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Registered Phenomena Code: 667


Object Class:


Hazard Types:

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-teleportation.png Teleportation h-mind-control.png Mind-Control h-sensory.png Sensory h-replicating.png Replicating

General Properties:

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aquatic.png Aquatic h-mechanical.png Mechanical

Containment Protocols: RPC-667 is to be kept in Site-098's cafeteria. Site-098 is to be staffed with no less than 100 people. No buildings in Site-098 are to have multiple floors. Under no circumstances are other anomalous objects, animals, plants, or humanoids to be kept in Site-098, or within a 3-kilometer radius of Site-098. All Non-Authority traffic will be rerouted to be at least 3 kilometers away from Site-098 at all times, and ASF personnel are to keep watch on a circular route just outside of the range of RPC-667-2's current influence, while keeping constant radio contact with Site-098 in order to determine if RPC-667-2 has been released. All air traffic above Site-098 is to be monitored and any planes flying below 3 kilometers will be told to change their route or ascend. Any planes that do not follow this command within 5 minutes are to be considered a threat and shot down.

Description: RPC-667 is a 38-liter beverage cooler that has the words "POW!erade" crudely pasted on the side, and a metal pipe with a spigot sticking out. Its main body is designed in a similar way to modern coolers despite being in the Authority's possession long before the design was implemented. Initially, RPC-667's only anomalous property was that when an individual uses the spigot on RPC-667 as if they were dispensing liquid while it is empty, it will dispense a beverage similar to that of a flavored rehydration beverage1, RPC-667-1. RPC-667-1 does not cause any apparent anomalous effects when ingested and despite containing the chemicals █████ and ████████, RPC-667-1 has no adverse effects on the body.

RPC-667's main property is that it will emit a signal with a spherical radius of 2.8 km at random intervals, henceforth called RPC-667-2. The signal causes all humans within its radius to cease current activities, begin making their way towards RPC-667, and then start drinking from RPC-667-1 using any nearby cups or suitable replacements. This was discovered on ██/██/194█ during a test with RPC-████, leading to the deaths of 80 staff members before MST Squad Juliet-20, "Fruit Punchers," were able to contain the RPC. SEE INCIDENT LOG 667-1 FOR MORE DETAILS

Anyone under the effects of RPC-667-2 will take the shortest possible route to RPC-667 even if that results in severe bodily harm and/or death. While all affected persons will be aware of the objects and creatures in their environment, they will almost completely ignore their surroundings while going to RPC-667 and while they are drinking from RPC-667. The only exception to this is that when individuals are operating any vehicle they will continue using the vehicle in order to make their way to RPC-667, no matter how much damage is incurred, or how much is inflicted on the vehicle. While under the effects of RPC-667-2, individuals will act unaware of physical and mental conditions, i.e., partially paralyzed persons move their mobile limbs as if they were walking normally, while their paralyzed limbs remain immobile.

Whilst under the effects of RPC-667-2, individuals will exhibit behavior different from their normal personality, entirely focusing on complimenting the quality of RPC-667-1. The statements are spoken uncharacteristically of their baseline speech patterns, with a tone reminiscent of reading a written statement. They will continue to be in this state for approximately 30 minutes, at which point they will regain normal consciousness. Any person entering the area after the initial signal will not be under RPC-667-2's effects. RPC-667-2 has not been shown to have any lasting effects on affected individuals. SEE INCIDENT LOG 667-1 FOR MORE DETAILS

If RPC-667-2 does not reach at least ██ humans, RPC-667-2's radius will rapidly increase until it reaches a human. If enough persons affected by the initial wave die so that it affects less than the minimum needed, the radius begins rapidly increasing until the minimum is met. Upon reaching the minimum amount, RPC-667-2's radius stops growing, but does not revert back to any previous sizes when future signals are sent.

If RPC-667 is in a situation that would result in its immediate destruction, the item will relocate itself to ██.█████, ██.██████ and begin emitting RPC-667-2.

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