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Registered Phenomena Class: 681

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-681 is to remain dormant in the Chief Cornstalk Research Center in ██████████████, West Virginia. It is to be kept locked with its original lock to avoid suspicion. The area is to be monitored 24/7 by surveillance cameras hidden within 300 meters of the bunker. A single microphone is to be kept in the center of the structure, suspended from a ventilation hole in the ceiling.

Civilians are allowed to approach and touch RPC-681’s door and walls, so long as they not attempt a break in. Any attempts to do so must be met with rapid detainment of any trespassers. It is important to use less-lethal alternatives to maximize discretion. Firearms are to be used only in the absolute direst of circumstances due to the close proximity of a small town.

Description: RPC-681 is an “igloo” bunker built during the Second World War and used to store experimental explosives and ██████████ agents. After abandonment, anomalous properties manifested themselves in 1968, soon after the infamous █████████████ Incident the previous Christmas.

Upon entering the bunker, the strange echo usually clearly present in other similar bunkers in the area is noticeably absent. Instead, any non-verbal noise is simply absorbed by the walls. Any verbal communication will be responded to by an entity, hereafter referred to as RPC-681-1.

RPC-681-1 manifests itself as the subject’s own voice. It has a free will of its own and resembles whoever it mimics in voice and personality. Upon being asked a question about the subject’s own life, the voice will echo back answers that seemingly predict the future. So far 12 tests have taken place, with all short-term predictions coming true in all cases. The most prominent predications include:

• The prediction that Dr. ████████ was pregnant, and her baby would be a male that her husband would insist be named ██████
• The prediction that a site security officer would be killed cleaning out RPC-███’s pen
• The prediction that a nearby bunker containing RPC-███ would experience a containment breach that the subject would be present for.
• The prediction that ██████████ would defect from the RPC Authority

Should the subject that RPC-681-1 is mimicking attempt to leave the bunker, RPC-681-1 will adamantly and violently plead and beg for the subject to stay. RPC-681-1 typically mentions how it hated “the isolation of the void” and that it’s “not sure what will happen” if [the subject] leaves.

Should the subject leave anyway, the echo will no longer be present upon re-entry to the structure. Furthermore, the subject will have no echo at all. All sounds produced by the subject’s vocal cords will be absorbed by his/her surroundings. This trait is not genetic, but is permanent. Subjects afflicted by this malady, hereafter referred to as RPC-681-2, will either have to find alternative means of communicating with people outside their immediate area, or live with being semi-mute. It should also be noted that microphones do not pick up their voices after contact with RPC-681-1, nor do any other form of audio recording. To date, no procedure, medical or otherwise, can reverse this effect.

Interview between RPC-681-1 and Mr. ████████, via a proxy Volunteer.

Interviewed: RPC-681-1

Interviewer: Volunteer █████████████

Foreword: The Volunteer was told to enter and read off several questions predicting his personal future, including several events that would happen in a random sequence after the interview. In addition, questions regarding RPC-681-1 were also raised.

<Begin Log>

Subject: Hello?

RPC-681-1: Hi there, █████.

Subject: I was just instructed by Mr. ████████ to ask you a few questions about yourself and a few things about my personal future, is that alright?.

RPC-681-1: Sure thing, █████. Shoot.

Subject: Okay then, we’ll begin with your origin, do you know what you are and where you came from?

RPC-681-1: I’m afraid not, I really just remember you coming in here to talk to me. Everything else is just darkness.

Subject: So you aren’t aware of any other entities around you?

RPC-681-1: Just you, I’m afraid. I’m glad you came though, nice to see— well, hear a friendly voice

Subject: Well thank you, 681. I appreciate it. Now, what do you know about what’s going to happen if I leave this bunker?

RPC-681-1: Wait, you’re not gonna really leave, are you? I can tell you what would happen, but please don’t leave. I don’t know what would happen-

Subject: No, I’m not going to leave you. Don’t worry. Now, tell me, what exactly would happen?

RPC-681-1: Well, if you leave, you are presented with a coin toss, the answer to which is Heads, you roll 3 dice at once, you get one three and two fours for a total of eleven. Then, Mr. ████████ will throw a tennis ball at you from his left hand, it will miss you.

Subject: So how do you know all this?

RPC-681-1: I’m not sure. You ask the question and I just kind of… know.

Subject: That’s interesting. Say, there’s another thing that I’ve been meaning to ask, about █████████.

RPC-681-1: I know what you’re going to ask already. It’ll be fine. You two have a future together. You’ll be disciplined for asking unauthorized questions, though.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Afterwards, Volunteer █████████████ abruptly walked out as instructed. RPC-681-1 was unable to do anything other than a quick yelp. The subject was slightly traumatized by this, in addition to the long-term effects of exposure to RPC-681. Nevertheless, he was able to complete the three trials. The first two trials, which were a coin toss which he knew about, and a dice roll of which he had no knowledge of the number of dice involved, had the exact results that RPC-681-1 had predicted. Despite this researcher’s best efforts, I was unable to strike Volunteer █████████████ with the tennis ball. Insight into how RPC-681-1 works was acquired, but we need to conduct more experiments before we are certain about the nature of the entity itself.

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