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Registered Phenomena Code: 667


Object-Class: Gamma-Orange

Hazard Types:

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-teleportation.png Teleportation h-mind-control.png Mind-Control h-replicating.png Replicating

General Properties:

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aquatic.png Aquatic h-mechanical.png Mechanical

Containment Protocols: Due to the nature of RPC-667, it is the only anomaly allowed in Site-098 for the time being. Site 098 must be run at all times with these rules and restrictions:

  • Site-098 is to be staffed with no less than 100 people at all times.
  • The 2nd and 3rd floors of Site-098 are to be off-limits to all personnel.
  • Under no circumstances are any anomalous objects, flora, fauna, and humanoids allowed to be within 3km of Site-098
  • A perimeter fence with a radius of 2.8km is to be maintained around Site-098
  • ASF personnel are to be kept on 24-hour watch around this gate, keeping in touch with Site-098 to determine when RPC-667 is in its active state
  • All air traffic is to be routed around Site-098 with the cover of it being a covert government compound.
  • Any traffic found approaching Site-098 is to be forcefully turned away. Anybody who refuses to do so will be considered a threat and forced away.
  • RPC-667 is to be kept in the middle of Site-098's Cafeterium.

Description: RPC-667 is a 38-liter beverage cooler that has the words "POW!erade" adorning the front of the object, and a metal spigot as its dispenser. Despite being first discovered by the Authority in 193█, RPC-667 has a design nearly identical to coolers made in the 1990s and 2000s. When the Authority first investigated RPC-667, it was believed that its only anomalous property was its ability to dispense a liquid similar to that of a flavored rehydration beverage1, RPC-667-1, whenever RPC-667 was empty. RPC-667-1 does not cause any apparent anomalous effects when ingested and despite containing the chemicals █████ and ████████, RPC-667-1 has no adverse effects on the body.

RPC-667's other property is that if left empty, it will enter an active state at random intervals, marked by the transmission of a currently unknown type of signal2, henceforth designated RPC-667-2. RPC-667-2 causes all persons within its 2.8km radius to begin making their way towards RPC-667, usually ignoring any current activities, which can easily cause harm to themselves and those around them. Once they make their way to start drinking from RPC-667-1 using any nearby cups or suitable replacements. This was discovered on ██/██/194█ during a test with the former RPC-████, leading to the deaths of 80 staff members before some of the members the now-disbanded MST Squad Juliet-20, "Fruit Punchers," were forced to neutralize the anomaly.

Wihle RPC-667 is in an active state, persons affected by RPC-667-2 will be unable to control their speech or movements. Individuals stuck in this state will commonly recreate one of a few set movements and poses, usually revolving around drinking RPC-667-1. All statements given by individuals will also revolve around RPC-667-1, although these can be reactive to their current situation. (See Incident Log 667-1 for examples) RPC-667 will remain in an active state for approximately 30 minutes, at which point all affected individuals will regain their faculties. Any person entering the area after the initial signal will not be under RPC-667-2's effects. RPC-667-2 has not been shown to have any lasting effects on affected individuals.

If at least ██ are not caught within the initial signal of RPC-667-2, the radius of the signal will rapidly increase until it reaches the required amount. Upon reaching the minimum amount, RPC-667-2's radius stops growing, but does not revert back to any previous sizes when future signals are sent. It is currently unknown what the original radius of RPC-667-2 was, or if there is a limit to its growth.

If RPC-667 is in a situation that would result in its immediate destruction, the item will relocate itself to ██.█████, ██.██████ and enter an active state.

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