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Propaganda poster for RPC-664 event, recovered after clearing an outbreak in ██████, ██.


Registered Phenomena Code: 664

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Visual Hazard, Sensory Hazard, Grouped Hazard

Containment Protocols: Due to the widespread nature of RPC-664, permanent containment is currently unfeasible. The current containment protocols for RPC-664 are primarily focused on identification of areas where RPC-664 is practiced and eliminating all propaganda relating to RPC-664 in order to reduce the number of civilians affected. Any located civilians in areas where RPC-664 has been practiced must be administered Class-C amnestics following any investigation by Authority personnel.

Should an event be located where individuals are partaking in RPC-664, Authority personnel are instructed to shut down the event by any means necessary in order to prevent RPC-664 from spreading. Any instances of species known to be involved in RPC-664 found near the event are to be immediately terminated upon discovery.

Any digital images or mention of participation in RPC-664 in a location monitored by the Authority are to be reported immediately to Head Researcher Terrance. Communication about RPC-664 relayed over a digital connection (such as from radio stations or television programs) must be intercepted by Authority blocking programs. All physical propaganda promoting RPC-664 participation must be immediately destroyed upon location.

Description: RPC-664 is the designation for a proprioceptive memetic hazard in the form of a trend known as "Worm Snorting". The origins of this trend are unclear, as no central individual responsible for the propagation of RPC-664 has been identified, but Authority studies have noted that outbreaks of RPC-664 tend to begin in densely populated urban areas, specifically large cities. To date, approximately 79% of reported RPC-664 outbreaks have taken place in cities with a population of at least 50,000 citizens in residence.

Participation in the trend known as RPC-664 involves an individual inhaling members of the Lumbricid family of invertebrates1 through the nasal passages. Lumbricids inhaled through this manner are referred to as instances of RPC-664-1.

Once an instance of RPC-664-1 is inhaled through this manner, the instance travels through the nasal passages towards the subject's brain, where it will begin to consume parts of the frontal lobe, beginning with the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex- removing the affected individual's sense of self-control and causing the following behaviors in individuals who have partaken in RPC-664:

  • Increased desire to partake in events relating to RPC-664 (including public mass gatherings of individuals or recreational private participation)
  • Inhalation of increasing amounts of RPC-664-1 instances when partaking in RPC-664
  • Further and quicker deterioration of the various lobes of the brain as more instances of RPC-664-1 enter the cranial cavity.

Human brain in beginning stages of consumption by instances of RPC-664-1. Note large holes in cranial lobes.

Although instances of RPC-664-1 will consume various lobes of the brain required for basic functions, individuals affected by RPC-664 will not show signs of the loss of these functions until the entire brain is consumed. Instances of RPC-664-1 will typically remain in the affected individual's cranial cavity until the subject's brainstem is fully consumed, at which point instances of RPC-664-1 will begin to multiply and spread throughout the individual's body.

Individuals at this state of infection are fully controlled by instances of RPC-664-1 moving throughout their bodies, and lose all control of the motor and cranial functions. These individuals act as vessels to transport instances of RPC-664-1 across long distances in order to spread RPC-664. These individuals will often attempt to host events where RPC-664 participation will take place, as well as create propaganda promoting the anomaly. Instances of RPC-664-1 are able to enter and leave the bodies of individuals in this state and can be inhaled as part of RPC-664 participation in order to create more affected individuals and instances of RPC-664-1.

Once all instances of RPC-664-1 have left an individual's body, the individual will experience symptoms similar to those of complete brain death and will fall into a catatonic state of unconsciousness. This state will last until an instance of RPC-664-1 reenters the individual's cranial cavity, after which the instance will multiply and regain control over the individual.

Propaganda advertising RPC-664 is mostly created by those affected by it2 , and thus can often be traced to certain individuals affected by RPC-664 seeking to spread knowledge of the anomaly. However, instances where propaganda cannot be traced to an existing individual, have been reported.

Discovery: The first recorded instance of an RPC-664 event was in Memphis, Tennessee, after a string of reports detailing individuals partaking in RPC-664 drew the attention of local Authority embeds.

According to individuals who were detained for partaking in RPC-664, a radio broadcast advertising a 'first look at a hot new trend' was reported to have played on a local radio station. Upon arriving at the location specified in the advertisement, instances of RPC-664-1 were distributed by unknown means to the affected individuals, who then partook in RPC-664. The organizer for this event has never been identified, nor has the original radio broadcast been discovered.

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