Registered Phenomena Code: 674

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Sentient Hazard, Mechanical Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-674 is to be stored in the Internal Computer Room, located in the second level of Site-313. RPC-674 is to be watched by 2 assistant controllers at all times, in the event of assistance and/or malfunction. RPC-674 is to have a steady power supply at all times, and is allowed limited access to the Authority Database. In the event of RPC-674 going rogue, power is to immediately be removed from RPC-674’s base terminal.

Description: RPC-674 is an AI program based on the personality and visual image of Jimmy Schultz, the former host of The Late Schultz Show from the 1980’s. Despite the visual representation of Schultz, RPC-674 refers to itself formally as “Precognitive Executable for Detecting Anomalies”, or PEDA. RPC-674’s main program is stored within an IBM Model 5150 Personal Computer, its last start up being in 1989, where RPC-674 has remained in storage in Buffalo, New York (see Discovery for more details).

RPC-674's main anomalous factor is its ability to detect fellow anomalies, with a maximum range of 16 kilometers. This ability can be found deep within RPC-674's programming, written in a scripting language unknown to the Authority Database. RPC-674's manufacturing date and manufacturer are also currently unknown, as that information is not within RPC-674's code or data banks. After several controlled tests with the Authority Database, RPC-674 can be able to determine the anomaly’s Object Class, as well as its potential Hazard Types; however, this is limited with Alpha, Beta, and fellow Theta Classes. Any Classes Gamma or higher are outside RPC-674's parameters. With proper modification, RPC-674 can relay itself to an external device via Bluetooth, allowing RPC-674 to pinpoint itself throughout the entirety of the Tri-City Area.

RPC-674’s Bluetooth capabilities are susceptible to electromagnetic pulses, disabling RPC-674 Bluetooth capabilities for approximately 17 minutes. RPC-674 is also susceptible to typical computer problems, such as power outages and viruses. When RPC-674 detects a potential threat, it deactivates itself for 30 minutes.

RPC-674 was discovered during an MST-83 raid on a storage unit in Buffalo, New York. This event was immediately after another raid that same evening on a Buffalo residence housing a Malthus initiate. Interrogation with the initiate revealed RPC-674’s existence, having been used in the late 1980’s by the Church of Malthus. According to the initiate, Malthus used RPC-674 to locate and acquire other RPC's in its mission to force humanity into a new evolution. In a few short years, however, the sect of initiates decided to do away with RPC-674 due to it being "fucking annoying as Hell". RPC-674 was then relocated to Site-313, where it was tested and classified.

Interviewed: RPC-674

Interviewers: Head Researcher Andrew Sykes, Site Director William Johnson

Forward: RPC-674 requested a “job interview” with Director Johnson, believing itself as a potential help to the Authority.

On 01/25/2020, RPC-674 was approved for deployment thanks to its efficient use of detecting fellow anomalies, as well as its overall “helpfully obnoxious” demeanor. However, it was denied its reclassification of Theta, due to RPC-674 being unmobile. RPC-674 will deploy with MST-83, Codename: “The Wrecking Crew”, as an RPC Detection Unit, as well as a radar to locate fellow squad members, thanks to low emission memetic patches. RPC-674 will work alongside with RPC-984 in capturing and containing anomalies within the Tri-State Area, and protecting Site-313 at all costs. As of this documents production, RPC-674 has completed 5 missions with MST-83.

Forward: On ██/██/20██ during a routine patrol mission, a sect of Malthus initiates successfully initiated a sneak attack on MST-83, separating RPC-984 and RPC-674 from the rest of the MST. The attack left the duo in a sewer beneath the street, forcing the team to look for a way out. The following is an audio log documenting post-separation. Any corrupted audio during this event is currently being decoded and exported.

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