Object Class: Beta-White (Explained)

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-visual.png Visual h-incorporeal.png Incorporeal

Containment Protocols:

All nightly television broadcasts in South Korea from 24:00-03:00 GMT+9 are to be monitored for any manifestation of RPC-673. Once an instance is found, the program is to be intercepted and screencasted. Recorded media of RPC-673 must undergo review by the Department of Information Records and Security for any memetic effects or exploitative information.


RPC-673 title card (s1e5)


RPC-673 on the topic of RPC-257 and RPC-886 (s1e12)


RPC-673 is a South Korean educational short cartoon series titled: 지민과 유민의 도시 모험 (Jimin and Yumin’s Urban Adventure [KOBACO]), which first aired on ██/██/2011 under the channel EBS1. Despite being copyrighted under KOBACO1 and the KCAP,2 no records indicate their involvement in the show's creation or funding, and none of the credited names belong to any known Korean residents.

RPC-673 revolves around the adventures of the titular Jimin and Yumin as they encounter paranormal phenomena and educate the viewers about them. The show covers information about anomalies, groups, and agencies of interest in Eastern Asia, omitting certain details to maintain a TV-Y7 rating. Due to its exploitative nature, many Eastern AoIs filed complaints against the KCAP, believing that the agency is responsible for financing the show. Further investigation over the matter, however, revealed that the KCAP had nothing to do with RPC-673's origin.

Whenever the program is within a 7 m proximity to the personal device of individuals affiliated with governmental agencies (excluding the KCAP), RPC-673 slowly dissolves into static. Subjects report hearing what appears to be the show’s lead cast arguing with a male voice every time the property manifests. The argument gets louder and more distorted as time goes by.

It was initially hypothesized that RPC-673 possesses sentience, as the broadcast responded to stimuli and made personal remarks against Authority personnel depending on the network it was broadcasted. However, further investigation has lowered the credibility of this assumption. It was revealed that RPC-673 utilizes an algorithm to detect any Authority-related network.

Addendum 673.A: Episode Transcripts

The following documents below are a list of transcripted RPC-673 episodes from early 2012 - late 2015. The episodes cataloged will only involve episodes revolving around the RPC Authority to secure the privacy of other agencies.

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