Registered Phenomena Code: 678

Object Class: Alpha Beta-Yellow (see Incident 0678-0808)

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-678 is to be occupied by at least two personnel between 07:00 hours and 22:30 hours. No personnel are to be present within RPC-678 between 23:00 hours and 07:00 hours except for approved clandestine activities. Permission from site director is required to enter basement of RPC-678. Windows to RPC-678 are to remain boarded up. RPC-678 is surrounded by a four meter perimeter fence, which is to be checked daily for damage and signs of trespass. All external doors to RPC-678 are to remain locked when not in use. Following Incident 0678-0808, these doors have been internally reinforced.

The Authority has made the decision to leave as much of RPC-678 as it was at the time of its closing as possible. However, personnel may take necessary steps to preserve the structural integrity and habitability of RPC-678 (such as removing mold), provided that no such actions betray Authority presence (such as removing external foliage). A large outbuilding on the school grounds has been converted to the site staging area for the Authority. There is a relay tunnel to transport supplies and personnel to and from the staging area. All personnel are to remain within the staging area when not conducting research or required maintenance and security.

There is a media and command console in the command center. The console is to be used to monitor any electronic communications originating within RPC-678, including but not limited to the school computer and telephone networks, as well as to monitor the surveillance cameras at all times. There is a secondary console which may be used to monitor and intercept communications within the vicinity of RPC-678, particularly in the adjacent housing development. A small middle-class housing development is present on the east side of RPC-678 which currently has three Authority assets living in it, who are to remain vigilant for trespassing and information leaks. The Authority is working to plant assets in the development as houses are put up for sale. The Authority has purchased the rest of the land immediately surrounding RPC-678 through an Authority-owned retailer to prevent further development.

Personnel may not attempt to contact instances of RPC-678-1 or remove them from RPC-678 without written authorization of site director.

A small field team has been deployed in order to locate and interview former school students and staff and to investigate possible historical leads. For the sake of expediency this task force reports directly to the nearest regional Authority echelon rather than to the RPC-678 site director. RPC-678 was closed under the cover story that part of the site was geologically unstable. Coincidentally, an Authority geologic survey found that the earth beneath RPC-678 is indeed vulnerable to catastrophic sinkage; the grounds are to be surveyed regularly for signs of collapse.

Notice From Site Director: All proposals to forcibly remove the entirety of RPC-678-1 from RPC-678 to a secure testing facility have been rejected. While RPC-678-1 itself may be relatively harmless as far as anomalies go, we do not know if the same can be said about whatever is on the other side of the unknown door through which the instances enter our space. To put it plainly, if all the instances failed to return to wherever they come from at their appointed time, it could provoke a response from someone or something. The "disappearance" of RPC-678-A after we orally examined her is a reminder that our interference can have repercussions, even though no causal link has been proven, and Incident 0678-0808 demands special caution. We have constructed an adhoc containment cell and laboratory at our secure staging area for examination of single instances, but pending guidance from our regional echelon they will not be used.

Description: RPC-678 is a closed middle school in ████. RPC-678-1 was first discovered when a CCTV system was installed for the first time in 1990. Four security cameras located in the cafeteria recorded RPC-678-1. RPC-678-1 is an anomalous population of students and faculty that appear inside RPC-678 on weekdays and Saturday mornings between 23:00 hours and 06:30 hours in the months of June, July, and August. Instances of RPC-678-1 enter the building through doors leading to the school basement, which has no doors to the outside.

RPC-678-1 reliably consists of about one hundred students (which is about 18 percent of the school's normal capacity), 20 teachers and faculty, and one or two custodians. The demographics of RPC-678-1 are generally consistent with those of schools in RPC-678's parent school district. Instances of RPC-678-1 use the classrooms and facilities of RPC-678 following the pattern of a normal middle school day, with some exceptions. Instances rarely speak, and when they do their lines are short, vague, largely devoid of context, and never include names. Classroom instruction consists entirely of quiet study, journal writing, or lab work. All instances bring their own meals.

Instances will violently swarm any outsider, using any convenient implement as a weapon. The Authority has chosen to suspend attempts to contact RPC-678-1 and instead simply study the population using video surveillance, which the instances do not react to. Over time, student instances of RPC-678-1 appear to "graduate" and no longer appear, being replaced once a year with a new class. The dress of students changes to reflect current trends, and since 2007, instances may be seen using mobile devices. Faculty composition also changes, albeit at a much slower rate.

Attempts to determine where RPC-678-1 comes from have met with consistent failure. The doors to the basement are locked after RPC-678-1 leaves, and remain so until 0700 hours, after which no instances may be found in the basement. Video and audio surveillance equipment fails in the basement during the access and egress times. Attempts to open or breach the doors to the basement during the "school day" trigger the violent mob response. Experiments using Class-CSD subjects merely resulted in the subjects permanently disappearing during access time. Removal of the doors merely results in them being replaced by custodial staff, and does not provide a sufficient vantage point to observe where instances enter the basement.

During the interview, RPC-678-A's mobile phone was picked from her pocket. After it was cloned and bugged, it was placed back in her pocket. Attempts to call the device during or after school were unsuccessful. RPC-678-A did not seem to remember "Sarah" after attempts to reestablish contact through the locker device. RPC-678-A no longer appeared after a month.

The Authority has been unable to discover any tunnel under or near RPC-678 (other than the Authority relay tunnel). A comprehensive review of blueprints, floor plans, schematics, and survey maps has uncovered no leads. The Authority is currently considering building its own tunnel to the school basement.

On July 1, 2009, a male student instance looked directly at a surveillance camera while RPC-678-1 were exiting the school through the basement. This has so far been the only time an instance has shown interest in or even awareness of the cameras. About an hour after RPC-678-1 had completely left the building, an anonymous text message was recorded on the site command console that read "they don't know, but I know". Attempts to contact the instance who looked at the camera, or to trace the message, were unsuccessful.

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