized and/or incinerated alongside single RPC-682-1 instances, former nests must be buried in dirt and affected buildings are to be surveyed for a minimum of 10-11 days including all of its beauty products (including hygienic products as of 2/12/20██. See Addendum 682-B). If any unusual news about possible uncontained RPC-682-3 are to be found, Authority operatives are to search and cover information in the case RPC-682-3 and RPC-682-2 are confirmed. Said operatives must be wearing a gas mask at all times and avoid contact with RPC-682-2 and -3 instances. RPC-682-2 and RPC-682-3 instances are to be destroyed, their remains must be incinerated and their location sanitized to avoid any kind of infection.

Description: RPC-682 is the collective designation of an anomalous sub-species of the Australian cockroach, Periplaneta australasiae. RPC-682-1 are said instances which are distributed across Urban Areas. Nests of RPC-682-1 usually appear near supermarkets and shopping centers. RPC-682-1 are 23–35mm in length and have an unusual bioluminescent line in the lower part of the prothorax1. RPC-682's behavior show nothing out of the ordinary2 with the exception of pheromone excretion as RPC-682-1 instances have a distinct smell extremely similar to shampoo and other washing products3. Every summer season will cause RPC-682-1 to undergo Event 682-Alpha.

Event 682-Alpha: In this event, every RPC-682-1 instances affected by Event 682-Alpha will search for beauty products (shampoo and perfume bottles, hand soap, etc.) inside the nearest supermarket or shopping center and will then perforate them with a (as of now unknown to any other periplaneta species) proboscis and dispense a light brown substance into the beauty products.4 A secondary anomalous effect will cause the brand name of the beauty product to spontaneously change to "Arnulf's Almond Metamorphosis©: Remake your beauty like a butterfly" once RPC-682-1 inserts its mandibles. No known company shares this name. Infected products are hereby called RPC-682-2. RPC-682 will then stop the event after they created ~10 RPC-682-2 instances and/or were found in the process.

RPC-682-1 will then rub its abdomen against the bottle, secreting RPC-682-1 pheromones. This attracts consumers into buying RPC-682-2. If the costumer (hereby called the subject) has entered a body of water and use RPC-682-2, Event 682-Beta will trigger.

Event 682-Beta: If a subject uses RPC-682-2 in a body of water, the fluids of RPC-682-2 will start to self-replicate over the subject, then it will harden and trap the subject inside a cocoon5. The cocoon possesses a brown tint, and it imitates the shape of a cockroach cocoon. The subject will then stay in a coma-state inside the recently formed cocoon for approximately 2 months. Event 682-Beta can be stopped if the cocoon is broken prematurely6.

After said 2 months, subjects will reach a "mature" state and break out of the cocoon. Subjects will mutate in the shape of several Periplantea species7. Subjects affected will hereby be called RPC-682-3. RPC-682-3 are dazed momentarily and will then begin RPC-682-3 behavior. Activities in the behavior include:

  • Constantly commenting on themes regarding beauty or prettiness.
  • Seeking beauty products and quickly agitate in the lack thereof.
  • Feed from said beauty products. How RPC-682-3 absorbs nutrients from them is unknown.
  • Secreting RPC-682-1 horomones. Making them a dangerous hallucinatory threat to unprotected subjects.

Addendum 682-A: Research found out that RPC-682 does not feed, theories say that RPC-682 may feed from the acid RPC-682-3 instances produce. If this is true, the population of RPC-682-3 shall be killed off to prevent RPC-682's growth.

Addendum 682-B: RPC-682 instances have recently been found to have a subspecies as of 2/12/20██. There has been cases of RPC-682-1 infecting various hygienic products. Due to this, Gamma classification is currently being decided.

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