Registered Phenomena Code: 677

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow

Hazard Types: Organic Hazard, Regenerative Hazard

Containment Protocols: No feasible means of containing RPC-677 have currently been discovered, however, due to its nature concealment is relatively easy. RPC-677 manifestation events are allowed to occur naturally. Upon a subject's death, RPC-677-1 instances smaller than 1 meter in height that do not obstruct structures are permitted to remain untouched. RPC-677-1 instances larger than 1 meter in height are to be removed under the guise of renovations or other mundane construction.

Description: RPC-677 is an anomalous phenomenon involving the spontaneous growth of an instance of RPC-677-1. RPC-677-1 is a member of the species Populus deltoides.1 The instances have an unusually fast growth rate that depends on many factors, however, the primary factor appears to be the health of the individual RPC-677-1 manifests near. RPC-677-1 will manifest writing on its leaves that appear to come from deceased individuals the subject knew. These notes can vary widely in content, ranging from love letters from a deceased spouse to vengeful hate mail from murder victims. This phenomenon is tied to specific locations but can seemingly attach itself to any individual who enters the area under RPC-677's effect, and affects them until their natural death.

An RPC-677 event has a █% chance of occurring around any individual that will die within the next ██ months and has also previously entered the following locations.

List of RPC-677 active locations:

Within 10 kilometers of the town of Fairbury, Nebraska

A 100-meter radius of the "Ripley's Believe It Or Not!" museum in San Antonio, Texas

█████████, Colorado

Apalachee Correctional Institution, Florida Location mistakingly thought to be an RPC-677 location, confirmed nonanomalous

RPC-677 appears to manifest more commonly around terminally ill individuals rather than individuals who will die through other means such as trauma or anomalous means. After an RPC-677 event has been initiated, an RPC-677-1 instance will begin growing within a 30-meter radius of the residence of the subject affected. RPC-677 often but not always produces a memetic effect exclusive to the subject affected. This effect gives the subject the sense that RPC-677-1 is linked to their death even if they have no prior knowledge of RPC-677. The subject's reaction to this fact seems to be non-anomalous and matches expected reactions to the concept of their own death, with reactions ranging from fear to relief. RPC-677-1 will not disappear after their corresponding individual has died, however, they will lose all anomalous properties.

Recovery Log: RPC-677 was discovered when Authority Agent Arthur Maxwell reported a tree he believed to be anomalous, stating that "It's here for (him)" and that the tree knew he was going to die. When questioned on how he knew this he claimed that he simply sensed it. Agent Maxwell had been diagnosed with leukemia █ months prior and had thus been given leave. Agents were dispatched to the location and discovered an RPC-677-1 instance. Given the likelihood that Agent Maxwell was merely being paranoid, it was deemed appropriate to attempt to remove the RPC-677-1 instance. After this attempt was made the instance grew back at a rate such that it was visible, however agents failed to record the exact rate. Because of concerns over unknown anomalous effects, it was decided that the instance would remain undisturbed and remain under observation. On May 3rd 2███, Agent Maxwell passed away due to his illness and the RPC-677-1 instance was determined to be neutralized.

Approximately 4 months after this event, Researcher Phillip Donnor reported a similar case. The connection was not immediately made as Researcher Donnor was in perfect health, however, 13 days after days after Researcher Donnor reported the phenomenon, he was killed in a containment breach at Site 007.

After this event, a connection was strongly suspected however it was a further 2 years before RPC-677 received RPC classification.

Examples of RPC-677-1 Messages:

I still love you. I hope we can be together soon.

Love, Monica

Notes: Instance appeared at the residence of Damien Anderson, age 78. The Monica the message is supposedly from is his wife who had passed 16 years prior.

It’s not scary, I promise. I’ll see you when you get here.

Sincerely, Your Buddy Mike

Notes: Instance appeared at the residence of Researcher Theodore Evans, who had been diagnosed with a brain tumor 3 weeks prior. The "Mike" in question is believed to be Researcher Michael Garrison who had died in a motor accident 6 years prior.

I never forgave you, I can’t wait for you to rot

From Thomas

Notes: Instance appeared in the cell of CSD-8907. Thomas is believed to be CSD-8907’s 23-year-old son who he killed alongside his wife and daughter. CSD-8907 was terminated after attempting to kill a guard during a test.

Addendum: On September 4th 2███, Head Researcher Alexander Jamison requested that RPC-677 be classified as Gamma-Yellow and that immediate neutralization was recommended. This was requested on the basis he believed that RPC-677-1 was not, in fact, an indication but was directly responsible for the deaths of individuals affected. Request for reclassification was accepted, however, neutralization was denied because of the fact there was little evidence RPC-677 or the -1 instances posed any threat.

On February 26th 2███ Head Researcher Alexander was found to be carrying out an unauthorized attempt at neutralization on RPC-677-1 instances. He was immediately removed from his position.

Document 677/A: The following are text documents recovered from Researcher Alexander’s home computer.

On July 5th 2███, Researcher Alexander was found deceased in his home. The apparent cause of death was suicide via gunshot. A large RPC-677-1 instance was found breaking through the foundation of the home and taking up a large amount of the living room. Upon investigation, thousands of leaves from the instance were found with handwritten text not matching Researcher's Alexanders handwriting. A transcripted version of the text on the freshest leaf can be seen below.

Please just tell them before it’s too late

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